The Nazis Demonized the Jews…. August 19, 2018

To start… there has never been a patriarchy. There was a group of rich people that suppressed and controlled everyone, but… they were not all men… and they weren’t all white.

The KKK was a rebellion against those who sought to end slavery. It sought to demonize black people to make those black people seem inhuman, making it easier thereby to mistreat and subjugate them.

Gays have fought against imagined suppression for many decades, and have made strides in loosing their lifestyle onto a unwary public.

Feminism arose out of the suffragette groups, a legitimate fight to get the vote, which by the way, since women did not serve in the military, they did not deserve. Women now have all the rights men have, plus a few privileges men will never have. The fight should be over… there is not one right a man has that a woman does not… yet… they still exist.

The only reason feminism could possibly still exist is for the same reason the NAACP exists… a battle for power… a battle to subjugate men and rule the country. There is no other logical purpose for the continuation of such a hate group as NOW as well as feminism in general.

In Germany the Nazis demonized the Jews in order to organize the ranks behind them. They had to have an enemy. They gassed them by the millions.

In America, and other Western nations, feminists are demonizing men to solidify the ranks of the misfits that follow them. They need an enemy so as to retain power of their group. Who knows what their plans are for men.

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A Hidden Monster… August 12, 2018

Just like humans there lurks within me a hidden monster. That monster has thoughts foreign to that which people aspire and must be constantly suppressed and stifled in order for civil behavior to exist.

There are those that exhort for others to be yourself, not realizing that the façades they all maintain and have on display are the only manifestation of society that be dared. To unleash the monster by dismantling the many inhibitions people possess is to initiate a chaos that would only end when one or none are left.

The civilization that is so widely hailed is only a veneer so thin that if people were to examine it, it might dissolve within their hands. It lies just beneath the surface, put there by evolution, ready to explode should the right stimulus present itself. An economic collapse might do it. Another world war, this time with nuclear bombs, would most likely cause it. Even a staggering natural disaster could shatter its fragile containment.

In a mind boggling catastrophe it will most certainly become an “every person for themselves” world in an instant.

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Capitalism is Bad for Humans… July 29, 2018

There are no human concerns associated with the concept known as capitalism. The only concern is the bottom line… the profit margin.

The pressure to provide dividends for shareholders, or retain profits larger than warranted, tempts CEOs and business owners to “cut corners” on both safety and labor.

It behooves the business owner or CEO to do a job with the fewest workers, forcing the workers to work hastily, recklessly. In this way the most profit can be generated. Things go fine until either the building falls down or the car explodes.

It is in the interests of the business owner or CEO to use the cheapest materials available in manufacturing and building. The product only has to last long enough to let the manufacturer or builder claim it wasn’t their fault.

Airline and petroleum industry histories are filled with stories of disasters resulting from lax safety or material standards. Planes fall from the skies because of poor maintenance or substandard materials. Oil rigs sink due to corners cut to shave off costs.

The rich get richer, the poor poorer, because the bottom line, the dividends, are all that matter. The people that do the actual labor are paid a pittance and treated as if they were little more than slaves.

Business needs government intervention to make capitalism meet human needs rather than share holder needs. The world needs a Democratic Socialist government that cares for its people rather than uses them.

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Why Do Humans Exist? July 22, 2018

Why do humans exist? The basic answer is Evolution.

Chance? No, evolution is not about chance at all. The creature best able to survive continues to exist… there have been many more become extinct than survived, as you would expect.

It just so happens that a creature with a large brain, arranged in the proper fashion, was able to overcome many obstacles over time.

This does not solely apply to human beings. Every niche contains creatures that had the prerequisite abilities to survive a set of variables within an environment.

A Chimpanzee is best suited in its environment, and indeed, may be better suited in that environment than humans are in human environments.

Many ask… but is that all? Is there no purpose? Is there no great plan?

The answer to that is no.

Then what meaning is there to life?

Life has the meaning that you provide it.

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Of What Value Is Anger? … July 15, 2018

What good has anger rendered to the species called human? Like worry, anger imparts more damage to the holder than problems it relieves. It no doubt stresses the host in such a fashion that many minutes if not hours of life are subtracted from the original total. Anger not only is detrimental to its host, but since it is communicable it may spread and infect another. 

Anger is a human emotion, though not limited to humans. Some animals seem to express it too. Does that mean it has some evolutionary advantage? If it has an evolutionary advantage, does it still have value or has it become like some useless vestige… like the bones that used to lead to a tail in humans, which human ancestors possessed in ages past? Have humans matured beyond anger yet?

Evidence suggests that humanity has not yet progressed to a level where the detrimental effects of anger are recognized. There are many factors that are involved in the retention of this emotion. In many facets of human behavior anger is encouraged… as in sports. Anger at an enemy foreign or domestic is commonly fanned into a blaze. Even the main religions have a god that is not only jealous, but often angry.

Yet… how can it be expected that so illogical a thing as a human being can deduce that anger is affecting detrimental effects?

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State of Existence… July 01, 2018

You can, if you put the effort into it, put yourself into a calmer state of existence. I suppose one might call the method a form of meditation. You simply do what Yoda asserted that Skywalker had to do to attain Jedi status. Concentrate on where you are, what is happening around you…. try to take it in all at once… it’s not easy, those things in life that have value most often are not easy. Be aware of your breathing. Be aware of the rustling of leaves. Breath in through your nose, out slowly through your mouth. Hear the distant beep of someone’s car horn… the roar of a Semi on the interstate nearby. If you have someone living with you be aware of their activities too. This is a strenuous thing to do, do it for as long as you can… the effects of the calming will last beyond your efforts.

