Society’s Double Standard… October 23, 2016

Scenario One:

Melody sits concentrating on typing data into her computer. It wasn’t her first choice for a job, but all the sanitation jobs were filled by men. As she types her friend Janice walks in her office, looking backward into the adjoining office, obviously hoping for a private chat.

“Melody, I have some news that may upset you, honey.” whispers Jan.

“Hi Jan, just a moment while I finish this line.” responds Melody.

“Shhh… not so loud… you may not want this to get out.” Jan cautions.

Looking up over her glasses, Melody focuses on Jan. “What’s so terrible?”

“Meg says a friend of her friend told her friend that Marc has been seen with Lucy in Devo’s Nightclub.”

“Friend of a friend? Who can believe that?” Melody asserts.

“Here, look at this, Meg sent it after her friend sent it.”

Melody looks at the picture on Jan’s phone, and sure enough there is Marc, sitting at a table with Lucy. Melody’s face becomes beet red. Her teeth clench, nearly chipping a tooth.

“What the hell…. he… ooooohhhh, he’s going to get this when I get ahold of him!”

That evening at home Melody is eating a burrito when a knock comes on the door. Using her napkin she carefully removes the mess from her chin and answers the door. It is Marc.

“Hi Melody, would you like to hit a movie tonight.” he asks as he enters.

She doesn’t answer. Once again her face glows red. Burrito, still sticking in her teeth, are visible as she scowls.

“You two timing creep… you have a lot of nerve showing your face here!” She screams, loudly enough to be heard outside, two floors down in the street. People crane their necks searching for the source.

Marc backs up, appearing puzzled as Melody reaches over her phone and displays the picture of him and Lucy at the nightclub.

“Yea, so, my friends and I were there together and I saw someone we both know and sat down to talk, what gives?” he explains.

Looking unconvinced, she nevertheless invites him to stay the night.

She pretends an evening but her anger remains unabated.

Waking at two in the morning she hears him snoring. Carefully easing out of bed she makes her way to the kitchen where she secures a large, very sharp, knife. Just as quietly she reenters the bedroom. She swiftly removes the blankets and attacks. She completely severs his private parts and as he screams makes her way to the kitchen. There she shoves them in the disposal and flips the switch.

The next morning at Melody’s place of employment many of her former fellow workers are discussing the event.

“Ha, he deserved it. Cheating on Melody like that.” a woman remarks.

“I would have decapitated him… he got off easy.” spits another.

“I daresay he won’t be cheating on anyone ever again.” chuckles another.

“Give her a few days in jail to think about it.” decides another.

Scenario two:

Monday mornings, what we all dread, at least those with jobs they simply hate. However Jeffrey enjoys a good income and likes his work. He has made it a mission to help people. As  a surgeon he certainly has the skills to do so.

As he preps for another patient, his coworker Samuel walks up behind him.

“Could you spare a moment for a few words, Jeff?” he asks in a low voice.

“Well, they better be a very few, what’s on your mind?” Jeff asks.

Samuel hesitates but then goes on to say “Your girlfriend, Cindy, while you’ve been putting in all this overtime have you been keeping tabs on what she’s up to?”

Jeff stops shaking the moisture from his hands and looks at Sam. The look of concern on Sam’s face is plain to see.

“I trust my girlfriend completely… what are you referring to?” Jeff inquires.

“Well, a friend of my friend Lareby sent Lareby this picture and he sent it to me.” speaks Sam as he holds his phone in front of Jeff’s face. Clearly she is at a club with a fellow, showing the fellow great affection. Jeff’s eyes bulge and though unseen through his surgeon’s mask, his teeth clench and bare.

“I’m sorry Jeff, I figured you should know.” Sam apologizes.

Unable to proceed with the surgery, having gained a case of nerves, Jeffery calls in a substitute. Luckily one is available. He calls it a day.

That evening as he tries to concentrate on a magazine article in the epic magazine Surgery Today the phone rings. It is Cindy.

“Hi Jeff, wanna go out and have a good time at Devo’s?” asks the voice on the phone.

“Not tonight.” he replies… then smiles… “Maybe you’d like to have dinner here?  I’ll make us some spaghetti and meatballs with my special sauce.” 

