Disaster Averted… November 8, 2020

The world is celebrating. A crazy man has been thwarted from creating another Reich. Trump will not get a second term.

Now, just what could cause a man to behave so childishly, so foolishly? What do his creditors hold over him? Who are his puppet masters?

Notably, Russia is not happy. Is it their bidding that Trump has been carrying out? Will Trump now make haste to finish whatever goal they have assigned him? Is there any way to stop him?

Good grief, he exposed a lot of bigots, racists, and otherwise hate-filled people to a public airing. It is very disappointing to realize so many degenerates live next door, or in the state, or country. Trump received nearly 71,000,000 votes, meaning in effect, there were 71,000,000 people willing to surrender to a dictator, lose all freedoms, serve a madman. And for what?

Seems it was all for the purposes of returning to the days of yore when racism was rampant. Or was its thrust aimed at establishing a white supremacist nation? Was it an attempt to force religion upon all Americans? Some foolishly claim that it was for “draining the swamp”. How; By complete destruction of government and country. All in all, it was in reality an attempt to return to the Dark Ages.


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You are Being Used… October 4, 2020

Is the United States going down? Despite the efforts of the GOP that has not been decided yet. Trump has used the GOP and religion in what has been a very successful effort to divide the nation. In the United States the glue that holds us together has never been very strong.

So many factions, so many different beliefs, it is surprising that the country has lasted this long. Will it become just another experiment that has failed? Are we now destined to become an authoritarian dictatorship led by a madman?

If he continues on his present path there will be much misery in the country’s future. He will remove Social Security and Medicare as he has promised. This will leave millions of Senior Americans with nothing and no where to go but the streets. He wants to eliminate unemployment and anything that they believe is the least bit socialist. In just a few years the United States will achieve third world status.

The total elimination of anything remotely considered socialist will eliminate fire departments, police departments, and public roads works. He means to develop a utopia … but only for the rich. Only the rich will be able to retire, travel, or even own property. He will take the vote away from all except the rich. A dictator dictates.

The country will become like it was during the Great Depression, only this time, Trump will ensure that there are no soup lines. He will make sure there is adequate prison space for the resisting population. Slavery will be the lot of those lacking wealth.

I am sure this is not what Right wants. They can’t seem to understand that they are being used as one might use stepping stones. They have become a means to the country’s end. Freedom and Liberty will become dirty words no one dare utter. Never have sheep acted so blindly against their own interests.

The best thing for America right now would be if Trump ceased to be. Yes, succumb to the virus “hoax”. Let it be so.

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The Stage is Set… September 27, 2020

    The stage is set, the players are poised, the script has been forced upon us all.
The audience is the world.

    All that is left is for the puppet masters to begin the show.

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A Struggle for Power … September 26, 2020

    Religion has wanted to gain power in the United States since the country was founded. Now after over two centuries they have come to a point where they believe they can seize power. They have a President who is willing to risk the country in order to establish a dictatorship by using religion as a means to control his cohorts. They have established partial control of the Supreme Court and want to immorally push in another judge that supports their cause.

    These people do not know what it is they are doing. No one, not even the religious will like living under a dictatorship whether based on religion or not. Whose religion do they think will be in charge? Theirs?

    If we cannot stop the fascist Trump everyone will be forced into compliance with whatever religion he decides. We may become united, but it will be under a whip. Trump is not a good or decent man.

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The Arrogance of Believers is Astounding… September 9, 2020

So, Christians have a god they consider perfect… omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. All powerful,god 2 present everywhere, seeing and knowing everything. Also, this God personally cares about you.

By perfect I suppose it is meant perfectly good, moral, and caring.

Totally powerful, meaning nothing, nothing at all can occur without this God’s desire that it happen.

Everywhere, meaning no one can hide from this God.

Knowing everything, even your thoughts.

