The Innocent…

    When humans are born, they are born without obligation. They are born without having committed any crimes. They owe no one, as they have not, could not, have asked to be born. The parents owe the child that they have decided to create. They owe it nurturing, sustenance, emotional support. Legally, the parents are obligated to care for this child until it reaches a mature enough stage that it can care for itself.

    There is an evil religious cult that seeks to enslave your child for its purposes. In fact, there are more cults than the one. These cults seek to convince you and your child that you are born from evil, that you carry evil… they call it sin, in some cults. All of these lies have one goal, to shape your child, to mold your child’s mind, into a form that they can exploit.

    Disguised as pure, righteous, and moral, cults are self-perpetuating. All of the doctrine serves to guide the victim through threats and enticements to do the bidding of another human, a human cloaked in ‘holiness’. There are the threats and mental safeguards implanted by repetition into the minds of the unwary. If contrary, contradictory, information is encountered, the implanted safeguards react explosively. This mental virus can even cause violent actions. Sometimes, this virus can cause what seems like total insanity.

    Be reminded that you, as a human being, are not obligated by these ancient writings. You were not born in sin. You did not exist and so you did not, could not, ask to be born. You were born owing no one, with the exception of… yourself. You owe it to yourself to select the right path. You must examine the information you encounter. You must measure it, research it, to uncover its validity, or invalidity. You should be a skeptic in all things.

    As a human, you have limited resources. As a human, you have other humans upon which reliance must be sought. This is the way of humanity. There are people called scientists. They are not without error. Nevertheless, using the limited mental abilities of humankind, they do the best they can to discover the truth about existence. When they find an error in their workings, they set to work to correct that error. Using methods honed by scientists before them, they determine the validity of their assertions, or the invalidity. Rely on them. You cannot do all the work yourself.
    Beware of cults. All religions are cults of some sort. All are operated by humans. There are no gods behind the curtains. These humans seek to exploit you, mold you, use you. Choose non-belief.

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