Surreptitious Invaders… October 15, 2017

Quietly, indiscreetly, they move into neighborhoods, cities, and congregate in areas. They propagate… that is why they have come. The numbers increase yearly. Soon they are the majority in an area. They think a majority matters… in the same way many Americans think a majority matters… they intend to use that majority to make everyone comply with their demands.

The above is the manner in which Islam invades. They come innocently enough, but their religion is paramount to them. They obey their Imams. They fear their Imams. The people do not come bearing weapons. They come to propagate. They come to outnumber you. Your laws are irrelevant to them. Only their religion is paramount to them. They think you should obey their laws too. They think they are doing you a favor by making you convert and obey. It is an insidious religion, even more so than Christianity.

When the time is right they begin the demands. They want Islamic law to prevail in their areas, and for everyone in their areas to be made to submit to it. They vote on it.

It is happening now in many U.S. cities. It has already happened in many western countries in Europe. Nothing can stop it because there are those politically correct nitwits who will not act and deter others from acting against this oh so patient and quiet invasion.

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Prominent Boy’s Club to be Feminized… October 12, 2017

I fail to see why every organization of males must be feminized. Now the Boy Scouts of America under the pressure of the politically correct society has decided to feminize. Previously, all men organizations have faced similar demise nationwide. They may change the name to “Scouts of America”.

What does this mean? There will be changes in the male programs to please incoming feminists. Will there be the same denigration of and marginalizing of males? That awaits to be seen, but if other organizations are any model… it is inevitable.

There will be sporadic charges of sexual harassment and sexual assault as feminists act to remove men from the upper echelons of the organization. Entrapment may become common place.

If this is simply an economic move, then that is one more strike against the capitalistic system of this nation.

In the past my lack of support for the Boy Scouts has been solely based on their religious slant. Now, they may become a true enemy of boys and men everywhere. Now they may become a true enemy I must oppose.

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Why You Should Never Marry a Feminist… October 8, 2017

or… Why Marriages to Feminists are Short…

Ever hear the word “empowerment”? It is used often today in schools, the girl scouts, and elsewhere to encourage girls. What many do not know is that it is a feminist concept… what it means is to empower girls so that they do not need men in their lives.

Without need all that is left is want… and want, as we all know is superficial and fickle. What you want today you may not want tomorrow… you may want something else. A marriage based on want, without need, to carry it over waning want periods, would be a marriage measured in months. Why get married at all, if you have no need.

It seems that this concept of empowerment is just another attack by the feminist quarter to destroy traditional marriage. This, and the fact that the laws have been twisted to serve single women in the raising of children… men are maximally minimized.

In conclusion, it would be better to let the empowered woman remain empowered without you. She has no need of you, and if she shows any interest, know that it is fleeting interest. All feminists deserve to die lonely and unloved.

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Ignorance is Bringing About the Destruction of Humanity… October 1, 2017

Religion promotes the spread of ignorance. It provides an avenue for the spread of concepts that go against the acquisition and denigrate the value of knowledge. Specifically it rails against knowledge accumulated and extracted by human intellect and favors that written in religious texts.

It is therefore my charge that should humanity become extinct, the fault lies with religion and a belief in god and an afterlife. The environment of earth itself is being degraded because belief and religion override science in political circles.

Religion and belief are destroying humanity and the ability of the earth to support life.

end of the world

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The Unknown Catalyst(s) October 1, 2017

Much work is progressing around the world pertaining to abiogenesis. It is my hunch that we might be on the cusp of a major discovery. The beginning and the end is known, it is the middle that needs filling in.

What elements had to come together and provide the impetus for initial formation? The thought of inorganic becoming organic by way of some intermediate is fascinating.

Organic compounds have been found inside meteors striking the earth. Is this where the catalyst arose as well? Even so, on some distant world, or in some place something had to happen to start the journey.

There is no place for god in these explanations. The mention of a god stops all further inquiry. Science has no need of deities.

Was the world first an RNA world? Many scientists now discredit this thought. Then what caused the first strand of DNA to arise?

I am no scientist, I readily admit… though I do still study biology… abiogenesis… and more. All so interesting… though more questions arise every time an answer is found.

Was the sun the catalyst? You can be sure it was a player. Deep sea smoker vents, spewing a concoction of minerals and heat? Could be… many think life began in the sea. Our blood seems to indicate a salt water based origin.

We can dig all we want for fossils in order to explain our past, but still need to find life’s origin.