You’re in a tornado, it is tornadobearing down on your house and your family is kneeling nervously in the basement. It brings down your house, injuring all in it. However, you survive. You thank your God for his mercy for allowing your survival. Everyone else in your community is dead, all houses destroyed, yet… thankfully you are alive. Would you now thank your heavenly father for destroying the entire community and getting rid of a lot of neighbors you obviously didn’t care about anyway?

universeA being reportedly creating an entire Universe cares about you? What arrogance! A being with so much power that from nothing everything was created, but he saved you and your family while blowing everybody else to hell. How barbaric.

They’re in a better place, you claim. Well, I suppose, that is if you consider being ripped asunder and buried under tontornado rubbles of debris a better place. But that doesn’t matter… you’re alive.

I guess what I am saying is that I am sick of you. Sick of your stupid beliefs. Sick of your piety, believing yourself more worthy than anyone else. Don’t you realize that when you thank your God for your survival you are also thanking that God for taking everyone else… now what in blazes did they do that was so bad you think they deserved total annihilation?

So when you want to put up your monument with the ten commandments, or a display on government property supporting your religion… know this… I will always speak out against it. Freedom of Religion be damned if it means it’s okay with you that others die as long as you live.

When you try to put your filthy religion into schools to brainwash a new generation, know that I will join in the lawsuit to stop you. When you try to force others to observe the petty restrictions of your beliefs I will lend my strong right arm in the fight to stop you.

So, do what you will. I know where I’m going when I die, in the dark cold ground to become fertilizer for the future… and no where else. Knowing your beliefs are barbaric, arrogant, and unjust… I doubt you are sure where you’re going after death. Not with your track record.

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Why Planet Earth is Doomed… August 23, 2020

In short: diversity.

The very thing many would thought would be beneficial may cause human demise.

There are myriad cultures with many different belief systems and levels of sophistication. Many peoples are extremely poor and struggle with even the everyday needs for staying alive.

Whereas individually a group might work together within itself to reach a goal, there are many groups, each working in differing directions. Each group being homogeneous within itself.

Our planet is in trouble, but even through international negotiations determining a plan that all agree to seems doomed.

This county wants to “catch up” technologically before it makes needed cuts. Another country dismisses the urgency of the matter. Yet another denies there is a  problem. Everyone is afraid of being taken advantage of and dominated by others. Petty? I think so, in the matter humans are facing, the relevance, the importance, the dire consequences if they do nothing.

One administration makes concessions to meet targets. The next administration, motivated solely by profit nixes the agreement. When even just one country is so divided no plan of action can be initiated, there are many, many countries, each believing its own way is the correct way.

Like a boat in the water the world goes this way for a while, but then turns back or goes in another direction altogether. In the end nothing is done and the world cruises inexorably towards an unhappy ending.

Anyone else need a ticket to some other world?


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Stable Genius?… August 16, 2020

What if this is all a charade?

Years ago Donald Trump declared himself an atheist. Suppose he was not lying that one single time.

Look at the damage that has been done to  specific groups:

> The GOP is in worst favorable opinion than it ever has been.

> The religious have been completely exposed as the frauds they are.

> White people have been emboldened everywhere to reveal their racism, their hate.

Although Trump has managed to outrage every liberal that ever lived, no atheist, no liberal, could have managed to do the damage to the GOP, the Conservative circle, and racist bigots that Trump has.

How did Trump manage to pull off all the cons over his lifetime if he were the idiot that he is posing himself. Is it possible that he never stopped acting?

I admit I have my doubts, I hate the man, he has made me hate him, way too much for me to consider this all has been done as a purpose. Yet, is it possible he has destroyed the conservatives purposely by causing an uproar among the liberal sector so that they will finally get off their butts and vote on mass for the Democrats? Is it possible his goal was to gain not only the Senate for Democrats, but the whole ball of wax.

Well… I tell you… if he is doing this, if he is the stable genius he claims to be, then he (gosh, I can hardly say it) might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the United States and the Democrat Party.

