Society Has Become Too Tolerant of Deviancy… April 15, 2018

Society here in the United States has become an everything goes culture, enforced by law.

If you speak against any deviant concept or person you are threatened not only by lawsuit, but by imprisonment. You can be banned from public media for not parroting the ongoing narratives promoted by the pseudo-progressives and SJWs.

Sensitivities are worn on sleeve cuffs. Almost everyone is seeking some haven from which they can adorn themselves with victimhood.

Only one category of human being is considered fair game for denigration, criticism, and derision: White males.

What was normal is now rare and ridiculed. What was deviant is now celebrated and promoted. If you are not part of the mob that is tolerant of deviancy you are alone.

I remain alone, content to be so.



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The Resiliency of Neural Circuitry….



Well, here I am at 66 attempting to learn the keyboard. If nothing proves the creation of new neurons in older people this will. So far simple pieces, and not perfectly… but I have learned a lot. I engage the keyboard daily. Each day reinforcing the learned channels in my brain. Maybe something will come of all this before I kick the bucket.

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A Secret…

I am convinced that no one can see my posts. I will therefore reveal a secret.

I am not human and I hate humanity.

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Religion Is The Enemy… April 13,2018

The population bomb is ticking. Human population on earth has exceeded 7.4 billion.

Many say that humans will soon reach the limit of what can be supported. I think that limit has already been exceeded.  There are humans starving in many countries at this time.

Though governments and ignorance can be partially blamed, the major blame belongs to religion.

Religion is responsible for deterring efforts to restrain the growth of human numbers. By opposing contraception and abortion and then urging people to procreate as fast as possible they have doomed the earth. Like bacteria in a petri dish humanity will die from its own poisons.

From my perspective I see no hope that the problem will be solved. Perhaps Stephen Hawking was being too generous in suggesting there is only a hundred years left.

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The End to Everything… April 11, 2018

Death is a terrible thing to think about. I remember as a child the first time I was told that “everybody dies” I cried. Life in those days was grand, with no cares and no worries… I guess I had hoped to live life forever without cares or worries. To think it was to some day end, after I grew old and feeble was a shock. Maybe I thought we were in some sort of limbo, with adults and children living as they were, never growing up and never growing old. I don’t know.

Also when I was a child I was first exposed to religion by a “friend” who must have thought I needed it, well, I did cuss a lot when I was little… in fact I was in the habit of listing all the cuss words I could think of, for a while. My first exposure was through a Sunday School class. There I learned that I could live forever, or so they taught, just for believing. This would not be my last exposure to religion, but it did make me more vulnerable to it… here were adults that believed what seemed even to my young mind, the unbelievable. I received the full dosage as well as explanations of what Easter was all about, what Christmas was all about. It didn’t stick because my parents were not religious, I would hate to think what might have transpired if they were.

My experience in the military gave me my next big dose. The military had a requirement in the early seventies that you pay homage to the prevailing belief system at that time. Boot camp brought a visit to the church, it was obligatory, it did no good to object. You were made to sit, listen, and bow your head during the prayer. At first I pretended. Then my exposure was increased by a military family. I tried hard to believe. I admit my performance was more to gain the social setting than the belief. My belief was continued for a short time afterwards, until my father seemed to shake it out completely.

Death… now I see death as simply the end to life. There will be no shiny palaces, no reunions, just oblivion… in fact nothing will remain to realize the oblivion… just nothing.

I see the religious, expecting to go on to an eternity with their god, yet they fear death. They simply lack sufficient faith, they say, to accept that death should be celebrated as an attainment of some imagined afterlife.

Having been exposed to religion, I can never say that at the last moment, on my death bed, I might not recant my atheism. However, if I do, it can be chalked up to a failing mind, one trying to make death less atrocious.

The perils of belief are many. Trump, our present president, has demonstrated clearly the perils of believing too much, though, with his background one can wonder if he believes at all, given his immorality. He has decided that we do not need as much wilderness, we do not need to treat the world with care. He has nearly brought us to the brink of world war with Russia, at this time. Maybe all he cares about is bringing about Armageddon. Maybe he thinks it his mission. Who can read minds?

Here we are, all on this earth, brought to the brink of destruction by an ancient religion. Is there anything at all we can do about it?

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Facebook Protected Groups… April 10, 2018

Facebook has protected groups. Transgenders, gays, and women are considered protected groups. Others may exist.

You can say nothing disparaging against those protected groups. If you do you face a prolonged banishment from Facebook.

However, white males are fair game. I had complained repeatedly about disparaging remarks against white males, or males of any color, and was always told it was well within community standards. There was one feminist site that advocated the castration of all males and even promoted reducing them by any means to 10%, yet, those sites were said to be well within community standards.

I have deleted my Facebook accounts. They are gone and I hope that I can refrain from activating them within the fourteen day limit it takes to delete them.

