That’s Right, I’m Not Politically Correct… September 2, 2017

I am not politically correct.

The advantage of being a solitary figure rather than a member of a group is that you can be less affected by “groupthink”. This term seems to refer to members of a group conforming to the same views on issues, views which are not necessarily the correct views as pertains to fact.

Members of a group under “groupthink” hold particular views and these views cannot be affected by evidence any more than the views of the religious can be affected by criticism. The members, just like the members of religious groups, will defend their point of view even in the face of conflicting fact as resolutely as any zealous fanatical believer.

To gain a vast audience many writers will cater to these groups and try to become the unofficial spokesman of the group. The writer does not necessarily subscribe to the views of these groups but appears to for the sake of the adoration of his/her readers.

They are politically correct.

Conclusion: Most humans belong to groups with the accompanying ideologies.
I am not politically correct and will not cater to unfounded ideologies.
Therefore… my audience is small and will stay that way. It will be composed of those who are not affected by groupthink, or are solitary thinkers like myself. That’s good enough for me.

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Present Thoughts on Fetal Development and Abortion… August 27, 2017

What are the moral reasons that precipitate the need for abortion to be available and safe? Rape, Incest, mother’s health, and fetal development. Rape would include the qualification that if either party, male or female, were under age it would be considered rape and any baby conceived would be aborted. If the mother is physically endangered at a terminal level abortion would be deemed a necessity. If through extensive scanning it is found that the fetus is developing abnormally, defects rendering quality of life impossible, the fetus should be terminated. Perhaps other reasons will be determined deeming abortion moral in the future, but these are all that seem moral now. 

Feminists desire total control of the reproductive process. The “my body not yours” mentality. Yet, the fetus is treated as a separate individual in cases of murder. If it were a separate individual then the fetuses body does not belong to the mother and to terminate the fetus for any other than the moral reasons stated above should be considered murder and prosecuted as such. There is no reason for demanding abortion on demand as it is tantamount to demanding murder on demand.

Quality of life arguments cannot be used as an excuse for abortion where finances are concerned since adoption is possible and many barren mothers await to adopt them.

Whereas a malformed fetus is grounds for abortion, that abortion should be a decision of the individual. If the mother is of such mind and does not care whether she spends all of her time caring for a newborn with disabilities, possibly a short-lived child, or even a lifelong dependence of constant attention, then she should be free to make that choice.

These changes in my thoughts about abortion are the result of readings that suggest that a fetus may indeed have a mind… one that is subject to a high rate of development which necessarily results in the elimination of memories from life in the womb, and up to certain ages where long term memories are left untouched by rapid neural development.

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Negative Evidence of a Designer….

God as a concept has been described as imagining something which there is nothing greater than. This would imply total perfection. Such a god would be so perfect that it could not create anything that was not perfect as well. This perfection, if the god was perfect, would be incorruptible. It would stay perfect and never degrade regardless of circumstances. The moment it degraded is the moment that god would be revealed as flawed.

God created everything, it is claimed. Nothing is excepted.

Therefore, if one flaw in any of god’s work is found, that god would be revealed as flawed.

The Christian god is claimed to be such a god, perfect, perfect, perfect. To find one flaw any where in anything would therefore disprove that god, or at the very least, prove that god less than advertised.

The human body itself contains numerous flaws. Remember, it would take only one flaw to discount a perfect god.

Flaws in the human body, flaws that could only transpire if evolution were the designer:

  1. The Pharynx. Unlike many creatures which obviously were more favored, humans must use the same tube for ingesting food as for breathing… leading to many deaths.
  2. The urinary tract in men passes through the prostate, leading to many problems in older men.
  3. Our lower backs are made more for four-legged walking than walking upright leading to many problems.
  4. The Blind Spot in our eyes. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

And many more → here

However, we needed only one, just one, to fell the notion of a perfect god.

Do I expect this to sway the believer? No. Desperation will find some way to explain this all away and somehow retain a perfect god making incredibly flawed things. That is the nature of faith… to keep believing when all is lost, in this case, when it is proved that your god is false. Faith to march right over the cliff because you have been told you can fly.

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Where Art Thou, Father? August 13, 2017

It amazes me that in this time we still have people who believe in religion. Yes, it is trueClear sky between light and dark clouds that science has shrunken the credibility of religion by great measure… but it persists.

There are people who believe that god sees all, knows all, and is everywhere at once.

Then, where is he when…
→you get mugged
→a bank is robbed
→a baby or child is afflicted with cancer or other defect
→a plane crashes killing all aboard
→a tornado takes out your home and family
→people are starving in countries worldwide
→your daughter is raped and buried alive

god 2If it is as the religious claim… god is everywhere, he watches… he knows…
The tragedies occur anyway as god lifts not one of his mighty fingers to intervene.

