Becoming an Extraterrestrial Without Going Anywhere …… June 11, 2017

In just a few short years human society has been altered by the politically correct pseudo-progressives and various other factions into something with which I am incompatible.

Forcing society into accepting abnormal as normal and normal as abnormal, supporting rights to same equivalent to what used to be for normal. Society has been corrupted beyond its ability to cope.

Many former normal people feel like extraterrestrials on their own planet.

This condition cannot stand.

Oh… and normal people best not complain or else.

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Again and Again Until the End of Time… June 4, 2017

From time to time I feel the need to restate my stances on religion and atheism. This is probably a reaction to the continuous stream of proselytizing in the media, the internet, and Facebook in particular. The individual exposed to the constant barrage of those urging one to adopt this or that belief system cannot help but feel imposed upon.

My view of both Creationism and Intelligent Design is that neither is science. My opinion is that both are religion, with Intelligent Design a derivative of Creationism manufactured for the purposes of presenting Creationism disguised in a superficial cloak of scientific terms but in the end failing to be science.

My view on the origin of life is that most likely it is the result of a form of abiogenesis. The precise path as yet has not been determined. Whether life on Earth began here or elsewhere, I fully accept that abiogenesis was the initial beginning.

Once life emerged in some form then the forces of nature, evolution, worked with indifference to produce the various forms of life in abundant variety. Natural selection determined whether the various life forms that emerged survived or were assigned to the dustbin of extinction.

It is my assertion that humans are the originators of gods. My charge is that none of the gods presently known among humans now and in the past existed. Whether some entity exists somewhere in the Cosmos that has qualities we might ascribe to a god is unknown. Conjecturing, I suggest that none exists as no evidence is apparent as of this date. None has chosen to make itself known. Either this “god” has nothing to do with humans or has avoided humans. Most likely, like humans, this quasi-god was created by the universe rather than having created it.

The universe, in my opinion, has always existed in some form… be it as it is, or as a infinitely small point. Whether it began once or has undergone repeated expansion and contraction cannot be fathomed and for the purposes of existence, is irrelevant.

Religion. It is my thinking that religion arose out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of losing relatives and never seeing them again. A need for parental guidance and a desire to have something greater than oneself in control of things. A need to feel safe. In short order after its arrival, religion was seen by the unscrupulous as a means to control others. Humans were manipulated by the unscrupulous over the millennia into participating in savage war and conflict. Many people over the millennia have died because they did not want to participate or had conflicting belief systems. Did the much vaunted quantity known as “humanity” ever exist? Humans seem very much like chimpanzees in appearance and behavior.

Presently, my atheism is a pure one. Some say it is a religious stance as I cannot prove the nonexistence of a god. I say that it is their responsibility to prove a god exists. I feel strongly that their attempt to label me religious is just another attempt to minimalize atheism and to proselytize. It may also be a knee-jerk reaction on their part to my claim that my stance is a reasoned one, and that theirs is not. How can one prove the existence of something that is untestable? How can one accept and live their life by something that presents not even a atom’s worth of evidence for its existence? How can people not see that they are being used?

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Gawd in the Schools…. May 28, 2017

Many Christians bemoan often, too often, that Gawd has been taken out of the schools. By this they seem to mean that religious instruction and rituals have been forbidden for the administrators of school systems.

The error here is clear.

The melting pot that is the United States is a mixture of people from around the world. There are differing cultures and beliefs.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of religion.

The majority religion in the United States is Christian. Perhaps as a result of this many mistakenly think that the United States is a Christian Nation. The Constitution’s instructions preempts that thought.

Public schools cannot teach or endorse any one religion because of the edict mandating freedom of religion. To demand that schools teach religion of a certain variety is to forcefully demand all accept your religion. Freedom of religion cannot and does not exist under those conditions.

The administration of Trump now contains a number of fanatical Christians. To circumvent the mandate that the public schools be free of religious endorsement these people wish to have voucher systems so that their children can attend Christian schools at taxpayer expense. The public schools would suffer a tremendous loss of financial support. It is clear that these Trump operatives would rather have public schools disappear.

Sending their children to church on Sundays or various days of the week is insufficient for these Christians. They want all instruction to be made with the Biblical in mind. They do not care that not everyone believes in their fantasy, they wish to force all to believe in their fantasy.

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“Dear Humans” …

Why is it permissible for small groups that have been designated disadvantaged (however that is determined) to spit racist epithets and take racist actions?

Liberal circles usually remark that race is a construct, that we are all just humans with minor cosmetic differences. This evidently only applies when it serves them. At other times they support loud and raucous denunciations of what is termed the “privileged class”.

These days that “privileged class” is assumed to be white… specifically white males.

