The Puppet Masters and the Puppets… February 5, 2017

Is it possible for a human to live a life free from manipulation?

There are uncountable sources of manipulation. To prepare for resistance to all of them would be a monumental… possibly impossible… task.

From the ad for the Golden Toasties for your breakfast table to the carefully arranged meme on Facebook… the goal is to manipulate you, persuade you, even if by way of the hidden. The message may be delivered to that portion of your brain not surveyed by your conscious mind.

Some prejudices are hidden by desensitizing over time. You might look right at the biased issue and not recognize the bias or discriminatory nature of it. In example: “Women and children first” or “the innocent women and children” which gives preference to gender while discriminating against men. As if there is no possibility that there are innocent men.

To what degree can manipulation be resisted? Even a partially successful endeavor may produce animosity in your direction.

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Lay Your Bets… January 29, 2017

There are many different systems of belief for a deity. Withinpick one each system there are separate divisions consisting of variations of that system. Furthermore, there have been and continue to be many radically different imagined gods.

While there are some individuals claiming there are many roads to god, each person claims that the god of their religion is the only god. A reasonable conclusion is that they cannot all be correct. It also can be suggested that none of them is correct. Extrapolating, it can be suggested that there is a god as yet unidentified. Also, it can be surmised that there are no gods at all.

god 2Pascal’s Wager suggests that you should choose to believe in god. If you believe and god does not exist you lose nothing. On the other hand if god exists you gain everything. If you do not believe and god does not exist you also lose nothing. However, if you do not believe and god exists you risk eternal punishment.

Pascal’s Wager fails because it does not consider that there have been many gods, and are many gods today believed in by many peoples. Choosing the wrong god can be just as much of a mistake as choosing nothell to believe.

“Choosing to believe”… how can one choose to believe. Isn’t that concept in itself illogical? Either you believe or you don’t. One does not choose to believe.

The most logical course GodCam190then as seen by me is to consider that if there are any entities Clear sky between light and dark cloudsworthy of the title god out there in the universe that such an entity would make itself known so as to eliminate deceit and confusion. Since no such entity has presented itself in such an undeniable fashion over the eons, it can be safely assumed that none exists. That is my present stance.

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Gynocentricity, Built-in Anti-male Bias… January 22, 2017

It is a fact that society in the United States is biased in favor of females.

For example there are over 700 women’s hospitals in the United States. I was unable to locate a reference to any men’s hospitals.

Even among hospitals in general many are unequipped (16% could deal with men’s issues) to handle men’s health issues but over 90 % were well equipped to handle women’s issues.

“Women and children first” was a totally biased cry often made in saving survivors of ships and elsewhere. Men were, it is assumed, considered expendable. If equality is to be served then this must change.

12 Indisputable Indicators that Men are Second Class Citizens in the USA

  1. SUICIDE: Men’s suicide rate is 4.6 times higher than that of women’s (26,710 males vs 5,700 females). [Department of Health & Human Services]

  2. LIFE EXPECTANCY: Men’s life expectancy is 7 years shorter than women’s (males’ 72.3 yrs vs females’ 79 yrs) [National Center for Health Statistics], yet receive only 35% of government expenditures for health care and medical costs.

  3. WAR: Men are almost exclusively the only victims of war (Vietnam Casualties – 47,369 men vs 74 women). [Department of Defense]

  4. WORKPLACE FATALITIES: Men account for more than 95% of all workplace fatalities.

  5. MURDER: Men are murdered at a rate almost 5 times that of women (26,710 men vs 5,700 women). [Department of Health & Human Services]

  6. CHILD CUSTODY: Women receive physical custody of 92% of all children of separation, and men only 4%. [Department of Health & Human Services]

  7. JURY BIAS: Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men (1.4% of men vs 12.9% of women). [Bureau of Justice Statistics]

  8. COURT BIAS: Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for spousal murder (men at 17 years vs women at 6 years). [Bureau of Justice Statistics]

  9. JUSTICE SYSTEM BIAS: Women are assessed for Child Support on average at half the rate of men, yet are twice as likely to default on Child Support payments. 97% of all child support prosecutions are against fathers. [Census Bureau]

  10. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Numerous credible studies from independent researchers report that women are the initiators of domestic violence in 58% of all cases, and cause physical abuse in almost 50% of all cases, yet women only account for 6% of all criminal proceedings in such matters.

  11. CHILD VIOLENCE: Mothers commit 55% of all child murders, and biological fathers commit 6%. NIS-3 indicates that Mother-only households are 3 times more fatal to children than Father-only households. Despite these compelling figures, children are systematically removed from the natural fathers who are their most effective protectors.

