Stable Genius?… August 16, 2020

What if this is all a charade?

Years ago Donald Trump declared himself an atheist. Suppose he was not lying that one single time.

Look at the damage that has been done to  specific groups:

> The GOP is in worst favorable opinion than it ever has been.

> The religious have been completely exposed as the frauds they are.

> White people have been emboldened everywhere to reveal their racism, their hate.

Although Trump has managed to outrage every liberal that ever lived, no atheist, no liberal, could have managed to do the damage to the GOP, the Conservative circle, and racist bigots that Trump has.

How did Trump manage to pull off all the cons over his lifetime if he were the idiot that he is posing himself. Is it possible that he never stopped acting?

I admit I have my doubts, I hate the man, he has made me hate him, way too much for me to consider this all has been done as a purpose. Yet, is it possible he has destroyed the conservatives purposely by causing an uproar among the liberal sector so that they will finally get off their butts and vote on mass for the Democrats? Is it possible his goal was to gain not only the Senate for Democrats, but the whole ball of wax.

Well… I tell you… if he is doing this, if he is the stable genius he claims to be, then he (gosh, I can hardly say it) might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the United States and the Democrat Party.

Or have I flipped out?

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emo·​tion·​less | \ i-ˈmō-shən-ləs \

Definition of emotionless

: showing, having, or expressing no emotion :an emotionless stare

Other Words from emotion

Is an emotionless reaction really a reaction? If the intent is to agitate or unnerve, then the expected result is absent. Yet, there was written or oral words occurring as a result, so it would have to be a reaction.

In an act of non-cooperation with individuals that seek to agitate it is best to provide only emotionless responses. Perhaps even to the point of indicating a lack of understanding for the purposes of blunting their efforts.

So much stress can occur when emotions are applied to responses. This may be what the perpetrator seeks. There is no reason to provide that avenue. It is suggested therefore to reject knee-jerk reactions that come to mind and wait, calming yourself, and preparing a emotionless reaction instead. This may indeed tend to un-nerve those that seek to un-nerve you.

This response would not be an indifferent response.

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The Ravings of an Angry Bot…… August 10, 2020

Robot profile  hWhat does a person do who has simply sickened of society? You can’t divorce yourself from it if your means of survival is tied to it.

There are some people who think politics are a fun game. You have one group establish something and then the other group comes in and un-establishes it. You come to depend on aid, and the callous group comes in and takes it away, putting you on the street.

Hideous people without regard whose only goal is to enrichugly person 1 themselves at the cost of someone else. That is capitalism. It’s not a good system. It is in fact inhuman. That is why the religious like it so much, I suppose.

What does it mean to be human? I guess it depends on where you look. However, if Christianity, or Republicans, or even any other religion, is any example, then being human is probably something no one would want to be.

What has happened with Trump is permanent. My respect for Republicans is in the sewer. I do not want to know any Republicans. They can all die for all I care. Got that? Die!trump-in-sewer

It is no wonder the human race is fated for extinction. The squabbles between each faction ensures that no real progress is attained. This election is a crossroads. If Trump leaves and his damage repaired the USA has a chance. If he stays…. the world is finished.

earth blowing up

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For Heavens Sake, God, Get Out of the Way…. August 1,2020

Prayer is not only useless, it is dangerous.

Believers pray to god to have some wrong made right, or some favor, maybe even a miracle to be done. Someone who believes there is an all mighty entity watching over them and protecting them feels better after prayer and goes about their business, making no effort of their own to make their desires come true. It paralyzes them from taking action… after all, god has promised he would take care of you.

It is said that around 70% of the people inhabiting the United States believe in the Christian god. That produces a lot of inertia. Steps to improve the lot of humanity are not taken. Instead they sit blissfully awaiting god’s divine act. Action to reduce the population is stymied. God has told them to go forth and multiply. Efforts to improve the environment come to nothing as the religious claim that it is egotistical to think that humans can affect the climate of the planet.