Or have I flipped out?

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emo·​tion·​less | \ i-ˈmō-shən-ləs \

Definition of emotionless

: showing, having, or expressing no emotion :an emotionless stare

Other Words from emotion

Is an emotionless reaction really a reaction? If the intent is to agitate or unnerve, then the expected result is absent. Yet, there was written or oral words occurring as a result, so it would have to be a reaction.

In an act of non-cooperation with individuals that seek to agitate it is best to provide only emotionless responses. Perhaps even to the point of indicating a lack of understanding for the purposes of blunting their efforts.

So much stress can occur when emotions are applied to responses. This may be what the perpetrator seeks. There is no reason to provide that avenue. It is suggested therefore to reject knee-jerk reactions that come to mind and wait, calming yourself, and preparing a emotionless reaction instead. This may indeed tend to un-nerve those that seek to un-nerve you.

This response would not be an indifferent response.

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The Ravings of an Angry Bot…… August 10, 2020

Robot profile  hWhat does a person do who has simply sickened of society? You can’t divorce yourself from it if your means of survival is tied to it.

There are some people who think politics are a fun game. You have one group establish something and then the other group comes in and un-establishes it. You come to depend on aid, and the callous group comes in and takes it away, putting you on the street.

Hideous people without regard whose only goal is to enrichugly person 1 themselves at the cost of someone else. That is capitalism. It’s not a good system. It is in fact inhuman. That is why the religious like it so much, I suppose.

What does it mean to be human? I guess it depends on where you look. However, if Christianity, or Republicans, or even any other religion, is any example, then being human is probably something no one would want to be.

What has happened with Trump is permanent. My respect for Republicans is in the sewer. I do not want to know any Republicans. They can all die for all I care. Got that? Die!trump-in-sewer

It is no wonder the human race is fated for extinction. The squabbles between each faction ensures that no real progress is attained. This election is a crossroads. If Trump leaves and his damage repaired the USA has a chance. If he stays…. the world is finished.

earth blowing up

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For Heavens Sake, God, Get Out of the Way…. August 1,2020

Prayer is not only useless, it is dangerous.

Believers pray to god to have some wrong made right, or some favor, maybe even a miracle to be done. Someone who believes there is an all mighty entity watching over them and protecting them feels better after prayer and goes about their business, making no effort of their own to make their desires come true. It paralyzes them from taking action… after all, god has promised he would take care of you.

It is said that around 70% of the people inhabiting the United States believe in the Christian god. That produces a lot of inertia. Steps to improve the lot of humanity are not taken. Instead they sit blissfully awaiting god’s divine act. Action to reduce the population is stymied. God has told them to go forth and multiply. Efforts to improve the environment come to nothing as the religious claim that it is egotistical to think that humans can affect the climate of the planet.

The efforts made so far are surprising in the face of this obstruction. Reduced emissions from automobiles, planes, and power plants would never have taken place at the bequest of the religious.

On top of all this, the conservative right are absolute capitalists. They advocate the acquisition of profit… the environment be damned. The ever increasing needs of capitalism to accomplish more faster uses up resources that are finite and irreplaceable. As a result, the scramble for more and more of the limited resources creates a need for countries to  go to war to get them.

Capitalists using religion as a method of control have caused more war than any other factor. The puppets never seem to wake up. People see the surface of the reasons for war without looking for the foundations. The truth of the matter is that Christians are being used by the rich in order for the rich to get richer.  Meanwhile, collateral damage occurs among those who do not believe, those who have seen through the lies.

This is why I and other atheists, humanists, and non-believers absolutely detest religion. (Yes, some milksops think we can get along with this cancer) This is why I speak out against the indoctrination of children who don’t know enough to resist it. This is why I demand that the separation between church and state be preserved.

If we could throw off the yoke of religion from this planet I am confident we can solve all the problems. End war… end poverty and starvation… and make this life, our only life that can be proven, a better one.

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