Did life begin here? Was the seed planted by comets, meteorites, dust? Some answers may never be found conclusively. Yet, there is no reason to resort to explanations based on religion. Religion is what our ancestors used to explain away phenomena they could not understand. Reasoning human beings need to explain phenomena, not explain them away.

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The Daily Struggle to Understand… September 26, 2017

I do not fail to understand why Trump does what he does. He is, after all, beholding to a great number of very rich supporters. He has a major incentive to provide massive tax cuts for not only himself but his very wealthy constituents. One could say this would be a sound reason for adding the uber-rich to the those who believe in Armageddon and the rapture as people who do not belong in public office.

I struggle with understanding the poor and average working class person that supports Trump and his policies. Those who would suffer greatly under “Trumpcare” or if Social Security and Medicare were destroyed. These working class people whose sons and possibly daughters would suffer under the burden of the continuing war and other conflicts threatened by this administration. It makes no sense to me. Is it simply faithfulness to a party that has long abandoned them? Is it the same phenomena as those who are religious, and remain so even in the face of reason?

I can truly say that the reactions on line from these supporters is very nearly the same as the religious whenever any resistance is encountered. Vicious, crude, and rude remarks gauged to make you cede to their point are plentiful and quick. It is no wonder the typical Trump supporter is compared to ignorant rednecks with pick-up trucks. They possess a bull-headed characteristic that could only be compared to someone standing resolutely in water that is coming to a boil, refusing to vacate less someone think they are yielding. 

I can no longer guarantee victory for the other party no matter what Trump does. If that were possible even warmonger and liar Hillary would have won unanimously. Perhaps people just could not see such a monster as Trump coming down the road. Nevertheless, that does not explain their resolute support now.

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Evolution or Cooperation… September 24, 2017

Is winning all there is? Has evolution betrayed humans by making all humans competitors? Does competition produce individuals that exhibit excessive selfishness? Is this competition the source of the “me first” syndrome?

Not only did the first humanlike anthropoid have to compete with other species for food and shelter, it also had to compete with members of its own species. It was concerned with its own survival. If it shared anything with anycaveman other individuals it was done with the expectation of later remuneration. Again, self was the object of concern. If the creature came to the aid of another it was with the understanding that the aided would render aid if in the future help was needed. If the creature were to imperil itself that action was usually reserved for offspring or mate rather than a casual acquaintance or stranger.

Does this primal beginning as groups competing against groups render widespread cooperation among the species known as human nearly impossible? If a group were to disappear or be endangered as the result of war29cooperation while other groups benefited wouldn’t that result in rebellion? If this cooperation was necessary for species survival would not a successful rebellion doom the species?

Is extinction inevitable? Have the struggles created by evolution’s instilled competitive instinct doomed all in the long run? At some point, for survival’s sake, cooperation must take precedence over competition. How do youhuman extinction 2 persuade a group to accept annihilation for the sake of the species?

One answer is to make groups blend into one homogenous all encompassing group.  This seems an impossible task. The human species is extremely diverse in beliefs and mannerisms. Each group is convinced of its own superiority over all other groups. What base do you select, then, for homogenous transformation? For survival’s sake, eventually a central collection of mutually accepted beliefs and mannerisms must be developed. Even then, minor disagreements may arise when what is thought a simple basic precept conflicts even ever so slightly with some rigid structured belief or mannerism held by a significant number. At that point does the majority squash the dissenter out of existence?

I would venture that even the most complex machine humanity may develop will be inadequate to solve these problems.

Either one or the other faction will eventually succeed in squashing all dissenters or extinction is inevitable. Even the type of faction winning will determine long term survival. Is the winning faction the one that possesses the elements necessary for surviving in the real world?

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As Good As Your God… September 17, 2017

A role model should be good, moral, and just. Followers of a god should expect their god to be the same. Fair, just, and good.

god 2What did your god do during the Holocaust? The Jewish god watched. Nothing was done to save the millions of Jews gassed by Hitler’s minions. Advertised as omnipresent, omniscient, omni-benevolent, and of course all powerful, where was this god while grandmothers, grandfathers,mothers, fathers, children, were shoved en masse into gas chambers and then piled like cordwood into mass graves? Was this god watching? Didn’t he see? Why did this god not act?

Suppose that you called the police having heard someone trying to test the strength of your door. You hide in the closet, hoping the police arrive in time before whoever, a thug perhaps, finds you. The police break in just as the creep finds you but enter silently, sneak up to your bedroom and watch as the monster drags you out of your closet and proceeds to apply deep life ending creases in your skull with the base of a brass lamp. Witnessing this atrocity, having the power to stop it all, yet taking no action, the police back out silently, reenter their cruisers and depart. What shall become of these supposed guardians? They were only acting as good as your god. They were only allowing your free will to play out. Perhaps god’s plan was for you to die horribly… if the police interfered they would thwart god’s plan for you.