The efforts made so far are surprising in the face of this obstruction. Reduced emissions from automobiles, planes, and power plants would never have taken place at the bequest of the religious.

On top of all this, the conservative right are absolute capitalists. They advocate the acquisition of profit… the environment be damned. The ever increasing needs of capitalism to accomplish more faster uses up resources that are finite and irreplaceable. As a result, the scramble for more and more of the limited resources creates a need for countries to  go to war to get them.

Capitalists using religion as a method of control have caused more war than any other factor. The puppets never seem to wake up. People see the surface of the reasons for war without looking for the foundations. The truth of the matter is that Christians are being used by the rich in order for the rich to get richer.  Meanwhile, collateral damage occurs among those who do not believe, those who have seen through the lies.

This is why I and other atheists, humanists, and non-believers absolutely detest religion. (Yes, some milksops think we can get along with this cancer) This is why I speak out against the indoctrination of children who don’t know enough to resist it. This is why I demand that the separation between church and state be preserved.

If we could throw off the yoke of religion from this planet I am confident we can solve all the problems. End war… end poverty and starvation… and make this life, our only life that can be proven, a better one.

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Do Not Fret Your Life Away… July 23, 2020

What a great racket. Invent a threat and offer another invention, a cure.

The original threat is death. They offer everlasting life in paradise. If you don’t accept their offer you spend an eternity having your skin burned off… again and again and again.

The original threat was death, no one invented that threat, and so far there appears no cure.

People fear death because they don’t understand it. In a way they have already experienced it. No one who is honest can state they have a memory from before they were born. There are some con artists, liars for attention, and mentally ill people that claim they have lived before. Yet, there has been a reward of a million dollars around for a long time to whosoever proves the supernatural, and no one has claimed it or earned it. Sane people know there is nothing before this life. Sane people know there is nothing after it.

What seems to scare people more than anything is not making it to heaven. They fear that they might not make it in. What a scam. Nobody has the wherewithal to prove it is or it ain’t. Fear makes people believe.

Plainly… everyone can see who has a lick of sense that there is no god, God, or gods. Not a stitch of evidence is available to purview. No one can prove Santa does not exist, but does that make Santa exist? What about unicorns, leprechauns, fairies, and monsters under your bed. Can you prove they don’t exist? Does that make them exist?

If an all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, entity existed there is no way it could hide itself. There would be undeniable evidence. If that entity were the God of the Bible… Everyone would know he exists because… he would have not been afraid to tell them so. God, if he were perfect, would never rely on a book that men wrote for publicity. What a mess that book is. Would a perfect god allow such a flawed document as the Bible, or Koran, to represent him? No. You would know, and if you didn’t accept it you might just get slapped back to the stone age. He’s got powers, you know.

The best you can hope for is a peaceful and painless death. A gentle slipping away. No fear of hell, no fear you may not make it to heaven, just nothing. In fact, not even an awareness of nothing

Organic creatures die. Nothing survives to be transported to another time and place. It’s simply over. Your turn at bat has ended.

So you die. Either someone pays for an expensive funeral and you continue to take up space the living could better use, or you have yourself cremated. Then the decision is up to those who remain. Will they scatter you here or scatter you there? Maybe if you tell them what you want you won’t be spending the rest of your quasi-existence on their fireplace mantle. Cats or dogs will not have a chance to knock your new home over and scatter you wherever.

If you are rich and can afford to buy up the grave site forever and put up a monolithic gravestone you can have humorous words etched on it so people will know you lived well.

Live your life the best you can. Do all the things you have been hoping to do. When you finally cave let it be because you lived to the last minute and used it all up. There is nothing to gain in worry.

Myself… I hope for an opportunity to punch out a lying sack o’ Christian priest for his years of service… even if it’s my last bit of breath and strength. What a bunch of miserable lying con-artists. I’m certain that if there were justice… there would be no heaven for them.