Facebook is an addiction. It will be difficult to refrain from reactivating my accounts. I still have Twitter, Tumblr, and Google as sites to publish my blog. I hope that will suffice. Withdrawal, I expect, will be arduous.

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Who Cares? April 8, 2018

Sometimes I want to write and nothing comes. Other times a topic rises from the sewage around me, but alas, I am away from my computer, and then the topic seems to submerge itself back into the black ooze. 

A lot of times I want to write about a topic but I consider how it will affect the reader. This should not be a concern, but it is. This problem must be overcome as I do not want to cater to an audience, but feel also one is necessary. Writing in a vacuum, as I have most of the time, hearing only crickets upon publishing a piece, can be disappointing. I guess most people expect you to write in agreement with them, otherwise they disregard you. There are many posters that do post to please, never varying their perspectives from that gathered by polling their audience, or by that gained by holding a moistened finger in the air. Look and see, those are the most popular sites online, they publish what people want to hear. Popular public opinion, the fad at the moment, that is what you see in their posts. I consider such sites so very dull and humdrum.

Sometimes I force a post, knowing there will be no response. Writing to make sure there is a post that week. I have the ability to write about a can of beans and make it work… at least for me.

I rail against progressive issues that really aren’t progressive but instead promote some pet desire of the promulgator. That garners much disdain from those who follow the latest trends, or are unaware of the ramifications of what they accept from these “progressives”. Some people seem unaware that there are a few “progressive” issues that will result in their own extinction… the one about diversification, for example, means white males must be gone.

All the sensitivities today. Most often people are overly sensitive about that which they should not be, and not sensitive enough about that they should be. I think “snowflake” was a word combination made to label those who are overly sensitive, though it too is used incorrectly to label people who simply disagree with your point of view. Many of the topics I write about are issues people should be paying attention to, but because of sensitivities, cowardice, or simply “trying to get along”, they shun these issues. If the issues were talked about instead, debated, they might dissolve and become non-issues.

Racism, bigotry, and many other faults are on display daily online. Many times the very people crying “racism” commit racism during their outcry. For example stating “all white people are privileged”, is a racist proclamation often not seen for what it is. Yet, no one will accept an opposing point of view to this assertion. Isn’t that bigotry?

Well, I wander….

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Paths Chosen… April 1, 2018

Although there are many paths there is also a precipice. None of them are easy to see. You might find that on any of them that you cannot go back. There are crossroads, all one way, upon which big changes could transpire. On any of these paths except the precipice, there could be hidden dangers just over the horizon… with no side path upon which to escape. There is no stopping.

Everyone is faced with choices. Some positive, some negative. Occasionally it is a simple matter of math… one path hurts many, another hurts few. Often those are the only options. It would be nice if there were only options where no one got hurt.

Is it better to maintain the status quo rather than hurting others or destroying yourself? Life seems contrary to that option. Someone usually ends up paying for choices in life, one way or another.

Inexorably time flows. Mistakes made cannot be erased or corrected. They stand as testimony to your decisions. Future choices are based on them. It all builds like some mountain. Most often you find yourself at the bottom of that pile.

Dreary? Well there are times of glee. They seem to fade. Memories of the dreary stand resolute, stark, and as detailed as when they occurred. A flaw, it seems, in the human mind. Only a few decent positive memories are strong enough to bear up against the march of the days. Worry keeps us connected to the dreary, though.


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Women in Power Only Serve Women… March 27, 2018

Here is proof positive that when women get into a position of power they only serve women….

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The Perfect Life Form… March 25, 2018

Assuming life occurs spontaneously via abiogenesis throughout the universe, can humanity possibly be indicative of what will be found on other worlds… as far as intelligent life forms? Are we to expect each life form to be as immoral, apathetic, and miserable has human beings?

Every human is capable of lying, cheating, and stealing. If given the right circumstances every human is capable of murder. Is this the kind of being that inhabits the various nooks and crannies of the universe? Is there no hope of finding a creature, though it be wise and not gullible, also incapable of lying, cheating, or stealing? A kind of being that says something and means it. Someone you can trust to keep their word and not be swayed by someone offering a bribe. Someone who obeys the law, assuming the laws are good, even when no one else is looking. For example, someone who in the middle of the night when no one else is on the street… still obeys the speed limit.

As is, no human can be trusted to do what they say they will do. “Trust no one” is the meme of the day, weeks, years, decades, etc.

I honestly cannot see how evolution can produce such a superior creature. Since no such creature exists on this earth it can be presumed that evolution produced all creatures. The only hope for such a creature to exist would be one that is artificial, a construct. Extreme care would need to be taken to insure that it would not be contaminated by human behaviorisms. Refinement would have to be an ongoing measure afterwards, with machine producing machine… refined to moral perfection.

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