So that’s where I am now. In a state of calm I do not often experience. My thoughts are clear, concise. My efforts easier, more precise. Feel it? You can do it. I know you can, as I am no one special possessing no great powers, no greater or lesser than anyone else’s.

Don’t expect it to last forever. It must be renewed again and again.

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That Should Cover It…

I am tired of people that make repeated, perhaps eternal, claims of victimhood. They have played the role so long, so loud, that I have become numb to them. I will no longer hear them. I will throw the claim back in their faces.

I am tired of those crying racism… because in the act of doing so they reveal that they themselves are racist.

I am tired of those crying harassment, discrimination, or a hundred other claims… because in the act of doing so they reveal their own bias.

I am tired of the myriad and endless numbers of groups claiming that they are being mistreated, harassed, discriminated against, and other wise annoyed. They can all collectively seek the nearest cliff and do a nosedive.

I am tired of people and their endless complaints about other people.

I am tired of people.



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Idiots That Dismiss Their Feelings… June 17, 2018

angry facehappy face

Emotions must have an evolutionary advantage, otherwise, why are they?

It is true that emotions create some division between peoples, in that, emotionally, you are most apt to reject differences between groups because of “gut” feelings. These emotions cannot be simply turned off. They are there regardless of over-riding reason. They remain and gnaw at you.

On the other hand, emotions also are cohesive to groups. If you feel comfortable in a group you will more likely work within that group to better the group and its members.

Feelings seem to emerge from no where, perhaps they come from deep within the subconscious. Regardless of how you “want to act” emotions will betray you for what you are.

Emotions can create great tension. If something is an irritant it will grate on your subconscious and become a distraction.

One might eliminate, or try to eliminate, emotions… at least outward displays of emotion. However, along with the anger, the hate, and other negative emotions, compassion, empathy, and happiness will also be gone. There is always a balancing out, it seems. Without anger, would you be able to experience happiness? Would you recognize it?

A right and a left, a good and a bad, an evil and a benevolence. There seems always a symmetry. To always be happy would indicate insanity, just as to always be angry or unhappy, would indicate mental problems as well. I have always been suspicious of an eternally happy person. I would be less likely to turn my back on one.

I have always felt I would be better off without emotions. Yet, among a population of humans I would surely be alone. In the end, will emotion doom humanity?  Does humanity really have any choice?

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The Vulnerable You…. June 10, 2018

Innate qualities within humans when they are born render them extremely vulnerable to religion.

Humans are born with an innate conception of their mothers, someone more powerful, a source of nourishment, and protection. Later, as the child matures, this conception transfers to whatever religion is prevalent and presented to them.

Religion perpetuates this innate reliance. In adulthood those indoctrinated continue to rely on someone more powerful to fulfill their need for protection as well as other needs. This need grows in those who suffer financial problems and other stresses in their lives. This is why religion flourishes in groups of people who are destitute or fear for their lives.

Almost all cultures develop or have religious belief. The religious belief you might adopt is almost always one prevalent in your area. Usually it is the one of your parents. They present it to you as they have countless other concepts as real. You accept it even though it contradicts reason. Your parents wouldn’t lie to you, would they? Most likely they thought it real also. When they introduce you to it they believe it real. Your parents have provided for you and protected you all your life. You are not about to mistrust them now… though that thing about Santa Claus was an eye-opener for some.

Your parents’ urgings along with your innate need for a powerful protector and provider nearly guarantees your conversion. Unless reason later prevails you will always believe, even in the face of overwhelming contradictory information. Even if you succeed in casting off the religion of your parents you will feel an emptiness that will most often cause you to adopt another religion or make one up of your own.

A feeling that “someone is looking over your shoulder” will haunt you for many years even should you succeed in becoming an atheist. It may never leave you, always making you wonder. It may make you wish you had never read so much or listened to reason. You may keep yourself from returning but the desire will, possibly, always be there. If you are conscious when you die you may recant and pledge yourself to some deity as you lie on your death bed, having lived for decades without religion. The brain can betray you in this fashion. You never know what is lurking in your subconscious.

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The Pits of Despair…

Many of those suffering repeatedly proclaim that others do not understand the depths of their depression. To those I say… I have been there. Thankfully, I do not linger there for more than a day at most and most times less.

It is a time when all seems for nothing. A paralysis sets in that immobilizes the sufferer who feels lost and separate from the rest of humanity. Nothing matters, nothing interests, everything annoys… or you become without care. You do not reach out, they do not understand anyway, so what’s the use. The mind cannot overcome this. You languish, in the depths of sorrow, unhappiness, and then there is the hollow nothing. You sit and stare.

Plans and desires for the future are all on hold… you can function… but it seems only like your body becomes a mechanical thing… it does what it must and no more. If there are no obligations of job or life, then there is no function.

I know someone who suffers this scenario frequently. They go silent… for a week… maybe more. Where there seemed interest, there is nothing. You cannot draw them out of it. Depression like a thick mud has them in its grasp. They are trapped. If you try to pull them out often times they pull you in. No matter the foundation you stand on, no matter how firm… they can make mud out of it and trap you there as well.

I do not know the course of treatment that can assist them. The depression they suffer is toxic and spreads quickly… to attempt to help is to risk the disease as if it were some horrible plague. I can only wait and hope that they will rise out of the muck themselves. Then maybe I can at least try to help them keep out of it, if they want me to.

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