I fit that designation in appearance.

I am still waiting for my “white male privileges” to show up. Are they similar to the “ship that comes in” for some people?

The laws apply equally to all (except the rich). Instead of using those laws many would rather protest and riot. Then people are expected to feel sorry when the rioters are stopped from destroying and looting. The police officers, who are simply doing their jobs, become the whipping boys. The looters and destroyers become either heroes or martyrs.

My misanthropy increases in intensity daily.

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Cap’n, There Be Morons Among Us … May 14, 2017

I find it difficult to care about the human species any more. However, there is something that must be said about the morons residing amidst the general population.

These morons are those individuals that consider laws and rules as not applying to them. For them there is no pedestrian crossing to observe, no stop light, and certainly no need for turn signals. The speed limits are, they think, only for idiots… not realizing they are the idiots.

These are the “me first” and you never people. They care only about the moments they might gain… or the simple fact that they are ahead of you rather than following. They will risk death, yours as well as theirs, in an attempt to cut 2 seconds off their travel time, or to make that light even though it turned red 2 seconds ago.

They swerve in and out of traffic in some sort of macabre ballet without a care as to what will ensue upon the slightest error. If you honk your horn you get the middle finger. Even if their license was revoked, they would still be out there.

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Collateral Damage and the Butterfly Effect… May 7, 2017

Idealists want to change the world into some imagined utopia. Like many imagined things, these changes often do not translate well in the real world.

Many times the idealist will think that if they change one aspect of society than everything will be alright. They fail to consider how connected things may be. If you change one thing a host of others may need changing to support that first change. Sometimes the foundation is absent for certain changes.

A little change now may not seem like much but years hence may accumulate and bring the whole to ruin. Something little, not noticed, may diminish slowly, not be replenished, and the system will crash.

Like a society fueled by oil… the commodity diminishes slowly until one day the well runs dry.

If luck persists the system may recover with some new commodity sustaining it yet… that may be wishful thinking.

Sometimes change is desired as what exists is thought defective. Oft times the system is fine and functioning well while those desiring change declare it faulty because they have some other agenda to enact. Power and greed are always behind it, despite the cloak of pureness many try to generate for their desires. Tugging this way and then that, it is a wonder any system survives for long, what with all the “do-gooders” seeking to right an imagined wrong.

Using the label “progressive” many self-described humanitarians attempt to push change that is beneficial to some small number and detrimental to the rest. Their progressive issue, turns out, was regressive for most.

If you loosen a small bolt on a mighty motor that small change might culminate as the loudest of bangs. If you change the brand of oil, grease, or other fluid to a flavor more to your liking everyone else may be poisoned at your convenience. Everyone would like to have their nose stay out of the water, it seems, even if everyone else must stay below the flood to hold them up.

I have had images in my mind of the ideal world. I realize that it is just a fanciful dream. We have seen only this world… we only know vaguely what sustains it. How could I or anyone else imagine what it would take as a foundation for any ideal world you might imagine. The world I imagine could not originate from evolution. Evolution is all we have.

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Why Religious Fundamentalists Should Never Hold Public Office…

Although they do not hold to a religion and many consider themselves atheists I include among the religious fundamentalists those on the radical far left that hold to ideologies of many kinds.

The main reason I object to these fundamentalists holding office is that they do not serve the people. They instead serve another master. For the religious fundamentalists they serve their god and their religions ideology. For the radical left fundamentalists they serve their ideologies, they work to enable the narratives they support.

Many of the religious fundamentalists do not accept the Constitution’s clearly outlined separation of church and state. This prompts them to enact laws or promote laws that inflict their beliefs upon the masses. They work to subvert the separation of church and state.

The religious fundamentalists do not accept the guidance of science. They do not accept findings of global environmental scientists that point to man-made global warming. They do not accept and work to subvert the teaching of evolution… a proven science. They work to enact religious teachings in regards to society’s behavior. Their religion teaches that they should reign above the masses. Believing generally in Biblical and Koran (Quran) teachings they mostly consist of barbarians that desire wars of conquest on other peoples.

The radical far left fundamentalists desire a utopia based upon what they think best. They work to enforce laws which are designed to change society, most often against their will, to conform with their ideas and desires. These people are no more tolerant than the far right and will viciously attack with words and violence anyone that surfaces to oppose them.

Religious fundamentalists believe in Armageddon. They also believe that by encouraging war and unrest they can bring Armageddon quicker. They work to make sure there is a steady supply of poor and impoverished from which their religions can feed. They know that if everyone made a decent living and had homes and plenty of food no one would need religion. They fight vigorously against public programs like Social Security and Medicare. When asked how the poor are to survive they speak of religious charities and finding work. They believe wholeheartedly that no one should ever retire but should instead work till they drop. (Slaves should not be able to retire and enjoy life, what need have they for religion then?) Religious fundamentalists as well as many moderately religious have an innate slave mentality prompting them to work slavishly for their wealthy masters.

