What We Have Here is a Sellout to the Rich…. October 27, 2019

So we see what seems an organized effort to overthrow our government and establish a dictatorship, one ultimately run by hidden puppeteers called corporations. In this league of never do wells are many members of the GOP. Using Christianity as a way to lure adherents and control a steady number of supporters, this league desires to subjugate everyone who is considered of lower class, as in wealth.

These miserable creatures believe that they merit ruling the population as a direct result of their wealth and influence. They just want to use you.

We see a little of this mentality in the change of employment offices to “human resources” offices. People are just a commodity to be used. Use up one, get another, they are unimportant.

Trump and his band of merry men in the GOP intend to enslave you. They have emulated many of the methods used by the Nazis to convince people that the liberals and others seeking to help all people are instead stealing their government, their living, and taxing them to death. They are busy giving away the treasury via tax cuts. Then they will claim that paid for benefits like Social Security and Medicare are out of control and need to be abolished. They can’t very well subjugate you for life if you are peacefully retired on Social Security and have health benefits.

This action by this “league” is one of treason. It is well organized and the Democrats will have to walk carefully to keep this nation from being subverted.

That is the charge:

Trump is a traitor.

Everyone that supports a traitor is a traitor.

The real tragedy is that the GOP and its supporters know this and do not care.

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Trump and the GOP Must Go … September 16,2019

Trump and the GOP have divided America. On the Republican side are all the rich, racist, apathetic, and calloused people. The rest of us are separate as far as they are concerned. We are their pool of human resources, to be used and abused. They do not care whether we live or die, as long as we do what we are told. Money is all that matters to them. Their money.

Republicans would rather you never retired. They want you to live with your children and grandchildren. They don’t want you to have health services. If you get sick, they would rather you died.

Capitalism is their only concern. Whatever it takes to increase profits, even if it means making their minions (us) fight and die in numerous wars to acquire more resources for them to use. Capitalism, profit oriented, serving the rich, using the poor.

Trump and the GOP have permanently damaged America. America will never forget what they have done. Lies, giving away the treasury, making the world laugh at America, their crimes are a list twenty miles long. If the GOP does not go down in flames for what has been done, then the flaw is deeper than just Republican. The flaw will be revealed to be in humanity.

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Show Me!!!!

Show me where liberals are any more tolerant than conservatives. Show me…. I don’t see it. Both groups have certain qualifications for membership… believe what they believe or get out…. that is the way people are everywhere. Groups are the problem, the disease,  the need to belong is the vector.

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Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence in the Case of Gods… July 29, 2019

From the perspective of fact, that is logic and reason, there is no evidence of the existence of any entity that can be called god.

Some like to think of nature as their god, yet, nature is simply there, a “natural” occurrence and is indifferent to life. Nature cannot be thought of as an entity.

A medical doctor observes a patient, and though susceptible to the patients input, if the patient is not conscious all he has are symptoms to consider. If a patient comes in and has no symptoms is there disease? If anything at all, there is only hypochondria. No physical symptoms, no physical disease. Other than some malady unknown, or a mental aberration the doctor must conclude that most likely the patient just thinks himself sick.

In all of the thousands of years humans have been …. human, there has never been any evidence whatsoever of the existence of a god. None, at least once you discount testimonies (useless), or personally biased perspectives. There have been many “liars for Jesus” who claim to experience something, perhaps simply to go with the crowd, perhaps to further a personal goal. There have been many assert evidence for god, but that evidence also could be deception, delusion, or misinterpreted. There continues to be a complete absence of confirmation of a god.

It is said absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Yet, the god, as described by Biblical accounts could not hide, being everywhere, in everything.

Just as we need no evidence to dismiss a myriad of fictional beings, since there is no evidence of god, why should god be considered special? Why is there a special consideration? Why dismiss anything lacking evidence if one cannot dismiss suggested god-like entities? It’s all made up. We can see the history of humanity and the thousands of gods that have been brought to existence in thought… and we can also see that there has never been any evidence of the existence of any god outside of thought. We can think anything. We dismiss most things. Why not a god? Specifically, why not the god prevalent in our culture? Is it fear? Is it ingrained from youth? Is it misplaced hope? Logically god can be dismissed. Emotional dismissal is more difficult for many.

Even the great Richard Dawkins is afraid to totally dismiss god. Yet, in all of his books he more or less eliminates the possibility of one. Why not go the full seven Richard? Why allow that margin of a doubt, when logically, there is no doubt. Gods are fictional creations. I can invent one for myself. You can invent a slew of gods. They will be just as effective, I assure you, as the Abrahamic god.