He is called a heavenly father by many. If your father watched while you were beaten, raped, or murdered and did nothing what kind of father would he be?

In war, opposing countries both claim god is on their side aiding them. If god exists and yet the war is waged, what is god doing? Is god watching, doing nothing while his children strike, maim, and kill one another? Is he sitting on a sofa-like cloud with Jesus at his side, a few guests in? Are they placing bets?

Things happen. There are no entities watching… neither good, or evil. The only evil or good exists solely in the minds of human beings. devil 2

The mother that drives a van with her children on board into the lake is simply deranged. No demon has possessed her. No angel urges her on. She is mentally ill.

The man that beats his wife into submission is not prompted to do so by demons or even god. He is simply deranged… mentally ill. The evil exists in his mind and no where else.

The concept of god, and the idea of demons and evil is just an excuse. Humans are responsible and only humans can stop it. No amount of praying will stop it. Praying is like turning your tires in the mud… or perhaps more like trying to turn your tires in the mud but you are out of gas. Only people can influence other people.

I do not know whether the human race will ever grow out of thinking some bearded old fellow is looking down watching them like some wise parent. It’s part of the infantile circuitry reasserting itself. It is comforting to many to think there is something up in the sky more powerful than they are, ready to jump to their aid whenever necessary. For some whose relatives have departed it is comforting to think that they will see them again some day. To me there seems something so debilitating in those thoughts. Something so immature. Indeed, something very dangerous.

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Mighty Fine Machines… August 6, 2017.

The doctor tells me that my retina has become detached, in fact tearing, and as a result I have acquired one of the few emergency illnesses of the eye. He urges me, no orders me, to depart immediately to a surgical facility 60 or so miles to the south. Do not delay, he warns, do not stop for food, drink or eat nothing.

Having had my eyes dilated so that the inner workings would be clearly revealed to examination, I was unable to drive. That task fell to my wife.

We arrived posthaste at the facility where once again I was examined. The doctor there tells me surgery is the only answer and that to let it go would mean the loss of the eye. Surprisingly, however, no rush is made that day to cut and hack the delicate membranes of the eye, instead we are sent home and told to come to another facility nearby the day after tomorrow. Why did we rush, I wonder? Why the false emergency rush?

We arrived early Thursday morning at the facility in this large city south of our small town. I endured a pre-examination the purpose of which was to clear me for surgery. It wasn’t until we went upstairs to the fifth floor that the true nature of the facility was revealed.

Everything seemed planned in advance. I mean everything. If something varied from the program, any unanticipated thing, confusion and annoyance was readily apparent. Protocol was not just observed, it was everything. Individuals within the frame, the system, seemed to move in a carefully rehearsed fashion. It seemed like clockwork.

At registration  on the fifth floor, the woman moved methodically. I made the mistake of speaking out of turn. With a stern look in her eye, or was it rage, it was clear that she would accept no alteration in her practiced protocol. If I had any concerns at all she was adamant that protocol took precedence over them. She seemed upset that I had interrupted her routine and caused her to have to think.

This protocol and the evident machine like manner used to carry it out was observable in the entire facility. The very next day, after checking out of the hotel, we returned for a post-opt examination. Making the same error of speaking out of turn I once again ran foul of the flow of protocol. I asked questions of the doctor that I had previously asked the surgeon and received a second opinion. After I informed the doctor that the surgeon had given contradictory advice he seemed perturbed. At this point I do not know if he was perturbed at my success at tricking him into the second opinion or that I had disturbed the precious protocol. He snapped that I should ask the questions I had presented to the doctor when I see him next and abide by those instructions. His presentation of my results seemed rote, memorized. I disturbed the flow and caused him to think. Have they all become robots here? Do they sink into a haze of procedure from which they loathe to be taken until it’s time to depart for home? Is this what they do to avoid error? How can they be sure that everyone is the same and that the routine applies to all? Perhaps they have channels. One thing leads to another. Depending on what occurs and is said the road of the routine turns and twists. Nevertheless, there is no allowance for the unusual, the unexpected veering from the path. It almost seems like a train-wreck when the protocol is derailed.

How many times have they said the same things, given the identical instructions, carried out the same procedures? Are they living in some sort of dream like state and when brought back to reality by something not fitting the mold are startled and irritated?