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IT’S NOT ME… July 06,2020

     It’s everywhere… it really can’t be avoided. People have no respect for others. They laugh about it, think it’s the mature thing. I see morons. Empty heads, speaking without thinking. I wonder if they do it in front of their parents? Their supervisors? In front of gray haired grand ma-ma.

     Ease up man they encourage… it’s just fun. Makes you seem more intelligent, they claim. I am puzzled… how can a speech pattern more suited for an adolescent make you seem more intelligent?

     It’s all around, I ignore it, but I don’t forget those who are more kind and most certainly I do not forget the ones who are crass. To find an intellect with good manners is most rare. I am most always never disappointed. No, they do not always agree with my point of view, but are content with me having one. Some will label you every conceivable evil thing in order to … to what? Embarrass you into changing your opinion? Scare you? A decent conversation is unavailable for these louts of the internet.

     Perhaps this is indicative of a deeper flaw? One where bad is good, good is bad. Evil is acceptable, good is frowned upon. Today if you are called a dirty little devil, more than likely it is applied in an adoring tone. All the girls look for bad boys. Decent men are labeled nerds, freaks, or worse.

      Don’t ask….

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How Do Humans Commit Murder?… June 29, 2020

Empathy is a quality possessed by most humans. It varies in strength from human to human. Some have a lot, some not so much. There are some humans who seem completely devoid of feelings for others. As in the animal kingdom, there are those who are willing to share, and those possessed by greed. Sometimes the greedy will share, but only if they gain some power over those shared with. Their egos need it.

I would like to see Democratic Socialism enacted in the United States. Tax levels in such countries are higher, but in this way people can be helped by others without sacrificing their self-dignity. Capitalists can still exercise their greed and be  taxed accordingly. Those who cannot fend for themselves will receive healthcare and perhaps a basic income to eliminate poverty.

There is of course the “Conservatives”. They have no care about the poor, the homeless. They want to keep every penny they earn and share with no one. Some of these pseudo-humans think poverty should be maintained. If they won’t work, let them starve. If they can’t work… let them die. “Where are the prisons and the workhouses” they cry with apathy.

One side is pitted against the other. One side, if given sufficient support could make this life a near utopia, for many many people now in poverty. The other side is focused not on this life, but some fanciful rewarding afterlife. They want people miserable in order to dupe them also into thinking of some grand reward. Many are thereby convinced to waste this life in service to a human in charge of a church claiming it is service to an unfathomable deity in an imagined other worldly heaven. It is, in the end, all about control. Getting others to do what you want them to do.

Due to their callous apathetic viewpoints, the religious should never be in positions of leadership… ever. Despite its claims of goodwill, religion has always produced suffering and misery. Dictators love it. It keeps the people in line. Those who believe are so gullible they can be easily led to their demise. Not only can the religious fly planes into buildings happily, but they can run into crowds of children and set off a body bomb… with equal glee.

Humans will never have decent lives on this earth until religion is ended. All religion. Are you with me?

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      Is this what the GOP has become? Is it now to be a branch of the KKK? Is it all about white supremacy? Is it a party of racists, bigots, and Christianity?

     Have you seen the kind of people who are proud to wave the MAGA banner, proud to display signs promoting Trump/Pence for 2020? Big fat white racists with red hats protesting, seemingly taunting others, in order to initiate a race war. They sometimes wave the Confederate flag. Sometimes appear in white hoods. They even occasionally raise their arms in the Nazi salute, display the swastika.

     I find it all repulsive. I find it scary. I am sickened by it.

     Race is a construct. It is really culture we seem upset about. We are all the same species with some evolved characteristics due to habitat.

    What is really going on? It is an attack on America, essentially. We see a dictator wannabe in the White House sowing divisions between factions in order to destroy the Republic. We see a man who thinks himself having a dream similar to the despot our fathers fought to destroy in the 40s. It was then an empire of hate, and it is that which Trump is working to recreate.

