On the Matter of Equality … August 21, 2016

Robot thinking AEquality is impossible. People vary in size, muscularity, and intelligence. There will always be some jobs for which the small person will not be qualified, and others that the big person will be unqualified.

Robot thinking BEquality before the law, or equality of opportunity is possible. If a person can perform the qualifications for a position then that person should have an opportunity to try. No one should be given special advantage or consideration. To do so would be inequality of opportunity. First come, first serve, best qualified.

If you wish to avoid future unrest, future charges of catering to this group or that, and provide at the same time opportunity for all, then the above stated recipe for equality of opportunity should be mandatory. Temporarily disadvantaged groups may cry foul, but if they are heeded then there will be future groups of other individuals crying foul and continued animosity. The cycle of hate will be perpetuated.

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You Have to Look Out for Yourself… August 17, 2016

Robot thinking ANature is indifferent. The storm is not singling you out. The tornado that smashed your house did not have that in mind. The flood that carried you adrift just happened and wasn’t scheduled. The shark that took off your leg simply thought it had found food and was tasting. Nature is not out to get you even if you suffer such calamities a hundred thousand times.

The earth orbits the sun but in its travels never thinks of you. You may be like a virus in your infection of the planet, but the planet is defenseless against you and would likely end up destroyed if you pursued such a course. Your activities may lead to retribution, but it won’t be a conscious retribution. Global warming may drown you, destroy you, but in the end it was your activity that precipitated such an eventuality. Volcanic activity might produce the same effects but that would not be an act against you… you were simply unfortunate enough to live at the time to suffer the occurrence.

There are no deities, demons, or other supernatural beings scheming against you. On the other hand there is no force looking out for you either. Pray all you want to no avail. You have to look out for yourself.

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Fantasies Endure …. August 15, 2016

How do you prove something does not exist. Just as no atheist has been able to convince the believer that god does not exist, no atheist can convince either the religious, or the atheist who believes, that Jesus never existed. Sure, you can convince an atheist that Jesus did not run about doing miraculous miracles, but you cannot convince the believing atheist that Jesus himself, the man, was an amalgam of previous myths and never actually existed.

The Christian therefore cries out… “There’s hope for you yet, evil atheist, if you believe that our son of god savior existed it is a short step for you to accept the supernatural nature of his existence.”

That was my mistake recently on an atheist site. Try as I might to convince the rabid believer, in this case an atheist, that Jesus the man did not exist they came back with unconvincing information generated by scholars, scholars formerly believers, that their darling Jesus did in fact exist.

The true fact is that, just like the god, Jesus has nothing to prove his existence. There are no references to him in first person, the evidence being forgeries created and inserted into Flavius’s writings. Proven forgeries. There is no record of his crucifixion. There is no first person report of his existence. There is only hearsay, held on to desperately by the faithful.

With such fervent belief held onto by these supposed atheists, perhaps clinging to vestiges of their former beliefs, it will never be possible to kill the myth.

With Christian believers believing, and these atheists propping them up, there will never be a time when the scam of Christianity, or other religions like Islam, will fully be rinsed from the minds of willing believers. We non-believers must move on.

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Human Inherent Goodness ……. August 14, 2016

Everyone has been born. Everyone sees the world with new eyes full of hope and thinking that everyone is so happy, good, and nice. Do not be concerned. You will grow out of it.

There was a time not too long ago that I felt there was potential goodness dwelling in all humans. Idealistic and young, I thought that we were all in this together, this humanity. I was happier then. A rosy picture born of the treatment bestowed on youth… small children rarely are given sight of the real world, all they see is smiling faces, friendly smiles, and the treats… oh the treats many people shoved into your small hands. It isn’t fair. To build this false image of human kind is a disservice to the young. It always ends in complete disappointment… it evaporates so quickly.

Even young adults retain the freshness as they wander out into the world. Idealistic dreams carried over from childhood, masking the reality around them. They soon find that there are many doors, most locked. They will find roadblocks in great numbers impeding the glorious goals they imagine. By the thirties some of this truth begins to show in their faces. Hope fades, dreams die, the mind becomes empty of lofty ideals which are replaced by stoic acceptance of the stark realities of the human world.

I have been luckier than many, my dreams and hopes and starry eyed ideals were struck dead only recently. It has only been a few years. Perhaps I am an idiot, as it took so long. I feel even the ember of yesteryear going cold.