Just a job. The routine as established is quite inhuman. Perhaps it is the result of many identical days. They have the veneer, the façade, of humanity, they look like humans, but do not observe too closely. You will see the practiced and methodic performance. You will realize the falseness of the  caring attitude, the emptiness of pretended humor. They have become jaded. It is just a job now. It’s not the way they imagined when they decided to walk this path. The humdrum boredom has resulted in a practiced protocol… easily observed by the attentive. Too bad, I would rather it had all been real. I guess it is too much to ask of human beings.

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Is Everything Really Nothing? … July 30, 2017


a :  a theory or doctrine that acts of the will (see 2will 4a), occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are causally determined by preceding events or natural laws b :  a belief in predestination.

Does this theory render free will to be nothing but an illusion? Does this mean that nothing can be done to change the status quo? If this conclusion is correct then there can truly be nothing new under the sun.

Does this theory, or doctrine (belief system), mean that it is useless to propose or do anything to change … anything?

If there is no free will then how do new ideas initiate? Are what seem like new ideas merely outgrowths that while seeming different could not exist without what came before?

Perhaps there are no new ideas, only altered aspects of what is or was. Maybe nothing can come to be without a foundation. If that be true, then how did anything begin? How many times did it begin before a stable foundation was achieved? Is civilization merely resting on a mound of ashes from what failed before?

It seems to me that the concept of having new ideas appear requires the existence of free will. Without new ideas nothing could have begun. Therefore, nothing could be without free will.

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The Play… July 23, 2017

Pretense, it is all a pretense.

The man or woman pretends that they are children of god. They have no evidence, yet, they pretend to know they will have eternal life. Evidence does not matter, only faith matters. How ripe for the picking they are indeed.

The black man pretends that only white men can be racist… not realizing that by making that assumption he reveals himself as racist.

The liberal pretends that he/she tolerates everyone… but inside his/her emotions are doing somersaults in a constant turmoil.

A man pretends to be a woman, a woman pretends to be a man… neither is true, both are condemned by nature to be what they are born.

The coexist promoter pretends to accept other beliefs, and that they can live in peace… subconsciously it must be true they are aware that it is impossible for two religions that condemn each other will ever live in peace… or that one that demands all bend knee in allegiance will ever become tame.

Just as the child pretends to detest brussels sprouts but having never tasted them, so everyone adheres to assertions never tested.

Assume the role, begin the play… the curtain opens…

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That Ideal Creature… July 16, 2017

My vision of the perfect creature could not be one manufactured by evolution… yet, how else?

Unlike the human being, saddled by millions of years of ongoing gradual change imprinting along the way savagery of vast scale upon the genetic code, the perfect creature I envision would lack the greed, the selfishness, the barbaric violence embedded in the very fabric of every human being.

Murder, most foul, would be a thought that would never enter the thoughts of this being. Theft of someone’s property would be a concept foreign and of disgust. Letting someone starve for lack of luck or even sloth would not occur. Anger would not endure. There would be expectations that most would meet, of course, no society could exist if contributions are not made by all.

There would be no treachery. There would be rules. Everyone would learn those rules and regard them with respect. Unless the earthly world where a speed limit means nothing, if it said fifty-five on this ideal world… no one would purposely go faster. There would be no need for authority to employ enforcers… everyone would just do the right thing.

The regard for others would carry to oneself… toxic drugs would be regarded as untouchables. No one would feel so bad that a need would arise to do oneself harm. Efforts would be made to find the best of foods, activities, and medications… and no one would use anything else.

Your spouse would be loyal, and each would trust the other… there would be no thought otherwise. It simply would not enter into their heads.

I look out upon the human race and it is no wonder that I drift closer to misanthropy.

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Evident Truths Found During My Life… July 9, 2017

  1. All of the gods from all of the world’s religions do not exist.
  2. The so-called radical left is a near mirror image of the so-called radical right.
  3. All human groups, whether religious or secular, eventually develop ideological beliefs that have no foundation in fact.
  4. Life only has the purpose you give it.
  5. Evolution has made us all “me first”, you second. Dog eat dog. Selfish. No one can be trusted.
  6. The universe, including Earth, is indifferent to humanity.
  7. If you wait long enough you will have just wasted more time.
  8. Religious and secular people have no morality.
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Unwarranted Frustrations… July 2, 2017

Feelings… human feelings, that’s the problem here.

I am experiencing increasing frustrations in my dealings with humans. They fail to see the logic of my arguments. It seems they deal more in feelings than logic.

Why should this cause me ire? Their opinions, their positions on issues do not affect my positions. I do not change my position simply to please them. I fully assert my positions are correct.

What should transpire? I should present my argument and then be done. Once my argument is presented there should be no need to go back and defend that argument… it is complete, correct, and finished.

Human feelings that generate frustration should be dismissed. They are unproductive and present an obstacle to further thinking.

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