“Wow, you know that sounds great. What time?”

“Hmmm, say 7:30?”

“Be there! Bye.”

That evening they have a nice meal and sit with an after dinner drink in hand. Cindy starts feeling a little woozy and soon falls sideways on the couch. Jeff lifts her and carries her downstairs, clears a bench, and lays her thereon. Opening a brief case he reveals a collection of surgeons instruments.

“You little vamp… you’ll never cheat on anyone again!” speaks Jeff sharply and then he gets to work. With a precision honed over the years he removes her ovaries through the tiniest of incisions. Then sews her back up.

The next morning at the surgical clinic that employed Jeff up to yesterday the doctors and nurses in attendance discuss the event.

“What a horrible monster. And to think we worked side-by-side with him every day.” a voice says angrily.

“They ought to hang him up by his balls” roars another.

“I say we break down the door of the jail and take him out and hang him!”

“Lock him up and weld the door shut!”

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The Arrogance of the Politically Correct and SJW Crowd… October 21, 2016

There are those who think they know what is best for society. For the most part these people are of the naïve sort. They decide how they would like society to be and work to make it reflect it. It doesn’t matter what they fallout, how many must suffer, they feel that society must change to fit their ideals.

They are arrogant and naïve beyond the power of words to describe.

This has been going on for some time now. People using the government to force changes Oppressivein society to reflect what they believe is proper for all to do and think. It has caused great division among the people for no good reason.

To say it is propaganda is to label it mildly. It is reckless propaganda enforced by law.


SJWs are always keeping a lookout for whatever trigger they might find. If they cannot eternal victimfind one they produce one where none existed before. Sensitive is not strong enough to describe their behavior… maybe paranoid, crazy, insane might work.

Enough, I say. No more of this insane babble. No more making normal abnormal and abnormal normal. No more.

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Omnipresence… Proof of God’s Non-existence?

The Bible says that god is everywhere.

Jeremiah 23:24 “Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord?
Job 34:21 “For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps.
Proverbs 15:3 “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.”
Hebrews 4:13 “And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.”

God claims to fill heaven and earth… I presume this means in everything.

Then it would follow that if in anything everything could be explained that god is not in that thing. There would have to be something unexplainable in everything for god to be everywhere.

So, if a scientist is able to explain the processes taking place in any cell of any creature in a complete way…. god is not there.

An omnipresent god as described in the bible is impossible and could not exist.

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Whose Goo Got You?

We should have suspected something, there were plenty of clues. Trees, vegetation, animals, all were clues we should have seen. Trees would disappear overnight. A forest would disintegrate as Rangers watched. Howling from the forests was heard world wide as animals were seen running and dying, falling into a mass on the ground. We thought some disease had developed, it was conjectured that it was related to the flesh eating bacteria that dissolved a person into countless sores. We could not have been more wrong. No evidence of a bacteria was ever found.

My friend Pinrose might be able to point a finger, if he were still around. We had gone on a fishing trip. We had just established our camp, when tired, he sat at the base of a tree and leaned against the trunk. He kept leaning… and dissolved into a mass at its base. His was a merciful death with little time for screaming and little for suffering. I ran wildly to our jeep and fled driving madly through the dirt roads to the main highway.

Of course I called the police. They responded, the papers said. They were never heard from again. Mayhap it started there, though soon reports were heard from news agencies everywhere that similar occurrences had happened.

Every country was up in arms blaming every other country for what seemed like an attack. No one knew it was much more than that. No one knew that a kind of Armageddon was in process. Who could know?

Soon it became clear… it was the entire planet that was being attacked. It was soon discovered that some kind of goo was spreading with vicious determination throughout the world. Then the revelation came… it was microscopic machines like those called nanites in many science fiction stories. It wasn’t goo at all, it just seemed so when they collected by the millions. They looked like kind of a gray goo, that oozed.

Electromagnetic generators were developed as we raced to survive. These worked at first in isolated localities. The blasted machines, though, seemed to be able to analyze and learn for they soon came up with a process to overcome these by using a method humans call “pile-on”. They would en masse cover the device. The inner shell would be fully deactivated. They would wait… then when the generator’s energy was depleted or otherwise disrupted they would consume the mass, including the generator and build more of themselves.

