Time Travel, You Say? … March 19, 2017

Why I Cannot Accept Time Travel

spheres of timeDoes time flow like a river or expand like a growing sphere? In either case there is mass moving down the river, or expanding infinitely. river of time



Is there differentiation between layers of mass? Each layer following the one before, going in the same direction? Are there other directions?

Conservation of mass and energy would indicate each mass is finite as it moves through time. Why would there be copies of each layer of mass moving down the river? Are they possibly alternates following one another, each progressing down the river?

Even if you do go back in time you would end up in another mass. Not only has earth moved on in space but in time as well. What if the segment following is empty? Would you end up no where? What could be the measurement between each segment? Millisecond or smaller?

It is said they proved that time travel is possible. They have not proven that it is bidirectional. My mental processes are unable to process this data.

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Compromise Is Impossible… March 15, 2017

I have written about the human tendency to form groups or camps in the past. Each group has its own set of ideologies… even those that claim to be ruled by reason and logic.

This is why there is so much turmoil in a society that is “multicultural”.

Compromise is impossible. There is no solution to any issue that will please all groups. Even in those groups each individual member may have objections to solutions that are presented. In short… each group insists that the issue conforms totally to their way of thinking.

This is why humanity is like a ship that is dead in the water. This will never change.

Even in groups that are nearly homogeneous, there is dissension.

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The State… March 12, 2017

The Fallout of Feminism

Women will not want to be wives. Women will want careers. They will want children too. They may expect men to fill the role they abandoned, but they are mistaken. Men will still want careers… that will not change. The concept of family will disappear.

The only solution then is for government, the state, to fill the roles abandoned by mother… father. The state looks forward to this. The opportunity to “program” generations of children to obey the state is relished.

Warriors will be programmed to “die for the state” in wars ever increasing in number. They will not surrender, they will die on the battlefield.. that is their purpose, to die for the state.human extinction 4 Education other than of soldier will be reserved for the elite. Soldiers only need to know how to fight and die. There will develop the warrior class and the elite class… perhaps the worker class will continue, as weapons will be needed for the soldiers, and comforts will be needed for the elite. Workers will be treated as machines… replaceable and expendable. Their class will be as low or lower than that of the soldier. Life will be cheap outside the world of the elite.

Incubators will be used to grow more bodies to be programmed by the state. No one will know who is father or mother. It could just be that a perfect soldier, worker, genotype will be fabricated. All soldiers will appear as if from the same mold. All workers will be bred for submissiveness.

There will be no laughter, no personality, no emotion. Feelings must become latent, recessive. Only the elite will have normalcy. The other classes must be stoic, obedient, and serve the state without question.

The future humanity imagined will never transpire… a bleak and oppressed life will prevail.

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Spring… March 5, 2017….

The Vernal Equinox is on March 20 this year. The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north.

Pagan celebrations of Eostre, aka Ostara, Austra, and Eastre, is thought of as the origin of the celebration by Christians of Easter. It marks the day that light is equal to darkness, with light becoming increasingly longer. A time of renewal. A renewal of the fertility of the earth. Hares, eggs, and returned plant growth are all symbols of fertility and life. The celebration of the egg as a symbol of fertility and renewed life is ancient, finding its origins in ancient Egypt and Persia.

The celebration of Easter, a proven pagan celebration, was absorbed by the Christian faith. The Easter celebration this year is quite some time after the actual Equinox, April 16.

For the Christian religion Easter has come to be a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. Arbitrarily, the First Council of Nicaea (325) assigned the date of Easter as the first Sunday after the full moon following the March Equinox. 

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Insufficient Information … February 26, 2017

Arguments about the nature of the Universe… is it caused, uncaused? Does the Universe have a beginning or has it always existed?

There are arguments for any of these positions. Biased arguments are presented by theists. Those arguments always include a god, their god, as a cause. There is presently no evidence of gods.

Dismissing the biased arguments basically we have the Big Bang, a universe existing always, and an oscillating universe of explosions and contractions.

My contention is that something is missing from the information being used to determine the actual nature of the universe. Some discovery humanity has yet to make.

The only conclusions I have at this point is that there is no evidence backing any of the present theories completely. Humanity simply does not know. There is no evidence that humanity is aware of any god which might have done it. (All of the gods postulated would be readily ascertainable through investigation)

There is no reason to insert a god hypothesis. The god hypothesis would entail an undeniable supernatural element. None has been observed.

Humanity has insufficient information for making conclusions about the universe at this time. Only speculation is possible and that is what scientists have.


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Compatibility… February 19, 2017

Compatibility is an issue. The issue is not just related to compatibility between devices of software. Compatibility is important between human relationships as well. Ideas and habits, viewpoints, as well as those interacting with each human are important considerations.