     If we survive this intact we cannot afford this possibility ever again. Trump has not only used the GOP, he has used the Christian religion and its extremely gullible members in an attempt to destroy the country, remake it. Either the GOP has to be cleansed of its religious ties, or it must be eliminated. An abomination such as Trump must never be allowed to gain power again. Racism and religious bigotry must never become the norm.

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Memory Mine… May 09, 2020

Human memory is so very unreliable. Long term, it is nearly useless.

A memory is created. Even initially it is not a true portrayal of reality, it is a fabrication of your mind created from whatever details draw your attention.

As time passes, a memory fades. Data seems to be lost. You know that the memory was there, your mind struggles to recall it. In an effort to recall, your mind recreates the memory. Details that were there may be gone. Additional details, perhaps a mixture of different memories, memories which might not even be related to the event, are added to fill in gaps. That which you want to remember replaces that which has faded. You’d swear it happened.

This is why eyewitnesses to a criminal event cannot be accepted wholesale. People cannot remember events as if they were a video. Your eyes relate a image to the brain and the brain creates what it can from referencing things you have seen previously. Maybe so and so pulled the trigger… maybe there was no trigger to be pulled.

Then of course embellishment. An eyewitness may add details that were not even present. They might exaggerate their own reaction to the event. They might create false memories in order to cover for a misstep which could be embarrassing.

Even if a human being were to invent a mind-reading machine… non-reliability will still be inherent… a machine could only see the present memory. It could not see the event, it could not know how much has been added or subtracted. The more distant in the past the more likelihood a memory has been altered. About all you can determine is: there is a memory of an event. The event might have occurred, it might not have. The memory has been reconstructed, perhaps numerous times, from faded data. Absolutely none of the data can be trusted. People who were there may not be remembered. People who were never there may be placed there by a recreation.

A trial using eyewitness accounts, or a jury of your peers, is of nearly no value in the search for the truth. Maybe a trial using data gathered via forensic evidence will produce a more accurate search, but then even the forensic detectives can only create thoughts from past associations. They may find what they feel is the desired “truth”.

I guess we have to get by the best we can though. Our faulty brain is all we have.

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Pessimism is Easy… April 26, 2020


Over the years I have attempted to maintain a positive outlook where humanity is concerned. I have found it impossible. Many have predicted that humanity has only fifty to a hundred years left. There is no way to know how the end will come, perhaps global warming, turmoil because of dwindling resources, or global war. Again, there are many who can reason this out. However, to me the overbearing obstacles that must be overcome are greed and selfishness.


In my opinion, capitalism is at fault, though the overpopulation of the planet is a factor.

The United States was making great strides in the reduction of pollution, conservation measures, and education. When the far rightIDIOTS took over the government all of this was destroyed. In effect, the United States has been destroyed.

The government is all but penniless now that the greedy and corrupt people in office have stolen and given the treasury away to the already filthy rich. They are depleting everything. They want to destroy Medicare, destroy Social Security, and anything that has been helping the poor survive.

Yes, certain groups are more to blame, yet… it is the refusal to act, perhaps even the hesitance, or dread of acting, that focuses the blame not on one faction, but everyone. Whether it be the sacrifices that will be necessary, or the investments, no one unites on the cause of saving the planet.

Endangered animals in poor areas become smaller each year in population, because people need to have this or that from the creature endangered in order to meet basic needs. While one group of people become convinced that certain measures have to be taken to save some creature, another group is desperately trying to find a way to get around any blockades and take the creature for their own enrichment. Be it Rhinos, or Elephants, or Lions… slowly but sure the ignorant among us are decimating the world. The world is watching and does not want to commit to doing the strong enforcement measures necessary to stop the slaughter.

Humanity and the animals are doomed because of lethargy. Everyonelazy talks a good plan, but no one takes the aggressive measures necessary to implement it.

As a result, in conclusion, I feel that anyone that wants to extend their life beyond the norm is doing so only because they want to see the end of the human species. I would guess humans have less than one hundred yeas.

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