Face-palm … August 21, 2022

    Does age bring wisdom? I don’t know. How can wisdom be gauged? Sometimes wisdom does not come all at once but in increments. An epiphany will shed light on ignorance at times.

    I have come to the realization that the concept of groups is essential to understanding why the human condition rarely improves.

    Each group is intent on securing its outlook in its entirety when negotiating with other groups. What does this mean? It means the word negotiation, as in a negotiated settlement, is meaningless. No group comes away happy when there is a “negotiated” settlement. There is always animosity.

    Even groups seeking the best outcome to issues for the sake of humanity, seem unable to compromise even one little bit in their insistence of deriving every aspect of their demands. As a result, there will always be turmoil… there will always be war.

    The wisdom to see the truth in this matter, does nothing to alleviate the problem itself. The actual problem is over-coming “group” ideology.

    I imagine this reality has been arrived at by many with greater intellect than I. They have no solution because the only solution possible requires there to be only one group. If all people were united under one alliance then there would be no need for negotiation. If people could only realize that the group it belongs to is humanity and that everyone deserves certain rights and conditions, then maybe… But I’m dreaming. It could never happen. Even if something like an extraterrestrial invasion were to unite humanity, once that threat would abate (if it would), humans would separate again into different groups and begin to quarrel again.

    Evolution has secured human origin, existence, and will secure human end. Human nature will always be to align in groups as that has always meant safety, security. Now, when humanity could use a little less tooth and claw, it just doesn’t seem likely. Even overwhelming force will not change mental bearings. Underlying every “peace” will be a subsurface desire to serve self, serve a cause for groups of people, rather than maintain the peace for all to benefit fairly and equally.

    It will always be, for all groups, whether they admit it or not, “Either you’re for me, or against me”, with no half way, no give and take, just a surrender now or die. Show me hope.

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