No, No, No… to Islamic Law… December 6, 2018

I am critical of Israel because of the military might they use on their neighbors, and the fact that before 1948s violent and aggressive insurgency, there was no Israel. However, I assert that the country called Israel today has nothing to do with an ancient Israel, including the makeup of its people.

Despite my critical perspective on Israel, I despise Islam to the nth degree and do not condone its obvious hatred of anyone that does not bend knee to it. I am alarmed by its present form of conquest, a quiet mass immigration to countries, where, when they get enough numbers they attempt to instill Islamic law. These Muslim immigrants do not immigrate seeking to fit in, they immigrate carrying all the emotional and religious baggage they had in their old country. I do not support any Muslim mass immigration to any western nation. I oppose such immigration.

Christianity is not benign and causes human misery everywhere it goes. However, it is in a passive phase now where its members are not actively agitating the general population, trying to control it. Not saying that it does not in the end control, it does… through politics.

Islam is in its violent Dark Age. There is much murder and bloodshed worldwide. There is much anguish and violence caused by Muslim populations in western nations as they attempt to control everyone, make everyone heed their religious dictates. Islam is presently the world’s biggest threat.

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For Humans the Future Does Not Matter… November 21, 2018

robot profile 9The human population continues to expand. As it does all available habitats are being taken for human living space. Many cry about the extinction of numerous species but are powerless in the face of greed and apathy.

The issue that has prompted this post is that of the illegal ivory trade and animal parts trade. There are species that are on the brink and those in the illegal trade are actually betting on their extinction by buying every available piece of ivory or animal part they can lay their hands on. Once the animal becomes rare or is extinct, as is their hope, they look forward to the collection they have accrued becoming even more valuable.

So the future is forfeit. People of the future will not see a Rhinoceros, or a tiger or many other species because of greed… and apathy. All we will have is wall to wall people, war, and famine.

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The GOP Traitors of America … November 14, 2018

The GOP has come to represent Christian interests. Yet, there is no morality within the GOP. The majority, if not all, of the members of this party have been compromised by big money interests. Yes, they have been bought.

Corporations have planned this for decades, quietly investing in people, installing them in the Senate and the House. Their plan was simple… establish a corporate serving government… and to hell with people.

The proof is clear. This last tax cut passed forcefully by a puppet Senate and Congress gave the treasury of the United States straightaway to the rich and the corporations. We are now in the condition that enabled the Great Depression. This is what they want.

Unless this state of affairs is reversed and Trump removed from office there will come a civil war, as predicted by the Russians. During this civil war the haves and the have-nots will be in an epic struggle. The corporations and rich, having bought the government, including the police and military forces, will carry out a massacre akin to what Mao and Hitler accomplished. The poor rioting masses will simply be exterminated.

We the people do not have very much time. If the tide can be turned it must be turned in short order.

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Gods? October 28, 2018

Privately I proclaim that there are no gods. However, since the non-existence of gods cannot be proved any more than their existence, publicly I proclaim that I do not believe in any gods. Privately I am confident that none exist. Publicly science cannot prove they do not.

The onus to prove they exist is upon the believer. It always has been and always will be. They never will, because like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Leprechauns… gods do not exist. Yet… you cannot prove that somewhere in this universe or another that they do not exist. You must say that you do not believe, though you are confident they are not, because the evidence of non-existence is an impossible quantity. This is the present state.

Looking at the state of humanity and the history of same, you can proclaim certain gods do not exist. Those gods presently on the shelf, having been created over time, the creation being so very obvious, can be dismissed. By dismissing the Jewish god, which has observably done them no good, you dismiss the Christian and Islamic god. The Abrahamic religions can be proclaimed false… their god simply fiction.

What is left is some sort of deistic god. A god that having created everything either died or left town to vacation elsewhere. It never visits, it never takes action, what is, is what is left. The idea of a god being a human concept borne of insecurity and fear… I dismiss this god also. Only reality remains, and although some scientists speculate even reality is an illusion… the only illusion I can buy is the one my eyes present to the brain for interpretation. I must accept that as reality for to do anything else invites either insanity or harm.

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The Age of the Ignoramuses… October 23, 2018

One upon a time Christianity ruled, it was called the Dark Ages.

Such a period of ignorance can never be equaled, but there are those that are willing to try. There are the anti-vaxxers, the flat earthers, and even now the conservative right Christians persist in dismissing science and instead embracing ignorance.

Endangering everyone, the anti-vaxxers, despite information to the contrary believe that there is a conspiracy to harm people being carried out through vaccinations. It has been proven that autism has no origins in vaccinations. Yet, they continue to mouth the lie, just as a Christian keeps mouthing the lie that Noah existed and built an ark.