I accept that there are some people who still do good things, when it costs them little. I accept that most people are selfish monsters who would take your last cent and leave you with nothing… as long as the public at large does not notice. My faith in human nature has gone the way of the dinosaur; extinct. Trust is a lost virtue not because it wasn’t good… but those once trusted are not good. Trust is simply obsolete. We are back to tooth and claw survival. Do not turn your back. Do not stop being aware. Do not stop and reflect. Just keep moving.

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Maintaining the Façade … August 14, 2016

Robot thinking ANo one is exactly what they seem. What you see is what they let you see. Only time and interaction will reveal the true nature of the person behind the façade that they have erected.

How many times have you thought you have met the perfect friend or companion only to discover later that they were not what you thought? Their ideals, you discovered, did not mesh with yours? In fact that their ideals clashed with yours?

The problem you might have experienced could be due to your own hastiness. You might have well fallen prey to assumption.

So, what may have happened is that you saw a few traits that complemented your own. From this first vision you extrapolated the rest. They became the perfect friend. Your assumptions clearly were manufactured and existed only in your head but they were there as if manifested by the person perceived. Then… contradictions to those assumptions began to arise. You stepped back startled. You might even have voiced the words “I thought you believe this about ________”. Or you might have said “I thought you liked this kind of food, car, people, behavior”.

Having already decided how they think it becomes a shock to discover they do not. The blame for your assumptions is yours alone, but it may not be entirely your fault. Every person that lives shows you a façade, that which they want you to see. The only way to see through this façade is observation over time. Sometimes, though, it may occur that a particularly well-maintained façade will never be seen through. You may never perceive the true person behind the scenes.

After many years of close friendship it may be discovered that you never knew them at all.

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Frustration … A Hard Row to Hoe… August 8, 2016

Robot thinking BMy expectations rarely sync with outcomes. I expect outcome A, and most often the outcome is some other unexpected letter. I become disappointed.

It is not as if I expect all things to proceed in an orderly way according to my desires. It seems though, most often, that things proceed counter to my desires. If outcomes proceeded harmlessly, but out of sync, I could tolerate that well… but counter is a hard row to hoe.

Ever I try to face this reality with calm but frustration builds and disrupts thinking time and again. Through deep breathing and thinking other thoughts more preferred I can most often return to a state of calm. I admit some issues are more disruptive than others lately, but with time these too will be overcome.

Much of my frustration stems from my inability to relate to some group. Many times it seems the goal of the group is to extinguish my existence. They do not come out bluntly and say just that, but it would be an outcome of their goal should their goal be realized. Other times their efforts seem to be aimed toward gaining advantage… at my expense. Again, that goal is not explicitly stated, it would simply be an outcome of realized success. My impulse is to audibly oppose their efforts. This is usually met with anger and hatred. Name-calling and insults to my character ensue. They practice verbal volleys intended to silence my resistance. I know they experience frustration, I am glad, at my unmoving stance.

It is becoming easier to endure verbal bouts with those who believe they know exactly what I should think. The frustration that they cannot be swayed from their wrongly held beliefs, and they are beliefs, continues. The depth of feeling I have has lessened, as I accept that they will never change. Although it is my intention never to become violent, I cannot promise that I never will. When an animal becomes cornered it is more dangerous. In the end all humans are animals. Who can predict what their reaction might be when the mob is coming for them?

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Reasons for my Atheism … A Continuing Story… July 31, 2016

Robot thinking A

 At a young age I prayed, to what god I know not… I do know it was a better god than commonly depicted in both the Old and New Testaments of the bible. Why, that god of the christian bible was nothing, weak and impotent, compared to the one I held in high esteem… indeed, my god was the only god and their god one of the imagination. My god was kind and would never destroy its creation. It would never encourage war or violence. Even in its actions a gentle approach, painless in fact, was always the rule.

Then a “friend”, though I really doubt that now, introduced me to the christian god and for a while I felt that was who I had previously prayed at night, every night, as I lay on my pillow. A prayer to keep everyone safe and alive forever.

The prayers failed of course, never transpiring, and now I have only memories of those I prayed for life, but now dead, dead, dead.