For crying out loud…. the supposed favored of god could not have been subjected to a holocaust if their god had been real. Forget that stupid free will excuse. There is no way a caring loving god could allow millions of the favored people to be slain, gassed, or baked in ovens and stand by helpless or indifferent.

Rapes, murders, wars… none of that could happen if god was real, caring, loving, and fatherly. NONE.

I am a seven…. I state fully without fear that there are no gods. I leave no speck of doubt for conmen to manipulate. Don’t even suggest your god exists, I will explode in your face. Unless you can trot that turkey out, shut the hell up. Your “god” has created enough hell on earth for many lifetimes.

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Talking to the Christian Hand… July 9, 2019

Christians have in no way proven their god is real. Muslims have in no way proven their god is real. Jews have in no way proven their god is real.
(Insert any belief system here) have in no way proven their god is real.

If you want to buy a house do you go to the realty company and put your money down house unseen? If an acquaintance tells you there is gold under the ground out back of his/her house and asks if you will invest in machinery to dig it up…. do you say “why sure…” and hand over cash? If someone tells you that by being born you are doomed to hell and that the only way to avoid such a fate is to drop everything and do what he/she tells you, do you drop everything and follow?

Pudding. There is a saying that “the proof is in the pudding”. I will demand to see that house, inspect it, maybe have a professional inspect it… before you see even one dollar. I will demand some evidence that there is gold behind them there houses before I fork over my hard-earned currency. If some nut tells me that just because I was born… without a choice, no less… that I am damned to an eternity of anguish and grinding of teeth… I would call the truck with the two attendants that carry a straight-jacket for people like that. Would you?

Sadly, many would not. Many didn’t have a choice, either, having been indoctrinated since they were wee tadpoles. They buy these fairy tales, this false hope, this lie, and carry the beliefs into adulthood because they fear the wrath of their hateful god, or because they fear death, or they fear never seeing loved ones past.

There is nothing you can do to help them. You will find them rational in all dealings except those associated with faith… with faith there is a disconnect. Logic and reason will fail to persuade them of their delusion. This is a industrial grade mind virus you are dealing with. These people are looking forward to a promised eternal paradise as promised, and you are threatening that pleasant vision with your cold hard logic, reason, and facts.

Way back if you acquired the black plague you made peace with the world and laid down to die. Others around you looked upon your diseased carcass and wished like crazy they could do something. But they couldn’t… and you can’t. There is no purpose in debating someone who holds beliefs of an irrational nature, especially, if they actually desire to continue believing. You are just wasting your time preparing that overwhelming blast of logic in an effort to destroy the virus that has them in their grip. To them, regardless how powerful, it will blow over them like a breeze… way over them, as they are not even thinking about what you just said, but are instead trying to fabricate words that will save your damned soul.

All you can do is support education, support science, and demand that the church and state be kept separate. As long as believers keep procreating there will be more believers coming down the line. They get them and poison them young for a reason. What can you do about their children? Absolutely nothing. Work on the education, the science, that’s all you can do.

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Black or White, On or Off…

Fundamentalism is not restricted to religions. Anyone that deals in absolutes is a fundamentalist. If they say:

“You are either for us or against us”

… they are fundamentalists.

Such black and white, on or off absolutes are the domain of fundamentalist thinking… in their world there are no grays, no part way, there is only the whole or none.

One would think “open-minded” atheists and other liberal groups would not be fundamentalists. Yet, when they have groups they develop a mindset not unlike fundamentalists.

If I say I am neutral about an issue, that is exactly what it means. It means I neither support it nor do I oppose it.

Nevertheless, when I tell liberal minded folk, and other atheists, which I am one, that I do not care to become involved in, or am neutral about LGBT issues… the grief I receive is horrendous. I have been labeled so many names and profaned in numerous ways. Yet, I remain neutral… and apart from any group.

Please do not tell me you are not a fundamentalist, that you are “open-minded”, unless you really are.


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The Concept of Goodness… May 28, 2019

As atheists we sometimes overestimate the inherent goodness of human beings. It seems we suggest that if only religion were eliminated that a kind of utopia could be established. What we need to recognize is that though the concept of goodness may be within humans, humans do not inherently possess the quality.

In fact, that concept itself may not be in total agreement between groups of people. For example… for some, the Death Penalty is a barbaric holdover from ignorant times. For others it represents justice. How can we establish a good and moral society if we cannot agree on what is good and moral?

