Idiots That Dismiss Their Feelings… June 17, 2018

angry facehappy face

Emotions must have an evolutionary advantage, otherwise, why are they?

It is true that emotions create some division between peoples, in that, emotionally, you are most apt to reject differences between groups because of “gut” feelings. These emotions cannot be simply turned off. They are there regardless of over-riding reason. They remain and gnaw at you.

On the other hand, emotions also are cohesive to groups. If you feel comfortable in a group you will more likely work within that group to better the group and its members.

Feelings seem to emerge from no where, perhaps they come from deep within the subconscious. Regardless of how you “want to act” emotions will betray you for what you are.

Emotions can create great tension. If something is an irritant it will grate on your subconscious and become a distraction.

One might eliminate, or try to eliminate, emotions… at least outward displays of emotion. However, along with the anger, the hate, and other negative emotions, compassion, empathy, and happiness will also be gone. There is always a balancing out, it seems. Without anger, would you be able to experience happiness? Would you recognize it?

A right and a left, a good and a bad, an evil and a benevolence. There seems always a symmetry. To always be happy would indicate insanity, just as to always be angry or unhappy, would indicate mental problems as well. I have always been suspicious of an eternally happy person. I would be less likely to turn my back on one.

I have always felt I would be better off without emotions. Yet, among a population of humans I would surely be alone. In the end, will emotion doom humanity?  Does humanity really have any choice?

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The Vulnerable You…. June 10, 2018

Innate qualities within humans when they are born render them extremely vulnerable to religion.

Humans are born with an innate conception of their mothers, someone more powerful, a source of nourishment, and protection. Later, as the child matures, this conception transfers to whatever religion is prevalent and presented to them.

Religion perpetuates this innate reliance. In adulthood those indoctrinated continue to rely on someone more powerful to fulfill their need for protection as well as other needs. This need grows in those who suffer financial problems and other stresses in their lives. This is why religion flourishes in groups of people who are destitute or fear for their lives.

Almost all cultures develop or have religious belief. The religious belief you might adopt is almost always one prevalent in your area. Usually it is the one of your parents. They present it to you as they have countless other concepts as real. You accept it even though it contradicts reason. Your parents wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Most likely they thought it real also. When they introduce you to it they believe it real. Your parents have provided for you and protected you all your life. You are not about to mistrust them now… though that thing about Santa Claus was an eye-opener for some.

Your parents’ urgings along with your innate need for a powerful protector and provider nearly guarantees your conversion. Unless reason later prevails you will always believe, even in the face of overwhelming contradictory information. Even if you succeed in casting off the religion of your parents you will feel an emptiness that will most often cause you to adopt another religion or make one up of your own.

A feeling that “someone is looking over your shoulder” will haunt you for many years even should you succeed in becoming an atheist. It may never leave you, always making you wonder. It may make you wish you had never read so much or listened to reason. You may keep yourself from returning but the desire will, possibly, always be there. If you are conscious when you die you may recant and pledge yourself to some deity as you lie on your death bed, having lived for decades without religion. The brain can betray you in this fashion. You never know what is lurking in your subconscious.

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The Pits of Despair…

Many of those suffering repeatedly proclaim that others do not understand the depths of their depression. To those I say… I have been there. Thankfully, I do not linger there for more than a day at most and most times less.

It is a time when all seems for nothing. A paralysis sets in that immobilizes the sufferer who feels lost and separate from the rest of humanity. Nothing matters, nothing interests, everything annoys… or you become without care. You do not reach out, they do not understand anyway, so what’s the use. The mind cannot overcome this. You languish, in the depths of sorrow, unhappiness, and then there is the hollow nothing. You sit and stare.

Plans and desires for the future are all on hold… you can function… but it seems only like your body becomes a mechanical thing… it does what it must and no more. If there are no obligations of job or life, then there is no function.