Sometimes incompatibility issues arise between humans due to long term lack of contact. Other times these issues arise due to active efforts to develop differences that cannot be worked out. Meaning, sometimes one human simply wishes to push another away and developing incompatible differences are used in the effort.

Why it is not simply stated plainly that one human deplores another rather than coming at the issue by developing incompatibility issues is confounding. Simple communication seems avoided perhaps because the human committing it feels that to state plainly the truth, that is that they no longer wish to interact, would be too abrasive. This leaves the human on the receiving end of this message confused and responsible for deciphering the message, correctly or incorrectly, through either plain or vague clues.

The issue could be better resolved if no one had emotions. Then a simple “we are incompatible, please go away” would be sufficient. As is, humanity is left with using language and feelings, both enormously flawed, to discern what is the truth.

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Darwin… One of My Favorite People… February 12, 2017

DarwinDarwin is one of my favorite people from history. Despite not knowing anything about genetics, very little about DNA, nor about antibiotics and how they drive  bacterial evolution and nothing about the many mass extinctions that have occurred… he was right about how natural selection pressures populations of creatures to change.






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Some Truths… February 12, 2017

A Few Truths About Me

I am an atheist. I make no secret about it. I do not go forth near and far to shout it, but if it comes up I will not deny it. In light of the many gods imagined by humankind it seems the only logicalRobot thinking A conclusion that not all of them can be true, but that all of them can be false. Another supplemental conclusion is that a just and good powerful being need not hide, would not select just some few through which to speak, possessing the ability to speak for itself.

I despise feminists. It is not a fervent hatred degrading my health. It is the hatred and wariness you would have for someone who wants you dead. I select not to be a humanist Feminazis since 1968because the American Humanist Association has an inherent feminist caucus. Feminism is an ideological belief system without foundation, and without valid issues.

I stand against racism… from any “race”. Race is a fabrication. All “races” (cultures) are capable of racism. I have seen it in all of them. Racism does not require economic power to exercise.

My position on the death penalty has not yet solidified. I have been on both sides of the spectrum.

I am more of a centrist on the political scale than anything else. centristI am neither far left nor far right. I incorporate elements from both that I find moral and right.

I fully assert that society is gynocentric… it always has been, from the very first time the words “Women and children first” were ever uttered.

I believe steadfastly that most “progressives” and progressive issues are really “pseudo-progressives” possibly even regressives.

I am wary of all media. These days there always seems to be some kind of social reengineering message underlying all content. Usually these messages Media (1)contain the prevailing “progressive” narratives of the time. This method of social engineering is akin to mind-washing. Many are not even aware that they are being manipulated.

And now a basic truth: This list is not complete.


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The Spokesperson… February 5, 2017

The almighty, most powerful god of the universe… able to hear the pleas of even the most remote… sees the sufferings of the smallest sparrow… cannot speak to you directly.

Why does god, the most high, need an intermediary?

Why does god the most perfect, most powerful, need someone to act as a go between… to relay his/her/its message? Why does the word of this most perfect being need to be interpreted? Cannot this god speak fluently?

It has been said that this god knows of all things… including the treachery of human kind. Then why leave his/her/its message open to the treachery which might occur in the interpretation of the message? The unscrupulous have used their fellow humans for purposes most evil… war, lynching, murder, theft, the list goes on….

Oh, you say… god speaks to you directly? Do you hear voices in your head? Are you sure it’s not just your own conscience? Are you in need of some therapy to quiet these voices?

Face it:
If there were some god as described, that is, most powerful, all-knowing, most gentle, and purely good, then why would not that god make sure that his/her/its message was received by all and clearly understood? Why allow the message to be vulnerable and difficult to discern?

The logical conclusion of course is that it is in the end undeniably….

All in your head.

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The Puppet Masters and the Puppets… February 5, 2017

Is it possible for a human to live a life free from manipulation?

There are uncountable sources of manipulation. To prepare for resistance to all of them would be a monumental… possibly impossible… task.

From the ad for the Golden Toasties for your breakfast table to the carefully arranged meme on Facebook… the goal is to manipulate you, persuade you, even if by way of the hidden. The message may be delivered to that portion of your brain not surveyed by your conscious mind.

Some prejudices are hidden by desensitizing over time. You might look right at the biased issue and not recognize the bias or discriminatory nature of it. In example: “Women and children first” or “the innocent women and children” which gives preference to gender while discriminating against men. As if there is no possibility that there are innocent men.

To what degree can manipulation be resisted? Even a partially successful endeavor may produce animosity in your direction.

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