Flat-earthers foolishly maintain that the earth is not round as seen from space, or as ascertained from observing its curve, but instead flat. It is difficult to believe that they are sincere because of the stupidity that has to be believed to think the earth flat.

The Conservative right has dismissed the unanimous consensus of global warming proclaimed by scientists far and wide, and instead hold fast to the proclamations of their in-house idiots. They pursue policies that guarantee the end to human life with the thought in mind that science is lacking to prove a disaster lies ahead. Environmental roadblocks erected by previous administrations in an effort to hold annihilation at bay are blithely discarded by an idiot who has gained the top office because of the stupidity of the Democratic Party in promoting an unpopular woman no one wanted.

Soon enough, I suspect, the decline of humans will begin. A new age of Ignorance lies in the near future.

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Concentration Disintegration…

With the number of dangers present in the world I find it difficult to concentrate long enough to write anything of consequence.

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Pure Capitalism is Immoral… September 23, 2018

Unrestrained capitalism cannot be allowed to prevail. Pure capitalism is completely oriented toward profit. Pure capitalism cares about nothing else.

Pure capitalism will:

  1. Exploit human resources with a stark result
  2. Exploit natural resources without regard for the future
  3. Use politicians to pursue foreign resources, urging war where necessary
  4. End with the planet devastated and dead

This is why we need a strong government run by politicians that have not been bought by corporate or private concerns.

What needs to be done?

  1. Politicians that have been bought by corporate interests or by privileged rich individuals must be identified and purged from the government
  2. The EPA needs to be given wider powers to stop exploitation of natural resources and control what we have left
  3. Conservation and recycling of resources rather than discarding in landfills must become part of the national psyche
  4. Corporations that have been found guilty of bribing politicians or of buying politicians must be banned from doing business in the U.S.

End of preliminary analysis.

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The Answer is in Front of Your Face… September 2, 2018

Religion may be innocent after all. Although religion is often used to control people and direct them to a desired purpose it seems it may be a victim rather than the cause of violence and war. Other philosophies may be innocent as well.

The real culprit behind the century upon century of war and violence may be the very thing that initially helped people to survive against great odds. When in its infancy humanity learned to depend upon one another and form clans… or groups. Various groups developed and competed against each other for whatever resources were available. Each group became an enemy to each other.

Individual members of this or that group adopted the beliefs of that group in order to fit in. Those that attempted to resist the beliefs prevalent in that group were excised… perhaps even killed. Each member learned to cooperate and work towards the goals set for the group, goals usually set by a dominate leader or group of individuals within that group. The members often became zealous in their efforts to reach that goal.

If it became a belief that another group was out to destroy your group, whether the belief was true or not, hatred for that suspect group was initiated and fanned into a flame. War was inevitable.

Although religion and other philosophies may provide the means to control groups, it is the group that is the source of the violence. More correctly, it is the ideology of that group that is the source of the turmoil that has plagued mankind during the entirety of its existence.

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Logic and Reason Without Emotion… August 26, 2018

Many would like to claim or would like to say that a life led by logic and reason devoid of emotion would be a better one. Logic and reason are cold, and without emotion, callous.

For example, the Iranian leaders proclaimed that they will destroy us. If only logic and reason were used and it was determined that the threat was real, the final decision would have to be total genocide for the Iranian people. All of them, down to the tiniest infant. It would be the only way to insure that the threat never occurred from that quarter again.

This reasoning would apply to any petty dictatorship or other type of government that threatened to harm us. The only solution would have to be the final solution so as to guarantee no threat from that source ever again.

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The Nazis Demonized the Jews…. August 19, 2018

To start… there has never been a patriarchy. There was a group of rich people that suppressed and controlled everyone, but… they were not all men… and they weren’t all white.

The KKK was a rebellion against those who sought to end slavery. It sought to demonize black people to make those black people seem inhuman, making it easier thereby to mistreat and subjugate them.

Gays have fought against imagined suppression for many decades, and have made strides in loosing their lifestyle onto a unwary public.

Feminism arose out of the suffragette groups, a legitimate fight to get the vote, which by the way, since women did not serve in the military, they did not deserve. Women now have all the rights men have, plus a few privileges men will never have. The fight should be over… there is not one right a man has that a woman does not… yet… they still exist.

The only reason feminism could possibly still exist is for the same reason the NAACP exists… a battle for power… a battle to subjugate men and rule the country. There is no other logical purpose for the continuation of such a hate group as NOW as well as feminism in general.

In Germany the Nazis demonized the Jews in order to organize the ranks behind them. They had to have an enemy. They gassed them by the millions.

In America, and other Western nations, feminists are demonizing men to solidify the ranks of the misfits that follow them. They need an enemy so as to retain power of their group. Who knows what their plans are for men.

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