What if god’s plan for you was to have you become a booze guzzling derelict lying in a ditch? The good samaritan would have to act against god’s divine plan in order to rescue you. Wouldn’t that send the good samaritan straight to hell?

Imagine better. The human mind can conceive of a god light-years better than that depicted in that horrid tome, the Bible. If you followed the teachings of the Bible today you would most certainly be rubbing elbows with the toughest crowd in the penitentiary.  We should be better. Isn’t that what a parent wants? For the children to be better, more well off than they?

Humans have a great sense of right and wrong, at least most humans, and can determine the right course of action by heeding their conscience. For example, suppose the check out clerk at the local store charged you twice for the same item… you’d make sure they knew about it… but what if you got your stash home and found that they did not charge you for an item? Would you rush back to the store to correct the error? Would you say to yourself that it makes up for a past overcharge, or serves them right as they charge too much? In the first example the clerk made an innocent mistake. In keeping an item unpaid for you have committed and immoral act. It can’t be equaled by past mistakes the clerk made which they were totally unaware of. You can choose to be better. You can do the right thing.

Every day the omnipresent, omniscient, all powerful, and all benevolent god allows things to occur that must surely give believers pause. Yet, the power of the ideology is so great that believers go to extraordinary lengths to create excuses for god’s absence. Instead of realizing it is their province to stop these acts they continue blithely hoping that god, the god that let millions of Jews be massacred, will take action on their behalf. But then, that is the nature and purpose of the religious rhetoric. The lesson of the weak. To be immobilized, paralyzed, hoping that all mighty god will not ignore their pleas… yet again, again, and again. This allows terrible actions to be taken in god’s name. War, suffering, violence, and death is the foodstuff of religion. The more suffering, the better the ideology fairs. After all, what need of god if we alleviated all that ourselves?

Be better than your god, if he/she existed, that is what he/she would have wanted. Think of churches as monuments, monuments on a grave, where your god died a long time ago but had high hopes you would be better than he/she was.   


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The God Hypothesis…

Many scientists consider god an unnecessary hypothesis for explaining our existence. It is my claim that, far from being only an unnecessary hypothesis, god and religion are dangerous hypotheses.

Religion has held back the advancement of humanity for many thousands of years. Who knows what affliction we might have eradicated by now. Who can fathom what technological wonders we might have at this point if, only if, ignorance had not stood in the way.

Religion has brought humankind more death, destruction, and suffering than any other ideology. Other ideologies, even today, threaten family, men, boys, women, and the environment… but only religion holds the key to our final complete destruction. Both Christianity and Islam are death cults. They seek the destruction of this planet in order to initiate imagined events promised by their moldy, barbaric tomes. At this point in time, it appears, these factions may be winning.

Far from being a harmless, unnecessary hypothesis, religion is in essence a dark plan of control and destruction.

It is time to rid governments of believers of religions. They are too dangerous to be in charge. Their very ideologies cry for violence and death. Are there any good and decent people left to see this? Is it already too late?

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Cerebral Nightmare…

A calm veneer cloaks the rage within. Why the rage exists is a mystery. Like uncontrolled shorts within an electrical machine, the rage is such that it renders thinking impossible. An agitation without cause, an irritation without remedy. You need to know the cause to apply the appropriate remedy…. tesla-coil-huge-discharges-1

I feel the rage. I sit quiescently. How can action be taken upon a condition that seems to have no cause?

Perhaps this inner turmoil has many catalysts or causes. As it is composed of many issues or problems or whatever, perhaps it isn’t possible to discern them separately, and together they have no form. How can something without form be discerned?!

To handle even the individual conflicts, problems, issues, or whatever, you must at least be able to see them separate from the formless nightmare they present. I sit, paralyzed, unable to react to the mass of irritation, agitation, of rage, I feel.

Rage? Against what? How can rage exist separate from the cause? Yet, there it is. Like a massive electrical emission from some Tesla device.

Is this what drives the elderly mad? Is this what causes the senility so many exhibit? Unexplained rage? A mental clenching of fists and teeth?

At a time when my mind should be calm that I suffer this inner storm, I find most disappointing. I am thankful that at least the storm does abate from time to time. Its recurrence, though, seems more and more frequent. How much longer will I be able to still my mind in order to put the record down, I do not know. It helps, at least, to write it down.

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