I was reintroduced to the fairy tale while serving in the United States Navy. Lonely, I sought company, this was my weakness I admit, but one the religious preyed upon with relish. This was a charismatic group, the rage at the time – mid 70s. Pentecostal in design, they believed dogs and cats were vessels held by demons… the devil was looking around every tree, and sitting on every stump. They believed that our government was out to get them… quite odd, as the group was led by the wife of a Master Chief of the Navy on the nearby base. Needless to say, after a while all I wanted was to flee. My usual common sense mind, as well as my science oriented background, was in constant conflict with the fantasies presented there.

Although I retained belief for quite a while, it faded by 1983, or 1984… I have a clear record of stating there were no gods by 1984.

Now I am quite aware of the origins of the christian bible (not capitalized on purpose). It is a mass of separate stories forced together in a book, stories which tend, if you look closely, to contradict each other.   Stories selected by a group of barbarians long after the supposed events took place. Stories that also, mysteriously, marked the end of god’s miracles… seems he isn’t working any more… must be retired. Anyway, god seemed so schizophrenic, that is if the god of the old Testament was the same as the new. Through reading many books it was clear that the main characters were taken from previous folklore. Jesus never walked on this earth.

I see nothing in other religious circles that would indicate that their god exists any more than that of the christian one. Many of these other religions are simply different arrangements of the same material, with added pieces to make it separate… like Islam. Not a one of these other belief systems can prove any god exists. The results they all receive from their fervent prayers are no more than one might get after praying to a jug of milk, a stone edifice, or select your image.

Lost many a christian friend when I cast faith aside. Lost more friends when I openly broadcast my atheism. Lost many atheist friends when I would not cooperate in the adoption of other ideologies. Yes, atheists have ideologies, unfounded beliefs which develop among groups of people. To be an atheist free of unfounded beliefs requires a solitary existence. I had thought previously that care could be taken to avoid the adoption of unfounded beliefs while building an atheist group. This was simply part of the idealism which has plagued me over the years. You see, I had up till lately, felt that people could be free, moral, without ties to unfounded belief while building a group. I admit now this was simply the idealism, recently deceased, that clouded the reality. I see now why atheism hasn’t spread far and wide, and never will spread throughout. The only true atheists do not belong to any group. A bold statement, yes, but I think true. It simply isn’t possible for humans to form in groups without developing or adopting some false thought. Humans are a social animal, that is true. They seek the companionship of groups of like-minded people. Groups develop group think. Atheists cannot exist in groups. Unlike religious minded people, who are happy believing non-sensible things, atheists cannot remain atheists in a group and therefore will never be able to rule the earth. Main line faiths today may fade and disappear, but they will only be replaced with faiths that claim no faith… these secular faiths which exist now… like humanism.

I found many assumptions are made about atheists. It is assumed that you will be totally liberal and that covers a number of assumptions. If you do not accept every single progressive suggestion you are dismissed as close-minded. “Open-minded” is used as club to enforce compliance.

So I stand apart. An army of one… watching a world of humans racing towards oblivion. I do not know where it will end, only that someday it will. I will watch and take note.

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No To Special Entitlements… July 30, 2016

Equality, as in equality before the law, equality of opportunity.

Human rights, the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are considered to be entitled, often held to include the rights to life, liberty, equality, and a fair trial, freedom from slavery and torture, and freedom of thought and expression. (From the Free Dictionary)

Initially it must be stated that total equality is impossible. What one person is capable of another may not be capable at all.

Equality before the law and equality of opportunity is possible. Fair treatment is a necessary component of both.

In the United States equality is guaranteed by the Constitution. Since the Constitution was written various additional guarantees have been written into law. Equal rights for all persons regardless of sex or race are guaranteed.

Therefore, since everyone is now considered equal under the law and have equal opportunity, anyone that continues to work for rights in addition to those already present are not pursuing equal rights. They are pursuing additional rights and privileges above other groups. They are seeking special advantage.

As a good citizen I support human rights as in equality before the law and equality of opportunity. I do not support special rights for the multitude of people who desire to separate themselves into special groups.  I do not support special rights that would lead to the subversion of society. I do not support special advantages for those groups that think they are disenfranchised. I do not support reparations. I do not support special laws that restrict free speech. In short, I do not support laws that will lead to the disintegration of society.

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The Narrative is All That Matters… To Hell With the Future…July 24, 2016

Robot thinking AThe media and the politically correct are manipulating public opinion and forcing societal change without regard to whether it is positive or negative.

