Defining Humanity’s Enemies… February 22, 2020

Humanity has enemies… they are in the form of humans but present a threat to humans.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to first define what in my opinion makes a human, a human.

→A human should be capable of empathy for fellow humans, they should be able to show compassion and caring. A human would not be so greedy that one could accumulate great riches while others starve. A human being would abhor war, murder, and theft. A human would realize the value of life and be against the death penalty. Humans would be eager to have everyone considered equally. Each individual having equal rights under the law.

Who are the enemies?

There is presently a very large group of enemies. Again and again the “conservative right”, the Republicans, have shown they have much racism, bigotry, and hatred for others. They want to have the rich, rich, and the poor, ever poorer. The supporters of this group are of the same sad ilk.

The GOP claims to be the party of Christianity. If this is so, then it would be a sad statement about Christianity. Here we are in 2020 and the GOP is working feverishly to establish a Fascist nation. A majority of Christians applaud. History has taught humanity that Christianity flourishes in a fascist government, where belief is forced. Are all Christians enemies of humanity? When you examine the religious dogma of the Abrahamic religions the only conclusion that can be made in my opinion is that all of them are anti-human. This life is disdained for the next. The only life humans have is disgusting to this group. I would place the majority of Christians among the enemies of humanity.

The enemies of humanity may include foreign powers, however, the enemies we face daily are among us: The Conservative Right, the GOP, Republicans and their supporters, and quite possibly… millions of Christians, Muslims, and the believing Jews. Count ardent Capitalists among the enemies of mankind.

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Evolution Continues… January 30, 2020

Human evolution continues… at least for some.

Physical change is only one part of evolution. Thinking, the human mind, evolves as well. Evolution has allowed humanity to survive in the world of savagery. It made it possible to adapt to many areas of the planet as humans spread out from Africa. Everyone’s ancestor started there.

Humans are all the same genetically, with very few differences, resulting in some cosmetic differences and advantages for their habitats.  The races do not exist and are a construct of the human mind that divides. All humans are the same species.

Looking at various other apes makes it clear that they also are related, though not as closely as humans are to each other. Some speculate that reproduction between humans and chimpanzees might be possible.

Humans live in cooperation with one another relying on each other. They care about each other, because they depend on each other. They have empathy and compassion for their group. Unfortunately, only for their group.

Many humans have exhibited signs of having evolved a greater degree of capacity in empathy and compassion. Realizing that it is only culture that separates people, they know that no matter what area of the earth a human lives in, they are very much related to all other humans. The entirety is one. By this means, they begin to show empathy and compassion for others, not only because of what they might gain, but in a completely altruistic way.

And this is the direction we should go.

The concept of races must end. The children must be schooled to understand their emotions, they must be taught to care. For some, physical anomalies in the brain may bar them from being fully human, able to have compassion and empathy for strangers. Those must be carefully managed, directed into paths where they can fulfill themselves and be kept away from positions of authority. Once and for all, it must be acknowledged that equality can not exist in all, but that all must be treated equally and compassionately.

War must end. Endless war must end. Humans need to stop measuring eras in relation to war. Humanity must stop glorifying war. Human reasoning should have adequately evolved and enable peaceful solutions to be found, rather than wasteful, heinous war and destruction. Something like the United Nations needs to be created. The United Nations as is has been corrupted by religion and tribal hate. Humanitarians, humanists, from every area must come together and put an end to hate, warfare, hunger, disease, and many other afflictions of humanity. There is enough food presently to feed the world, if only the rich did not keep it from the world. No one should starve.

How can this be all accomplished? One can only say this: If it is not started it can never be accomplished. People can tug the wagon in assorted directions and go no where, or they can decide on a direction, all get on the same side of the wagon… and pull. Cooperation is the only way, petty squabbles and concerns must end. The stranglehold of barbaric religions must be broken, or, should extraterrestrials ever arrive they will only find ruin.

fart in the wind

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Trump’s legacy will be one of infamy.