In short order the earth was rendered a desolate planet. Nothing organic survived. Nothing.

I am recording this message for whoever might care while in the International Space Station. I am alone. Everyone went down to try to save their loved ones… they have not reported in since. I speak now as I watch what appear large vessels, spaceships descending through the atmosphere. It was a planetary invasion. The original machines came down in a meteorite. It exploded like a bolide and scattered the machines widely. They took months to grow to great numbers and then simply wiped out everything. I doubt anyone will receive this log… one of the vessels is approaching the station now. I will jettison the log into space with the hope that it will be discovered. Then I will use the fuel stored here to finish … our species. Goodbye.

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Religion Most Likely Does More Harm Than Good… October 9, 2016

Robot thinking AAlthough groupthink or group mentality is divisive regardless of ideology, religion is a major contributor to divisiveness within society. Each group among the numerous cults of all religions are separate and adamantly so. Every separate group establishes a xenophobic nature where outsiders are concerned. Any outsider is looked upon with suspicion. Whereas secular groups are a bit less xenophobic, unless you adopt the ideological stances of the group you will be marginalized and ignored.

Although many religious cults have modernized many still hold to Iron Age beliefs. Superstition, ignorance, misandry, misogyny, and violence are inherent in these beliefs. I, personally, have observed misandric beliefs in some secular institutions.

In religious cults of various sorts faith is held as a virtue. Questioning the edicts of religion, no matter how nonsensical, is opposed vigorously. Science is regarded with respect only when it supports preconceived religious beliefs. Science is condemned when it contradicts conclusions arrived through religious means.

Religious groups claim to be benefactors to those in need. However, most simply use donated funds to further the growth of their specific faith rather than help the needy. Many times the services provided are dependent upon the acceptance of the principles of the faith. Those that do not meet the criteria are denied help.

Religious groups teach dependence. They teach a stoic acceptance of the status quo, rather than any attempt to alleviate suffering. The followers are taught that god will take care of their needs, and so, rather than take action they wait futilely.

As a result of religious groups believing that they know what is best for all, many seek power… in order to enforce their ideology. In many regards, the religious groups act like corporations for profit. They compete for market share. They use their money and power to influence governments. In their race for wealth and power the harm to society it might create is of no concern.

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The Product That Does Not Exist But Sells Extremely Well… A Damning Assessment of Belief… October 2, 2016

Robot thinking AHumans see others die and fear dying themselves. From all appearances it is a permanent condition. No individual has returned from death to report that death is not death, the end, but something else. Hearsay is inadequate on this exceedingly important topic.

Some humans, clever and underhanded, realize that they can profit from this human, oh so human, fear of death. They invent a product called everlasting life.

Using folklore previously written by earlier cultures they build a tome containing vague and mysterious stories. They use this tome to advertise their new product. A product not produced by labor from materials but instead from the imagination. All you have to do to earn this prize is follow and believe it true.

The requirements vary, of course, from culture to culture but what is always true about each and every product of this nature and does not vary is its intent….

… to control.

Do as we say and the reward will be great. You will live forever among your friends, parents, and relatives. You will in fact, it is promised, be in paradise. The reward varies from folk to folk, but the stick and carrot concept remains. Now who does not want to live in paradise forever?

Some people nevertheless remain to be swayed. They remark that living forever is not so great a thing. This existence is not so bad. Paradise for giving in seems inadequate. They resist the message and fail to follow.

To hell with them, the scam artist exclaims… literally. Hell is invented to strike fear into those that resist the lure of immortality and paradise.

New stories are added to an already misshapen collection of poorly written pages. If you do not submit and believe the whole sales pitch you will burn everlasting. The skin will burn from your body with agonizing pain… grow back… and burn again, and again, and again… forever. However, on the other hand if you do accept the god within advertised and submit to his every whim… glorious and immortal life will be yours. One more thing…

Our god does not speak directly to each and every adherent. Therefore this fellow over here will interpret the will of this wonderful god, this great being. Do as the interpreter of your god commands and you will earn your place among the saved. Resist and burn… your choice, of course… which do you prefer?

