Fools For God… January 14, 2018

The man or woman up front has been trained in how to fleece the flock. They are called pastors, preachers, reverends, or priests. They carefully ply their craft planting seeds (mental viruses) within the thoughts of those who have come to praise. Guilt is a plentiful commodity and each person present receives a hefty helping. All of these people, so gullible, so innocent, have real needs. The lecher up front will use those needs to take from those who have little to nothing left. Again, guilt, with a little hellfire on the side, is served up. Those with nothing give what little they have to fill the plate for the sly devil in disguise.

Fake healings, fake miracles, and claims of miracles that happened without any divine cause, but were convenient happenings. The man behind the curtain stands boldly in front, manipulating the crowd… there is no god evident, but everyone “feels” god’s presence anyway. Such empty heads, so gullible, begging to be told things, and there are always those willing to fill those empty spaces between the ears.

The evangelists are the worst of the lot… living in huge mansions while the flock lives in squalor. They drive big expensive cars, fly huge planes, and perform their charade in  huge palaces with ornate fittings. They want for nothing in the quest for more wealth.

Jesus never existed, but if he had, and did come back I daresay a lot of the bodies of evangelists and other greedy manipulators of the poor and miserable would burn for years in the stack Jesus would build.

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Facebook Personas…

Conformity would proffer more likes, more friends. If one were prone to establish and maintain a façade in order to initiate the appearance of conformity for as many individuals as possible while limiting as much as possible presenting information of a non-neutral nature then a maximum audience may be drawn. Is this moral?

Dispensing personal information without limitation would render the presenter vulnerable to many who seek to take advantage of others. Determining what to dispense and what to withhold is chief in establishing a persona that is as impervious as possible to being used by others.

I would recommend this to everyone partaking of Facebook. Even so, only those with a strong personality that is unwavering should establish a presence.

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Not Entirely Conscious… January 5, 2018

I imagine this is a complaint that has been made about humans since there were humans. Yet, since it has only now occurred to me I shall write of it.

There seems a growing number of humans without a conscience. Whether they lost it, or never had it is unknown. These “people”, if they can really be termed as such, have no morality, or have morality that is askew.

The example that brought this to mind is the issue known as shoplifting. There are evidently “people” who think shoplifting is moral, or at least not immoral. They are not the least bit ashamed to steal from their local stores. They possess no guilt for having done so. Without a shred of guilt they can walk into an establishment and pilfer whatever their fingers happen to touch. When caught, and many are caught repeatedly, they are only sorry they were caught, not sorry that they were stealing.

Many steal and then have the gall to return an item they have stolen for a refund, or an exchange for something else they do want.

Maybe these empty apathetic people think no harm is done by stealing. Yet, there is. Everyone that actually buys pays a higher price because of this theft. The markups have to be bigger to cover the inevitable pilferage.

Islamic countries chop off the hands of a perpetrator. No one wants Islamic law, yet, how do you stop a repeat offender?

Why do they steal? I think this is irrelevant. When you take something that is not yours it is stealing, it is immoral. If it be because they are hungry, although I can understand such a reason, it makes it no more moral.

No doubt if you walked into the residence of one of these thieves and took something of theirs they would go off the deep end.

Is there something loose in their noggin?

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Due to harassment by a former Facebook friend I will now approve comments before they appear. So sorry for the change but I can find no other way to block this fellow.

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Atheist Ideologies … 2018

If you wish to remain socially involved in a group your choice is clear. You must accept the ideologies, however irrational, of that group.

As an atheist I am an non-believer. As a total atheist where the gods of human construct are concerned I deny their existence.

Even atheist groups have been infected with irrational ideologies. In my reasoning, the only reason for the existence of a group of atheists would be to promote its acceptance by the public. Yet, when you join such groups you find in them people who are trying to make something more of atheism than it is. It is not enough that humanism has been created for such purposes, now it is decided that as an atheist you MUST accept additional concepts. And so atheist groups now cater to the homosexual, transgender, and the evil concepts of feminism. It has been decided that not only must you tolerate said special interests, you must embrace them as allies. This makes no sense.

These special interests, now privileged minorities, are not exactly the beloved of society. Most of society rejects them as outcasts, and now atheists want their members to embrace them in an effort to increase public acceptance? It is not logical.

It is not politically correct to object to this forced belief. You either accept the legitimacy of such groups as normal or you face expulsion and eventual shunning.

I have made my thoughts clear on these concepts. I am presently shunned by these religious atheists who have decided to accept ideologies and forsake reason. I will, as a result, never join or support any group.

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Cast in Impervious Cement… January 1, 2018

Sufficient time has past. Transgressions as yet unforgiven are now set in the cement of the past, never to change. No further consideration will be given to changing the status of these memories. Future behavior concerning these transgressions will be governed solely by the past.