I know someone who suffers this scenario frequently. They go silent… for a week… maybe more. Where there seemed interest, there is nothing. You cannot draw them out of it. Depression like a thick mud has them in its grasp. They are trapped. If you try to pull them out often times they pull you in. No matter the foundation you stand on, no matter how firm… they can make mud out of it and trap you there as well.

I do not know the course of treatment that can assist them. The depression they suffer is toxic and spreads quickly… to attempt to help is to risk the disease as if it were some horrible plague. I can only wait and hope that they will rise out of the muck themselves. Then maybe I can at least try to help them keep out of it, if they want me to.

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A Slanted World, Adverse to Mankind… May 27, 2018

I do not support the gynocentric state of society in the United States. Having everything oriented to serve and support women is extremely sexist. From education to health care the nation is slanted toward the benefit of women.

All the schools have been feminized. Boys are treated as if they are incomplete girls. Many times they are drugged to make them conform. There are vast networks of hospitals oriented for the treatment of female problems… there are none oriented toward male problems. Money is allocated generously for the research for cures of female problems, while money is scarce for the research for cures of male problems. If men benefit it is mostly collateral. The intent was not to solve male problems, but men garner some small benefit solely as a consequence of the vast monies put into the solving of female problems. For example, the vast money put toward finding breast cancer cures compared to the ever dwindling funds put toward prostate cancer research. This is even though more men die of prostate cancer than women of breast cancer.

I support human rights… I do not support feminism or women’s movements. I am not a member of any men’s rights movements. I assert that both men and women presently have equal human rights and have since the early 60s.

I believe in due process. I do not support mob justice. Mob justice like automatically believing women’s cries of harassment without proof and then the public condemning the man without due process, thereby ruining his career and life instantly. I believe false accusations should be treated as harshly as if they were true, thereby sentencing the woman to heavy fines and jail time for making false allegations.

Feminism is an evil and divisive force, anathema to civilization and humanity. It should be resisted totally. Any man who calls himself a feminist is truly evil, perhaps more so than any feminist female.

The denigration and demonization of men by feminists is not unlike the demonization, dehumanization of the Jewish people by the Nazis during WWII and before. I fully believe that the ultimate goal of feminism is the very same as that of Nazism, but with men as the victim.

Many women join ranks with feminism not aware of its dark beginnings, and obviously oblivious to the assertions of many within its ranks. The fact that feminists that become aware of the monsters in their ranks and do not denounce them implies quiet agreement. If you are a feminist simply do not speak to me or let me know of your existence and we will get along fine.

Rome died when its women took power, when the men became weak and submissive to women. Is this to be the fate of the United States?

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Be A Human Being? … May 20, 2018

Although there seems to be some inherent qualities within the human species, compassion and caring does not seem among them. What seems more inherent in the human species is aggression and violence… selfishness.

If humans are to improve their lot then, perhaps it is time to begin teaching compassion, caring, and kindness to children at an early age.

There are too many humans today that are content with perpetuating the barbaric nature of the species and less interested in developing or growing the higher traits, that though humans may not possess inherently, humans can most assuredly develop and nurture.

Any human that can support the barbarism represented by the Death Penalty is not interested in improving the human species… killing a killer makes all humans killers. When the thought of murder and killing another human being becomes repugnant to all, that is when it can be said that progress to a higher plane is attained. As long as it is okay to attack and harm another then the primitive is still with humanity.

Until humanity is able to leave the violent nature of his/her origins behind it may not be so wise to urge individuals to “act like a human being”.

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Human? …

Are people saying anything at all encouraging when they say they are human?

Humans do so many horrible and disgusting things. They speak absolutely incredible obscenities. Are they not all human? Is what they do human?

How can humanity hold itself up as a shining example of life, morality, decency, and have so many who are among the worst examples of life possible?

Is it really a good thing to promote that people behave more human?

History would reveal that humanity is vicious, murderous, ignorant, and vile. Nothing has changed, it is still vicious, murderous, ignorant, and vile.