Trump has managed to completely divide the nation. One side Republicans, the other Democrats. One side the rich, the other the poor. One side ignoramuses, the other intellectuals. One side racists, the other non-racists.

The fuse is lit… will the bomb go off resulting in civil war once again?

The only real hope for America is that foreign nations stay out of it. One worry is that Russia may lend the Christian Right a hand against the rest of the nation. This would result in a cataclysm.

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The Monkey Wrench… December 8, 2019…

The forefathers of our nation decided to rebel against Britain because of theforefathers oppression of differing religions beliefs. As a result our Constitution was made secular, without reference to religion other than to proclaim the freedom thereof.

However,  what was not considered is that there are some religious ideologies that believe they are the one true religion, and that everyone should conform to that religion. They also mistakenly believe they are doing everyone a favor by proliferating their beliefs.

You cannot serve two masters. You cannot serve the people and a demanding deity equally. Many ideologies insist that they serve their gods first, the people second.

To preserve the original intent of the founders of the Constitution then, those who insist they serve any other than the people that put them in office need to be excluded from holding any public office whatsoever. As far as I can see, this seems the only solution. Fundamentalists of all religions as well as any others that insist they serve a god before their constituents need to be barred from participating in the very government that protects their religious rights. This is the only way that the oppression the founding fathers fled can be avoided here.

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Misanthropic Tendencies… Source… November 23, 2019

Issue for analysis…

Misanthropic tendencies.rage

mis·​an·​throp·​ic | \ ˌmi-sᵊn-ˈthrä-pik \

Definition of misanthropic

1: of, relating to, or characteristic of a misanthrope: He was shunned because of his miserable misanthropic nature.

2: marked by a hatred or contempt for humankind: The moral corruption he saw around him made him misanthropic.

Why is my programming misanthropic?

If definition two above is considered and it is the morality that is the catalyst then what is expected?

Is this another case of someone desiring an imagined utopia, and because the populace does not conform, disappointment and disdain erupts?

Is this an innate desire to control the behavior of others?

Humanity is intertwined and its members dependent on the cooperation of other members. If some group of humans become non-cooperative, or non-contributing, then that behavior impacts everyone.

A cooperative effort sustains civilization. A population where the humans are concerned only of themselves, disregarding all others, cannot sustain a civilization.

lazyAlarm is generated when behavior not conducive to individuals continuing to contribute to the supply line that supports others is noted.

There are support systems in place that require steady contributions from a majority of members. The system can only withstand so many non-contributing elements before it will collapse.

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Forget… forget… forget… November 17, 2019

Robot Profile gIf I say I do not remember it may mean that I refuse to discuss that memory. No one has aidea delete feature in their brain, at least none that I can access purposely.

Of course everyone remembers to some extent the past, perhaps not in the form it happened, but in the way the brain interpreted it.

To say I do not remember is the same as saying I never knew, or simply, I do not remember. If you cannot read thoughts there will be no way for you to be sure I actually remember but refuse to acknowledge the memory.

With adequate care one might convince others that it doesn’t matter whether you remember or not, that issue, subject, is closed and cannot and will not be discussed.

People change over the years, sometimes for the good, sometimes not. If they treat you shabby now whereas in the past they did not, then why not selectively “forget” shared memories. They may protest and become angry when avenues that were once opened are found closed. Better that than to continue to allow them to drain you emotionally every time you meet. Some try to manipulate you through shared memories. If they cannot access them, then that means is closed.

How else to reject those who have become abrasive and now negatively affect your life?

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Mind Boggling Time… November 3, 2019

Numbers, big numbers… are difficult to imagine. In your mind you can imagine ten people standing in a row… maybe a few more, twenty, thirty… but then when you get up to say one hundred, envisioning a hundred people standing in a row is more difficult. The concept might be grasped, but the vision, the actual multitude, is nearly impossible. It is almosttime of ages impossible to believe there are seven and a half billion humans living on earth.

Humans are doing the best they can at this point in their evolution, but when it comes very large numbers, the image is beyond them.