They wrap and present the package every day. Every church and mosque and holy place is an outlet. A product never created sells so well. Come here one and all, and live forever.

► This is essentially the story proffered by many human religions. The main purpose is control. Through fear the populace is manipulated to do the bidding of the interpreter… a priest, Imam, reverend, pastor, there are many names… but all they are in the real world are salesmen. By some estimates the churches cost the U.S. government over $71 billion dollars (2012 amount) a year in taxes, made up by individual tax payers. They produce nothing and influence everything. They control a majority of the population of the United States. Like many other groups, both religious and secular, these religions create division, hate, and unrest. Of course they claim they do not, but the facts are the facts.

► People who believe that this life is not the end are not motivated to make it better. This, the only reality they will ever know becomes merely a transience. This life, the only life we have becomes cheap and unimportant. After all, how can the moment we live compare with eternal paradise.

►People who are in the business world are usually highly conservative and religious. Since this life is of no concern, and as long as there is no punishment for being rich in this world, they use people and things to make more and more long after the need has been met. People are used like a commodity. The personnel office becomes the human resources office. The environment is of no consequence. If it is necessary to pull up every last tree or pollute every drop of water and air, then it will be done to squeeze the most profit and satisfy the shareholders. After all, this world is only temporary and eventually all will ship out to paradise.

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What Will Happen if Hillary Wins–Worst Case Scenario … September 25, 2016

What if Hillary Rotten Clinton wins the November 2016 election? This is a look at everything that could go wrong.

We will be at war with Iran. Men who not want to be at the beck and call of Hillary #killthemall Clinton will not enlist. The draft will be reinstated – Men only.

In government and corporations men will be asked to step down from their positions to make way for more women. Those who do not comply will be forced to do so. Unqualified women will take their places.

Schools will continue to be feminized to serve female students. Men will either become feminized or receive an inadequate education. Sports scholarships for men will be banned.

Small businesses will fail nationwide as new regulations are put into place. She will state plainly that she is not responsible for their under capitalized businesses… unemployment figures will be fudged to show the opposite of a cascading increase.

Hillary will divorce Bill while in office because he can’t keep his hands off other women.

Hillary will have a stroke during the second year in office and the vice president will take over, but he will continue her authoritarian policies… he has been well picked and groomed.

During the third year of what would have been Hillary’s term, Hillary will pass away.

During the war in Iran Russia will join with Iran forces and world war three will begin.

The poor, already rock bottom, will become poorer. Indentured service will be revived.

… If Trump wins there will be countless wars as his temper will aggravate world leaders world-wide. The economy will bankrupt, just as Trump’s businesses have. There will be nationwide race wars. The border fence will never be built by a bankrupt nation. The environment will be ravaged as Trump will make decisions favoring big business. Taxes on business will drop to near zero… the public will be required to make up the loss. Social Security will be dismantled. Medicare and Medicaid discontinued. Our infrastructure, already in bad shape, will become a laughingstock of the world. Third world status will be achieved. Slavery will be revived.

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My Struggle With Feminism … September 18, 2016

Oh criminy, another feminist post…..

Yes, I guess so. It is a struggle I have waged for so long and I so wish I could put it to rest forever. However, I suppose it will continue at least for as long as the lies emanating from the movement is sustained.

I admit there are many women in the movement that think they are doing something moral and right. They have been told by their leaders that they remain oppressed even now. Through lies about a non-existent wage gap, rape culture, and patriarchal system they have been urged to maintain the pressure and continue to demand more and more access to this and that.

The truth is… men never oppressed women unless you refer to the rich men at the beginning. These very rich oppressed everyone, not just women, and forced them to do their bidding. Among those rich men, truth be told, were also a few rich women.

The so-called wage gap was invented by feminists by taking all wages of men compared to all wages of women. No account of how many hours were worked, the type of jobs, and personal choices of women was made.

Rape culture was invented by changing the definition and using bogus statistics. I have heard that for the average woman getting raped is closer to one in a hundred rather than the one in five, or one in four depending where you look. Rape is not acceptable by any means. However, through bogus logic and statistics feminists have been able to paint nearly every man by the same sordid brush. Now, routinely, when a woman is found raped, or claims rape, all the men in the vicinity are asked to submit genetic material for analysis. All are suspect.