The book I am reading “Atheist Overreach” by Christian Smith asserts that many atheist authors assume a naïve notion about human goodness. These authors express a “faith” in human goodness that is unwarranted. I agree with this assessment.

How can we live good lives if we hold to the assumption that though we possess the concept, we do not possess the quality? The only way I can imagine is that we should hold that concept in the front of our minds and measure everything we do by it.

Christians have that bothersome god hovering about their heads, to reinforce their religion. It doesn’t always work, many of them still act as if no one is looking as they commit horrendous acts of treachery. Nevertheless, many also profess to striving to “live in the spirit”. They attempt to keep their focus on their religion measuring everything they do by that standard. Granted that the Bible is not exactly something that contains concepts that would all pass muster as good today. Yet, that is how many live their day.

Atheists must also strive to establish their concept of “goodness”. Fundamental ideas about right and wrong. Many are doing so. As in the way of the Christian atheists should strive to keep those ideas forefront in the mind and measure what they do by them. In my opinion, atheists would have no problem establishing ethics that infinitely better, more moral, than any in that barbaric tome, the Bible. How do atheists do it? It won’t be easy establishing rules of behavior when so many disagree between what is good and what is bad. Even a majority would leave the individual wondering, just as there are many cults of Christianity, there would develop many groups of atheists that hold to different standards.

Seems an impossible feat. Yet… should we not aspire to improve ourselves? We can only try.

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The Human Atheist

If you have ever been a member of a group you know that each group has a certain list of things you must believe in. Sure, many claim that your total adherence is not required, however, your success within the group depends how well you do.

Membership or non-membership in a group does not change the fact that you are an atheist. Atheist means only that you do not believe in any gods. It does not mean that you must support every “liberal” or “leftist” ideal or belief. In fact it does not mean that you have to support anything other than atheism.

Groups of atheists who do support everything put in front of the group will no doubt label you with degrading names. They will label you a bigot, troll, racist, sexist, etc… and you aren’t any of those things. You simply have your own mind and will only support that which you feel comfortable with supporting. Nothing is required of  you beyond the simple support to further the acceptance of atheism. Even that is not a requirement, you can be an atheist by your lonesome.

By what authority do I make these statements. I am a human, what do I have to be? How else does one resist being controlled by others?

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My Perfect Vision… March 4, 2019

I’m so very sorry, but you simply do not fit the criteria.

You claim to be normal, and merely a part of the greater whole, but from my perspective your mere existence is disturbing. You do not fit my vision.

Over time I have come to view only certain traits, behaviors, and appearances as being of normal nature. Those things that do not fit, are not classified as normal. You do not fit.

Do not be alarmed, I have no animosity, in fact I have tried very hard to simply accept your aberrations. The only time I become incensed is when you make a claim of normalcy, when we both know, yes, even you know, that you are not. I sometimes feel it would be better for my vision if you simply went away.

It doesn’t matter how much you rant and rave, march up and down, and get in everyone’s face… I will never accept that you are normal. Again, I have no hatred, no animosity, no violent intent… I simply would rather you were not. That you are, is out of my control.

So as long as you do not attempt to make me accept you, make me be your friend, make me serve your odd and strange desires, toleration will be given. However, if I seem to ignore you, know this: it is for both our sakes that I do so.

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S.T.E.M. … January 23, 2019

Often these days the cry is heard that “women are not in the stem fields”. They lament that women do not dominate there, as they dominate elsewhere.

There has never been an impediment, no fence, no block, no glass ceiling for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. Women have simply chosen not to go there.

There are those few, well-meaning, but wrong-headed bunch who would take the ability to choose away from women… and make them do what they think they should do instead.

You know the type, those politically correct, “progressive”, SJW types who want to control what you do, hear, say, and even think. They are so set in thinking they know what is best for you they will punish you into doing it. They will shove, push, nag, you into conforming to their thoughts, their rationale. After all, if you don’t obey their directives you are standing in the way of their imagined utopia.

No, I am not a right wing conservative nut case. I am not a left wing nut case either. I feel free to choose from all the issues what I am convinced is right and good. I like to call myself a centrist, but they are probably dead set in their ways, with solid ideology that does not bend or waiver either. I guess I am a free man able to decide for myself. I examine the claims of people, and if their claims seem just under scrutiny then I adopt those claims. Groupthink is not for me. Groupthink compromises everyone.

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