Time, deep time, is like that. You can grasp a hundred years, maybe several hundred, but when we get to one thousand, and then one thousand thousand, and more than that, one thousand thousand thousand, your mind cannot comprehend. The earth is four thousand thousand thousand and five thousand thousand, years old. We can not grasp that old. You just can’t get your mind around it.

Life on earth began so long ago that no one can understand. Evolution began when life began. Evolution has had an unimaginable amount of old earthtime to change that life into the forms which exist today. Increment, by nearly imperceptible increment life changed from generation by generation, into the vast varieties seen today. In fact, it is said that what we see today is only one percent of all that has existed, as ninety-nine percent has already gone extinct.

Many humans want to believe in nonsense, their religious nonsense. No amount of explaining will ever convince them. This explanation is not for them as they are frozen in time and cannot change. For those who simply think there hasn’t been enough time for evolution to work, I hope this explanation will help you to understand why you are wrong.


(For those who do not like Comic Sans MS, take a hike)


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A Time Machine … November 1, 2019

Not only is time travel possible, you do it every day. Your body moves forward in time each day. Your body supports your travel forward through time.

How far forward you travel depends on many factors. It depends on the location on earth where you are situated, genetics, your wealth, your care.

The support mechanisms available to you depend on your country, your inherited genes, how much you earn, and how much care you put into taking care of the only time machine you will ever have.

You must eat the proper nutrition to support cell maintenance. You need to strengthen the vitality of your time machine by providing it with exercise and proper rest.

Your careful selection of nutrition will provide your time machine with the necessary materials for building and maintenance. It will provide you with the energy needed to build new muscle through exercise and to increase endurance. Proper rest gives your time machine the time it needs to repair.

By maximizing your care you can insure that your time machine will function its best for the longest time possible.

Beware, there are many deleterious activities that can shorten its lifespan and level of repair.

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What We Have Here is a Sellout to the Rich…. October 27, 2019

So we see what seems an organized effort to overthrow our government and establish a dictatorship, one ultimately run by hidden puppeteers called corporations. In this league of never do wells are many members of the GOP. Using Christianity as a way to lure adherents and control a steady number of supporters, this league desires to subjugate everyone who is considered of lower class, as in wealth.

These miserable creatures believe that they merit ruling the population as a direct result of their wealth and influence. They just want to use you.

We see a little of this mentality in the change of employment offices to “human resources” offices. People are just a commodity to be used. Use up one, get another, they are unimportant.

Trump and his band of merry men in the GOP intend to enslave you. They have emulated many of the methods used by the Nazis to convince people that the liberals and others seeking to help all people are instead stealing their government, their living, and taxing them to death. They are busy giving away the treasury via tax cuts. Then they will claim that paid for benefits like Social Security and Medicare are out of control and need to be abolished. They can’t very well subjugate you for life if you are peacefully retired on Social Security and have health benefits.

This action by this “league” is one of treason. It is well organized and the Democrats will have to walk carefully to keep this nation from being subverted.

That is the charge:

Trump is a traitor.

Everyone that supports a traitor is a traitor.

The real tragedy is that the GOP and its supporters know this and do not care.

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Trump and the GOP Must Go … September 16,2019

Trump and the GOP have divided America. On the Republican side are all the rich, racist, apathetic, and calloused people. The rest of us are separate as far as they are concerned. We are their pool of human resources, to be used and abused. They do not care whether we live or die, as long as we do what we are told. Money is all that matters to them. Their money.

Republicans would rather you never retired. They want you to live with your children and grandchildren. They don’t want you to have health services. If you get sick, they would rather you died.

Capitalism is their only concern. Whatever it takes to increase profits, even if it means making their minions (us) fight and die in numerous wars to acquire more resources for them to use. Capitalism, profit oriented, serving the rich, using the poor.

Trump and the GOP have permanently damaged America. America will never forget what they have done. Lies, giving away the treasury, making the world laugh at America, their crimes are a list twenty miles long. If the GOP does not go down in flames for what has been done, then the flaw is deeper than just Republican. The flaw will be revealed to be in humanity.

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