This demonization of men is very much like the demonization of Jews by the Nazis in WWII.

The damage to families, though not apparent in existing families, is in the formation of future families. Fewer people year after year, especially men, opt to marry. The cry heard by many women now is “Where have all the good men gone.” They do not realize that feminism has taken them all out.

How can equality be bad? It isn’t. Fighting for equality after it already has been achieved, many years ago I might add, is very bad. It has turned into a fight for privilege and special consideration. Women in feminism do not want to work and earn higher positions… they want the road cleared, and to hell with qualifications.

The dear sweet women, yes a number remain, who want nothing to do with feminism and its sexist principles, are the ones I feel sorry for. The dream of marrying the ideal mate is rarely possible in this world where many women think that every man is out to cheat them of their spot in life. Laws are made, rules are fabricated, to enable women to compete unfairly with men. Do not notice the beauty of a woman as you might be accused of sexual harassment. Do not hold the door, she might be a feminist and will hate you for it. Treat them like men. Except no, you must treat them like your superiors to get along. Even the lowest woman on the totem pole is a threat to the man at the top of the totem, unless he is very careful never to be alone with one.

I want this to be the last time I visit this terrible nightmare of a topic… I so terribly desire it. I fear some new abrasive woman will revive it, because now the world is filled with the like. Men have been reduced to second class persons, maybe even lower than that. The word of a man does not equal the word of a woman any more. One word from her and he could lose his job, marriage, and family. People thought all along gay marriage would destroy marriage. It was always feminism, all along, that was the threat. The striving for power by some bitter women has destroyed the beauty of marriage. Now a contract, carefully written by lawyers hand, is needed… where before only a certificate was adequate. I bemoan the young men now, nothing will ever be the same again… romance will not survive. There is only the contract and its fulfillment that matters. Stinks, I think.

I hope this is the last time I go here… no one seems to like these posts any way. You would think they are either afraid or actually believe the lies. Everyone avoids these posts as if they were plague. In my opinion, men are afraid of upsetting some female friend, wife, or daughter that might have bought the lies. Yes, I am totally confident they are lies.

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Frivolous? September 14, 2016

What would constitute a frivolous post?

This post is in reaction to a comment I saw on line criticizing someone’s post as serving no purpose other than to see the poster’s name on Facebook.

It would, I think, depend on the interests of the critical individual. If the post is not in line with the interest of the viewer almost any post might seem trivial, and therefore frivolous.

If a post is in theme with the site then why is the post not pertinent? Even if the post merely points out aspects already known and is merely a collection of pictures representing that which the site is about… why would someone think it frivolous and make a comment to that effect?

I feel that it is the problem of the critical individual. Just because they think it a frivolous post does not make it so. Indeed, it may simply be an individual who feels they must go about making negative comments about everything that they see. If I were to make a site and post a can of beans everyday as long as the site promoted common vegetables wouldn’t the post be pertinent? As long as it was a different bean featured in every post it would still fit right in.

Perhaps the critical person has little excitement in their lives and either wants a thrill a minute or gets a thrill from the reaction of the poster to the negative comment. Either way… it remains the problem of the critical person rather than the poster.

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Poor Dear, Suicidal Thoughts… September 11, 2016

Men commit suicide five times more often than women. One would think that such a statistic would garner more attention for the needs of men. This is not so. Instead the statistic that women have suicidal thoughts more often than men is the news. They attempt and fail at suicide more often than men. Therefore, it is asserted, more attention is needed for women.

What? Let me reread that and I will continue….

Well, that is the way it is viewed by a gynocentric society. The possibility that attempted suicide by women may not be serious attempts but instead a play for attention never enters the picture. The fact that there are five times more men lying about dead isn’t even an issue for society.

All of the money and attention goes to women.

Well, I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. Look how society takes care of women. There are dozens of women’s hospitals scattered across the country. Look for a men’s hospital and you won’t find a single one.

Men have fought battles and come back home from wars only to find inadequate veterans help. Now that some women have started showing up with injuries… attention for veterans is played up in the news.

It is just a lucky thing most men do not check into these statistics about our very gynocentric society… or the figures for male suicide would be much greater.

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