Why “Human” Atheism… May 2, 2018

lion atheist


How do I differentiate “human” atheism from “regular” atheism.

Atheists accuse the religious of adhering to rigid black or white strict doctrine. Yet, then they adhere to strict rules of logic, also unforgiving and rigid.

There is nothing human in rigid religion, and there is also nothing human in rigid atheism.

Human emotions developed via evolution side by side all the other faculties of human beings. Yet, atheists would deny them. “Feelings” are not taken into regard. “Feelings” have allowed many to survive on a hunch. What is a hunch, but a feeling, an intuition?

Everyone has different feelings. This fact is the reason for the myriad differing stances on various issues. Depending on your background you may be more flexible or less flexible when encountering new ideas. Why is this important? There are many among the atheist set that are adamant that everyone adhere to certain viewpoints on very important human issues. Any who vary themselves from such viewpoints, or talking points, are hounded by the atheist set just as severely, just as viciously as any fundamentalist Christian has hounded a woman that is seeking an abortion.

Vague am I? Yes, I am afraid so. I am trying to open a door that most atheists would like to slam shut. That door can be called  “Freedom of opinion” or “Freedom to be human”. They will hound anyone who varies from the liberal progressive narratives prevalent today. Therefore, I am vague to deter those rigid logic agenda driven SJW atheists from hounding me to death. Besides, though I might list those things I consider open to debate, but which the atheists are rigid upon, the list would be radically different than yours.

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Image Imagined, Image Seen… April, 29, 2018

Impressions, what is the image you have of yourself? Do others see you the way you imagine or want them to see you?

I have often thought of myself as a good and decent sort. Yet, I note, shady characters seem to have been attracted my way since I can remember.

When I believe I have acted admirably well, the reaction I have received from the people I know seems contradictory to what I expected.

If image is everything, then what am I? I really have lost that portrait I imagined of myself.

Good morality has been important to me. Yet, the people that seem more prone to communicate with me seem straight from Hell. Their language would shame a seasoned sailor. Their concepts of justice are twisted and evil.

My image of myself I would judge to be a repellent to such people, yet, time after time they appear.

Perhaps it would be better to have no communication, no friends, than to have to tolerate such lowlifes.  The human psyche, I am told, needs socializing. Do I really need such socializing as this?

They’re only human, perhaps I expect too much.

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Destruction Complete….

Well, with the latest “take down” of prominent men, the feminist and #metoo movements have destroyed women.

I now see women on average, with few exceptions, as immature cry babies, who, being okay one day, decide the next day they have been violated.

I do not trust women, with those same exceptions, at all. I will not vote for a woman for any public office unless they come out for men’s rights and follow through. For the most part they would only serve women’s interests upon gaining a public office to the exclusion of everything else.

The respect I have held for women since my youth has been totally and completely annihilated. Nothing remains. I consider them simply neutral beings whose purpose is to be used as needed and then discarded… much as society has seen men since time began. I will not accept alliances with them for any purpose. I will not speak to them unless it serves my purpose at the time.

I will not help women in need, no matter how they scream for help. Let some white knight with the sense of an ant go to their aid, or some public servant who is required to respond.

My regard for the average woman goes beyond distaste. I will regard them as automatons. I do not hate automatons, but I do not regard them the same as people, either.


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The Most Heinous Humans That Ever Existed… April 24, 2018

The pro-life crowd, as often defined, is a heinous bunch.

I maintain that life is without value unless it has quality. The pro-life crowd does not believe in that.

By opposing abortion and euthanasia it is clear that the pro-life crowd is not interested in quality of life.

The pro-life crowd insists on every baby being born regardless of any circumstances whatsoever. If it costs the mother her life, so be it. If the baby has deformities or debilitations that prevent a normal life they are to be born regardless… regardless of its agonies, regardless of the financial burdens. If the fetus is a product of rape or incest the pro-life crowd insists that it be born. If it is conceived by an immature girl and boy, with no income or ability to care for the child,  it is to be born. “It can be put up for adoption” they cry. Yet, these same people do not step up to adopt or assume the financial obligation.

Why do they insist that every baby conceived be born? God’s will. The very same god that aborts babies all the time through miscarriage. The very same god that, Biblically, murdered thousands of babies through flood or other means. The same god that ordered soldiers to rip babies from their mother’s wombs.

On the other hand, the terminally ill enduring unbelievable agony, must at the insistence of these horrible excuses for human beings, remain alive until the moment they gasp their last. Euthanasia, a dignified ending to life, is denied.

I have more caring for life in my little finger than all of these misguided “conservative” “Christian” folk combined. Add to that my desire for a quality of life, a desire these people are either incapable of understanding or are simply unconcerned about. For them it’s all about adding numbers which they hope to be able to “bring to the lord” at some future time.

Imagine there is no religion… imagine a humanity that had never created it. I imagine that humanity would be more merciful and loving. There most certainly is no mercy or respect for life with religion. Remember: Hitler claimed to be Christian and his soldiers often carried the buckle exclaiming “Gott Mit Uns” on their belts.

