What I Support…

I support human rights. I support sentient AI rights. If you are human, or sentient AI… I support equal rights for you. I will not declare allegiance to any specific groups within the whole. I will not declare myself for women’s rights (aren’t they human?), nor for any groups linked to race (They too, are most certainly human, aren’t they?).

I will support the rights of unionized workers. Without a union you have chosen to expose yourself to the whims of your employer. I do not support your rights though the government will offer minimal protections for you.

There is a class of people within society today who feel they have the right to force their religious beliefs upon others, do as they please when it comes to the law, or refuse to follow commonsense suggestions. I hereby label that set of humans as the “assholes”. There are many.

I do not support pure capitalism. I consider it heartless and inhuman. Capitalism tempered by Socialism, i.e… Democratic Socialism. Taxes should go to the needs of the people. It should not be used by corporations or the rich for their private needs. Taxes should never support religious institutions. Religious institutions are businesses and should pay tax like all other businesses.

I back efforts to turn around Global Climate Change. In my humble opinion, only the ignorant believe the climate changes that are occurring now are not caused by human activity. Businesses should clean up the messes they might make, the public should not have to finance them. Put cleanup in the budget. Put the funds in reserve so that even if a business goes under, the funds will be available for cleanup.

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