One aspect is conservative the other very liberal. A tug of war is present in society.

The conservative is very pro-business and religion. The liberal is pro-minority, any minority, and anti-white male.

The conservative want to take us back to the dark ages. The liberal want to take us… too far the other way.

The liberal narrative is that white males are racist, the police are targeting blacks, that women are presently being oppressed by rich white males, and that Republicans are ignorant white males.

The conservative narrative is that this is a Christian country and the founders meant it to be, the democrats want to take away guns, Christians should be in charge of the country and atheists should never be in public office, that churches should be able to tell people how to vote, that liberals and atheists are immoral, and that Democrats are stupid.

Liberal media promotes liberal narratives, conservative media promotes conservative narratives.

Neither one is the purveyor of pure truth.

It would be disastrous to have either side totally in charge.

Conservatives would have everyone convert to Christianity. Atheism would be outlawed. Church attendance would be obligatory. To speak against religion would carry heavy fines, prison sentences, and most likely, for blasphemy: death. War would be an ever present issue.

The liberals would have only women in charge. Men would be reduced to second class status, with white males the lowest. Money would be poured heavily into women’s health and issues exclusively. No one would be able to criticize gender orientation, race, or any current SJW concern. Men’s education would be attenuated, women’s expanded… sports scholarships, in short supply for men since Title IX, will be eliminated. There would be women only clubs, businesses, taxis, and other spaces. Women’s objectification would be forbidden, men’s objectification, never an issue for these SJWs, would continue. Gender orientation will be attacked feverishly with the object of eliminating it. Family will be a thing of the past.

Keep in mind that these scenarios are based on extreme left and extreme right groups being in charge. I do not believe they are exaggerations for these groups.

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Does Toleration = Acceptance? Does It Have To?

Robot thinking BA topic that has been explored before. Additional thoughts…


Acceptance, though desirable, may not be possible for all groups seeking it. Toleration is more accepted by groups possessing sets of perspectives that are incompatible with other groups. Laws can be enforced to instill toleration but no law that attempts to force acceptance can be enforced. To suggest that laws can force acceptance is to suggest mind control. That is not yet possible and never will be acceptable.

Programming the population through what is termed “education” but is in reality “mind-washing” is to seek the destruction of what are considered by the “progressive elite” unpalatable groups.

Many decry homogenous groups like the Japanese as xenophobic. They criticize such populations, stating that a lack of diversity stagnates innovation. (Japan being a hotbed of innovation) On the other hand, in the name of “social justice”, the destruction of diversity by forcing acceptance of every group no matter how outlandish, thereby creating a homogeneity, is labeled goal worthy.

“Progressive” groups (in quotes because these groups are self-labeled progressive and there are no standards by which progressive change can be identified) desire an impossible idealistic society in which all differences, no matter how they effect society, are acceptable. If family units are destroyed and become only a quaint object of the past it is of no concern to these SJWs (self-labeled “social justice warriors”). If sexual promiscuity leads to a hedonistic society no thought is given to the fact that people will stop working, stop learning, stop producing. Starvation and extinction is not even remotely on these self-proclaimed progressive’s mind.

Change has always been promoted as good. However, what if the family unit, that of a man and woman with children, was the epitome of the results of change? What if that traditional family unit was the peak of development and to change it was to decrease progress rather than to enhance it? Two parents, a mother and father, seeing to it that offspring were provided for and protected as well as encouraged. What if to change it meant a decline into extinction?


  • Change may or may not be advantageous and there is no way to ascertain whether that change is beneficial or detrimental until the damage or non-damage has occurred. There are simply too many nuances.
  • Toleration is possible and enforceable. Acceptance is unenforceable. There will always be disputes and disagreements.
  • SJWs and other self-proclaimed progressives are on an ego trip believing that they know what is best for all and are willing to enact laws and force acceptance in an effort to enact their version of what an ideal society should be. They use public schools and media in an effort to alter society to their will. In the end it is they that become the catalyst for hate and societal unrest.
  • Diversity may lead to a decline of innovation and productivity rather than the increase sought.
  • No one has the right to delineate or force the adoption of parameters that a homogenous group must conform to.
  • The word “progressive” used as a noun,  is nebulous, undefined, and impossible to apply. What is progressive and what is not is debatable and cannot be determined before enacted.


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