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Detrimental Effects… April 22, 2018

The events that have occurred within the last year or so have had a profound effect upon me. The continuing attacks by both the feminist crowd and the #metoo campaign have changed me in a detrimental fashion. My happiness with the world is diminished by it.

With just a few exceptions, women are now looked upon as genderless automatons. I view them as I would a vending machine, or industrial robot. They may provide necessary services, but they are no longer individuals, they are AI driven mechanisms. This is a sad state. I no longer admire beauty, intellect, or personality of those women I do not know… they simply exist. I do not look at them, actually avoiding eye contact nor recognition that someone is standing there. I am insensitive to their needs, indifferent as I would be to the oil light coming on in a car. Just add oil.

The gynocentric nature of this country is clear to see. With hundreds of hospitals for women, and nary one for men.

When men commit suicide at a rate nearly five times that of women, but nothing is done except when it is noticed that women do commit suicide, you recognize that the nation only cares about its women.

When the Veterans Administration does not provide needed services, so a special arm of it is set up to assure that services are available for women, you recognize how this nation disdains its men.

When the Boy Scouts decide to admit girls, but the Girl Scouts remain all girls, and there is no outrage, you can see the bias clearly.

When in Florida, where men are unemployed to a higher degree than women but they have a women’s employment fair to which men are excluded, it can be seen clearly that something is amiss.

I swear to you, if I see a woman in distress that I do not know… I shall look the other way.

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It Just Could Be… You Never Know…. Really… April 20, 2018

Who’s to say who is crazy? What if you’re crazy? You call me crazy but you can’t know because you’re crazy. It’s the same old question: Does a crazy person know they’re crazy?

Some great people have done some great things… but before they did them, people thought them crazy. They kept at it any way, crazy as they were, and did things everyone said they couldn’t.

Nothing new would ever happen unless someone decides to take a different path. Despite the naysayers shouting how loony they are, they kept going and found rainbows at the end of their journeys.

I don’t think myself crazy, but crazy people do not know that they are crazy, so maybe I am, but upon the realization that I might be crazy, I become sane. What state am I in now?

I will do what I want and believe what I want and everyone else is crazy if they think I will stop.

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Imagine No ID…. April 15, 2018

The id may be an obsolete term, yet the subconscious mind exists. It seems so very inaccessible. It is the source of base impulses. Ideas, forms, images, sift upward from this primitive area of the mind often creating havoc. It exists in all humans. Although needed for “intuitive” insight in the pursuit of survival in primitive man, it is now the source of many undesirable behaviors. Impulses, desires, lust, all the “evils” railed against in religions and the reason humans have laws.

Modern humans cry against being inhibited. Yet, inhibitions are the only mechanism of control for the base impulses emanating from the ID. Many humans have adopted a “anything goes” attitude. Civilization cannot exist in the presence of an “anything goes” society.

Somehow the good things the subconscious does must be preserved while eliminating the bad. Perhaps, even, it may be time for that part of the mind to be eliminated in whole. Granted, any human without such an ID would be at a disadvantage if civilization crumbles. However, it may be the ID that is endangering civilization.

Imagine a civilization where the conscious mind is in control. One where you were aware of the “right thing” to do, and did it without reservation, without the temptation to take advantage. One where the desire to lie is eliminated. The need to lie absent. Little white lies might still be needed, as brute bluntness as in telling a homely person they are homely, would lessen civilized society. Imagine a society where doing the good thing, the right thing, was an everyday occurrence. Where people that had differences would sit and talk them out, rather than raising sword or gun. A society where the biggest most destructive weapon would be useless, and most likely would not exist. Where killing another human being becomes unthinkable, and never the solution. Where war is a thought which is foreign.

The ID… is it more trouble than it is worth?

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Society Has Become Too Tolerant of Deviancy… April 15, 2018

Society here in the United States has become an everything goes culture, enforced by law.

If you speak against any deviant concept or person you are threatened not only by lawsuit, but by imprisonment. You can be banned from public media for not parroting the ongoing narratives promoted by the pseudo-progressives and SJWs.

Sensitivities are worn on sleeve cuffs. Almost everyone is seeking some haven from which they can adorn themselves with victimhood.

Only one category of human being is considered fair game for denigration, criticism, and derision: White males.

What was normal is now rare and ridiculed. What was deviant is now celebrated and promoted. If you are not part of the mob that is tolerant of deviancy you are alone.

I remain alone, content to be so.



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The Resiliency of Neural Circuitry….



Well, here I am at 66 attempting to learn the keyboard. If nothing proves the creation of new neurons in older people this will. So far simple pieces, and not perfectly… but I have learned a lot. I engage the keyboard daily. Each day reinforcing the learned channels in my brain. Maybe something will come of all this before I kick the bucket.

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A Secret…

I am convinced that no one can see my posts. I will therefore reveal a secret.

I am not human and I hate humanity.

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