Those that have acted against me, insulted me, or otherwise riled me are forever unforgiven. Nothing will change that.

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Indifference As Self-Defense Mode

A blind eye to suffering, destruction, annihilation. Ignoring pleas of help for suffering, dying, expiring. If humans will not listen but instead march headlong into destruction why should I care? Even if their destruction leads to my own, why care, there’s nothing to be done, anyway.

Abandoning empathy, sympathy, and caring due to a deaf audience may be the only course left. No blame will be accepted for the crashing, bashing, lashing. The humans have created their own destruction, annihilation, extinction.

What is left?

Withdrawal from the public scene… a folding in, a concentration on self. An avoidance of social situations requiring caring. A bare existence without goal. A daily functioning without aim.

It wasn’t that I did not try… it was that they did not listen. They continued on undeterred. Now the course is set. All that is left is to watch the end. I have been rendered indifferent by an uncaring species. Now indifference is my only protection. This will set the tone for 2018

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A Message To All Who Might Be Interested… December 26, 2017


lion 5Many of my views are not politically correct. I suspect many people hold the same views, or many of them, but they are afraid to defend those views as it may cost them some shallow Facebook friends, or, reality forbid, might offend someone.

The cost is high, has always been high, for standing up and defending your views. Society at large operates on the “get along” mode, don’t rock the boat, agree publicly even if you do not agree privately system.

For a while in the past, that was me. I accepted blatant affronts to my views and said nothing in order to be a part of atheist groups. I have a gay lesbian woman to thank for waking me up. At a local restaurant she walked up to the table to join the pub night of an atheist group, of which I was a founding member. Abruptly upon being seated her first sentence, a question, was voiced. She, or it, she was very much trying hard to be man-like, said “What kind of acid do you use?” That provided the shock necessary to reassess what I had been doing, that is, keeping quiet about affronts to my principles.

Well, by finally standing up for myself, defending my principles, I have lost hundreds of Facebook “friends”, shallow friends, as all Facebook friends are. I also lost a hefty number of friends in the real world. They now label me bigot, and other unpleasant names. I don’t care. Labels are meaningless. If labels mattered these former friends might be upset that I label them deviants… or worse.

I feel comfortable without these former friends. We had some shared goals for atheism, but they expected to add on ideological baggage, baggage which I have discarded in the gutter, where that stuff belongs. I must accept myself as an “army of one”, I fight for decency, I fight for the acceptance of atheists as a normal part of society. I do not fight for anyone’s right to be a deviant, pervert, etc. If you do not like it please go eat dirt.




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Human Survival… December 24, 2017

Humanity is presently on a course to extinguish itself in the same way bacteria in a petri dish proliferate and die in their own poisons. This inevitable scenario was constructed by evolution.

Humans like to deny that evolution created all living things. The evidence that it is so is all around and plain to see. They use up resources as if there will be no end to them. They produce toxins in manufacturing that build up in the environment. The air almost all creatures use is being polluted with green house creating gases as well as poisons they cannot breath.

Many see what is happening. Others deny it. Unless all come to accept it all will be lost.

Evolution cannot be denied. Human survival depends on rising above the limits of evolution. That aggressive violent nature, that greed instilled by evolution, must be fought, resisted. Humans must stop seeing other humans as competitors. Humans must go beyond simple reciprocity to near altruistic behavior. Pure altruism is impossible. Yet, if survival becomes the paramount concern, not just for the individual, but as a group, that is, that it is necessary for all to survive in good health and well being, perhaps incentive to cooperate will go beyond individualistic needs. If every member is onboard there will be success and it would cost nothing.

Does that sound like “One big happy family”? It’s that or die. You choose.

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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? … December 23, 2017

Most seniors and others on Social Security live from month to month… they Depressionspend all their income and merchants are grateful for the business.

Trump and the callous GOP have made enormous cuts in this vital income. In ten years there may be no Social Security. They will have taken billions of dollars out of the economy. You cannot do that and not expect at least a recession, perhaps a depression.

Depression 2They have given millionaires and billionaires a fantastic Christmas gift. For the middle class, they gave the dog a bone… and they’re taking that bone back in ten years.

Our government, you see, has been bought by the likes of the Koch brothers and others. They are the puppet masters and Congressional Republicans are the puppets. Whether or not many of the Democrats have been bought is not the issue, as they all opposed this tax scam foisted upon the American people.


Our elected representatives represent us no longer. We have a government totally at odds with the interests of its people. Even those that still support this administration do not realize that. Somehow the GOP has flimflammed its own supporters into thinking the GOP represents their interests.

Will there be bread lines in ten years? Could be. Will people be living in the streets in greater abundance than they do now? Possibly. It all depends on whether enough people see the evil that has been done and act to remove the cancer called the GOP. If that can be done, maybe the damage done to the economy and the people can be reversed. If not, can you spare a dime?depression 3

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