  12. WEALTH: Women hold 65% of the total wealth in the USA. [Fortune Magazine]

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An Inherent Automatic Function … January 15, 2017

Admonishments are frequently voiced endorsing the avoidance of judgments. “Who are you to judge?” is a frequent question associated with this admonishment. (There are many permutations of the arrangement of this question)

Assertion: Everybody judges.

When experiencing a new situation or upon encountering someone new an involuntary process of judgment occurs within the mind. It is a primitive reflex as even animals assess. This is a protective reaction. The question asked is: “Is this situation or unknown individual a source of danger?” I conjecture that this is a product of evolution. Those that assessed more accurately survived… honing the product.

As a result humans make judgments, assumptions, about new individuals and situations they encounter… automatically, perhaps even subconsciously.

→The question: “Who are you to judge” is therefore without merit.

  • Those that ask it can safely be said to possess an agenda.
  • This agenda may be an attempt to modify reactions or behavior.
  • The question is academic as the judgment is instantaneous and involuntary.
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Inherent Flaw… January 08, 2017

With few exceptions humans are selfish and greedy. Given the opportunity they will take money or goods which they have not earned and belong to the public at large.

Human laws are an admission that humans are flawed and cannot operate morally individually.

There are no groups of humans that can be trusted to function fairly and justly in the face of temptation to do otherwise.

The option open to humanity is to make laws in advance that can be agreed upon in order to provide fairly for all members. Penalties must be severe enough to sway any perpetrator of dishonesty to do otherwise.

Many think religion can provide the basis of morality. This has been proven false on all occasions.

Only a government that is adequately strong can guarantee laws that have been established will be enforced.

No one should be able to buy their way out of paying the penalty for an infraction, not even the very rich.  

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Death Penalty Issue–Revisited Again … March 27, 2016

The last sentence should read Don’t make society into a murderer.

If society must have the death penalty… draft a murderer to do the murdering.

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New Year’s Post… January 1, 2017

Every year has been the same. Improvements were desired but not accomplished, or if accomplished, then lost. Stability is desirable.

Humanity is polarized into various groups. Each group opposes all other groups in some way. If you do not adhere to all of the tenets of a specific group the members will become vicious or attempt to silence or shun you. You cannot pick the best of each group and expect any group to show you amity. A centrist becomes an outcast to all groups.

I am a centrist. Each centrist is unique in that they choose the best of groups but from different groups as judged by their own subjective morality. Centrists are lone wolves by default.

A centrist’s life can be one of continuous frustration or stoic acceptance. Being at odds with everyone else leaves no other choices.

Being indifferent is a difficult position. Indifference or stoic acceptance are my choices. They sound similar.

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New Year’s Resolutions … January 1, 2017

Resolutions can be made at any time during the year. Yet, it has been a tradition that change is desired at the beginning of the new year.

The following are my resolutions or changes, or behavior modifications….

  1. To be friendlier to those less mentally fortunate.
  2. To be less reactive to those intentionally agitating.
  3. To be more productive and also more responsible.
  4. To ignore those who desire mundane status quo.
  5. To speak out more against pseudo-progressives and regressives.
  6. To continue to support human rights and stand against race based or gender based drives for special privilege.
  7. To be more clear yet maintain the necessary façades.
  8. To care less whether someone agrees or disagrees with my stances and become more indifferent about it.

There may be more throughout the year.

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Depression by Disappointment…

Robot thinking AEach person is an independent unit. Each individual directs or influences their own fate through conscious decision. Independent humans can be influenced by other independent humans. Independence of independent humans is diminished by this influence.

The optimum state is independence. The independent human rejects or resists control by other humans. Even if the influence is positive a human may reject the influence so as to preserve the independent state. An individual may even choose a negative corrosive course rather than accept outside control, influence.

That said, humans are disappointing as to their choices and behavior.

Judgments are made by comparing reality with optimum desired states. Naturally, each individual has their own criteria through which they visualize optimum desired states. I am no different.

Moral states and immoral states are delineated through utilization of established criteria. Through this process an individual can fabricate a conceptualization of what an ideal reality might comprise.

Sadly, humans do not reflect the ideal reality I have envisioned. As a result a condition akin to depression has resulted.

It is not control I desire. Nevertheless, the disappointment persists.

The criteria is sound, and changing it is not desired. The process of judgment by which the conclusion has been reached is as sound. The only course open to me is to become indifferent. Why is that always the conclusion: indifference?  Is that not the same as “giving up”, accepting the inevitability of what is? It has been said by some that “One man with a vision can make a difference”, but that seems rather idealistic under the prevailing reality. 

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