Change may be impossible. These base qualities may be inherent. Even the human intellect seems incapable of over-riding these base desires.

Extinction may be the only course available for humanity.

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Contemplations… May 6, 2018

There are pluses and minuses to consider.

Sometimes I am close, oh so very close, but then either the goal moves or the goal is too far.

If I do this, I have to give up that, but I gain somewhere else.

If I proceed beyond a certain point there will be no backing off.

There are acquaintances that may be lost. There most certainly will be none gained.

Does this pursuit include the possibility of insanity? Unknown.

Is this a closing in or merely a defense?

Is this even possible?

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Why “Human” Atheism… May 2, 2018

lion atheist


How do I differentiate “human” atheism from “regular” atheism.

Atheists accuse the religious of adhering to rigid black or white strict doctrine. Yet, then they adhere to strict rules of logic, also unforgiving and rigid.

There is nothing human in rigid religion, and there is also nothing human in rigid atheism.

Human emotions developed via evolution side by side all the other faculties of human beings. Yet, atheists would deny them. “Feelings” are not taken into regard. “Feelings” have allowed many to survive on a hunch. What is a hunch, but a feeling, an intuition?

Everyone has different feelings. This fact is the reason for the myriad differing stances on various issues. Depending on your background you may be more flexible or less flexible when encountering new ideas. Why is this important? There are many among the atheist set that are adamant that everyone adhere to certain viewpoints on very important human issues. Any who vary themselves from such viewpoints, or talking points, are hounded by the atheist set just as severely, just as viciously as any fundamentalist Christian has hounded a woman that is seeking an abortion.

Vague am I? Yes, I am afraid so. I am trying to open a door that most atheists would like to slam shut. That door can be called  “Freedom of opinion” or “Freedom to be human”. They will hound anyone who varies from the liberal progressive narratives prevalent today. Therefore, I am vague to deter those rigid logic agenda driven SJW atheists from hounding me to death. Besides, though I might list those things I consider open to debate, but which the atheists are rigid upon, the list would be radically different than yours.

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Image Imagined, Image Seen… April, 29, 2018

Impressions, what is the image you have of yourself? Do others see you the way you imagine or want them to see you?

I have often thought of myself as a good and decent sort. Yet, I note, shady characters seem to have been attracted my way since I can remember.

When I believe I have acted admirably well, the reaction I have received from the people I know seems contradictory to what I expected.

If image is everything, then what am I? I really have lost that portrait I imagined of myself.

Good morality has been important to me. Yet, the people that seem more prone to communicate with me seem straight from Hell. Their language would shame a seasoned sailor. Their concepts of justice are twisted and evil.

My image of myself I would judge to be a repellent to such people, yet, time after time they appear.

Perhaps it would be better to have no communication, no friends, than to have to tolerate such lowlifes.  The human psyche, I am told, needs socializing. Do I really need such socializing as this?

They’re only human, perhaps I expect too much.

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Destruction Complete….

Well, with the latest “take down” of prominent men, the feminist and #metoo movements have destroyed women.

I now see women on average, with few exceptions, as immature cry babies, who, being okay one day, decide the next day they have been violated.

I do not trust women, with those same exceptions, at all. I will not vote for a woman for any public office unless they come out for men’s rights and follow through. For the most part they would only serve women’s interests upon gaining a public office to the exclusion of everything else.

The respect I have held for women since my youth has been totally and completely annihilated. Nothing remains. I consider them simply neutral beings whose purpose is to be used as needed and then discarded… much as society has seen men since time began. I will not accept alliances with them for any purpose. I will not speak to them unless it serves my purpose at the time.

I will not help women in need, no matter how they scream for help. Let some white knight with the sense of an ant go to their aid, or some public servant who is required to respond.

My regard for the average woman goes beyond distaste. I will regard them as automatons. I do not hate automatons, but I do not regard them the same as people, either.


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