No fundamentally religious individuals should hold, or deserve, public office. Period.

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My Indictment of the Feminist Movement… May 5, 2017

Feminism is still around. Equal rights have been attained, but feminism persists.

They point at the wage gap, a gap obtained solely by taking all men’s wages and comparing them to all women’s wages. There is no real gap, but they insist there is. There is no real gap because these feminists, purposely, do not take into account the types of jobs men do compared to women. They do not take into consideration at all the personal choices women make, like taking off time from the work force for child care.

Even now feminists choose the same jobs as women always have. They are secretaries or other office workers. They are factory workers. They choose to work in retail. All the soft cushy jobs they have always chosen and then they wonder why they are not making as much as a male oil rig worker, sewer worker, lineman, or other industries dominated by men.

They claim, erroneously, that they do not make the same rate as men on the same jobs. They are in fact making the same wages a man makes doing the same job, for the same employer, with the same seniority and experience.

Since this is true, that for the same job they receive the same pay, what is it they are seeking? They are seeking one of two possible things. 1. They want to be paid the same for doing soft cushy jobs as a man doing dirty dangerous jobs. 2. Since they refuse to do physically hard jobs they seek to be the people in charge of those doing those hard dangerous jobs: men. In other words, they want a free ride to the top without having to ever turn a hand at the hard dangerous jobs.

The conclusion here is clear. Feminists do not seek equality. They seek to do the same soft cushy jobs or seek to take the jobs of men doing the managing of those who do the hard dangerous jobs. If they were seeking equality, feminists would be applying for the jobs working in the sewers, picking up garbage, construction, oil workers, etc, the hard jobs men do.

Also, have you ever seen a protest being waged by the feminist groups in an effort to make sure selective service, should it ever be activated again, (Under Warmonger Trump you will see it) that women also be forced into compulsory service, not just for the support in military, but as foot soldiers? I haven’t either.

There you have it. Feminists are not seeking equality, they never were. They want the best of the best reserved for women while men toil, for less wages, in the dirty dangerous jobs they have always done.

This is why I will concede nothing to a feminist. They are liars, they are hate-mongers. I do not respect them and never will, no matter what they do.

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The Failure of Female Secular Writers… May 3, 2017

I find that I cannot read the stories written by female secular writers. It seems their writing has been tainted by the ideology of feminism. Invariably they denigrate and disparage men, blaming men for all of their personal failings in life.

Failing to name one right they lack but men have they nevertheless claim oppression by a non-existent patriarchy. Without conscience effort they put their disdain for men in full view for all to see.

This is why I do not read secular female writers. Their writing is terribly tainted with ideology generated by man-hating feminism.

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House of Cards….

Which religion is real and which is Memorex? ®
It is my  contention that all are merely fabricated whole-cloth from human imagination. This discussion centers on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Clearly, the origins of Judaism cannot be fully delineated. Much seems to have begun before written language was available to preserve it. There is no doubt that originally it was passed by word of mouth. There is no way to know whether it was of the same nature in the beginning as when it was finally transcribed.
Is this the real religion? If one examines the history of the Jewish people it is clear that being a favorite of god was not their fate. Though I imagine looking through human history one can find a people as persecuted, as unfortunate, as unlucky as the Jewish people, it would be a task. Nowhere was it seen that a god of any kind stepped in to save the day. Biblical “history” has a few incidents, but even those are impossible to prove legitimate rather than folklore. Those who are not looking for reasons to preserve Judaism can dismiss this religion as untrue.

Christianity is entirely different in that its origins were clearly in literate times. From even shallow investigations it is easily found that Christianity originated no earlier than 70 C.E. and most likely much later than that. The Bible itself was voted into existence around the 4th century during Constantine’s stint as a Roman emperor. He directed Christianity as the national religion in an effort to pacify the people. There are no contemporary records of Christianity’s existence prior to 70 C.E. There are no Roman records of Jesus’ existence. In fact the only record of Jesus’ existence is within the pages of the Bible. Rome was meticulous in record keeping.

Islam originated with the prophet Muhammad (circa 570-632 A.D.). He introduced Islam in 610 A.D. He claimed to have been visited by an angel… in other words he either hallucinated, imagined, or had a dream. In any case, being founded upon both the Judaic and Christian platform, all he succeeded in doing was building a taller house of cards.

In conclusion it can be said that all are untrue.

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