The Play… July 23, 2017

Pretense, it is all a pretense.

The man or woman pretends that they are children of god. They have no evidence, yet, they pretend to know they will have eternal life. Evidence does not matter, only faith matters. How ripe for the picking they are indeed.

The black man pretends that only white men can be racist… not realizing that by making that assumption he reveals himself as racist.

The liberal pretends that he/she tolerates everyone… but inside his/her emotions are doing somersaults in a constant turmoil.

A man pretends to be a woman, a woman pretends to be a man… neither is true, both are condemned by nature to be what they are born.

The coexist promoter pretends to accept other beliefs, and that they can live in peace… subconsciously it must be true they are aware that it is impossible for two religions that condemn each other will ever live in peace… or that one that demands all bend knee in allegiance will ever become tame.

Just as the child pretends to detest brussels sprouts but having never tasted them, so everyone adheres to assertions never tested.

Assume the role, begin the play… the curtain opens…

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That Ideal Creature… July 16, 2017

My vision of the perfect creature could not be one manufactured by evolution… yet, how else?

Unlike the human being, saddled by millions of years of ongoing gradual change imprinting along the way savagery of vast scale upon the genetic code, the perfect creature I envision would lack the greed, the selfishness, the barbaric violence embedded in the very fabric of every human being.

Murder, most foul, would be a thought that would never enter the thoughts of this being. Theft of someone’s property would be a concept foreign and of disgust. Letting someone starve for lack of luck or even sloth would not occur. Anger would not endure. There would be expectations that most would meet, of course, no society could exist if contributions are not made by all.

There would be no treachery. There would be rules. Everyone would learn those rules and regard them with respect. Unless the earthly world where a speed limit means nothing, if it said fifty-five on this ideal world… no one would purposely go faster. There would be no need for authority to employ enforcers… everyone would just do the right thing.

The regard for others would carry to oneself… toxic drugs would be regarded as untouchables. No one would feel so bad that a need would arise to do oneself harm. Efforts would be made to find the best of foods, activities, and medications… and no one would use anything else.

Your spouse would be loyal, and each would trust the other… there would be no thought otherwise. It simply would not enter into their heads.

I look out upon the human race and it is no wonder that I drift closer to misanthropy.

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Evident Truths Found During My Life… July 9, 2017

  1. All of the gods from all of the world’s religions do not exist.
  2. The so-called radical left is a near mirror image of the so-called radical right.
  3. All human groups, whether religious or secular, eventually develop ideological beliefs that have no foundation in fact.
  4. Life only has the purpose you give it.
  5. Evolution has made us all “me first”, you second. Dog eat dog. Selfish. No one can be trusted.
  6. The universe, including Earth, is indifferent to humanity.
  7. If you wait long enough you will have just wasted more time.
  8. Religious and secular people have no morality.
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Unwarranted Frustrations… July 2, 2017

Feelings… human feelings, that’s the problem here.

I am experiencing increasing frustrations in my dealings with humans. They fail to see the logic of my arguments. It seems they deal more in feelings than logic.

Why should this cause me ire? Their opinions, their positions on issues do not affect my positions. I do not change my position simply to please them. I fully assert my positions are correct.

What should transpire? I should present my argument and then be done. Once my argument is presented there should be no need to go back and defend that argument… it is complete, correct, and finished.

Human feelings that generate frustration should be dismissed. They are unproductive and present an obstacle to further thinking.

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If My Avatar Reflected the Truth… June 25, 2017

Robot thinking AThe avatar that I use is that of a machine. That does not mean I am a machine. I often desire that, but alas, continue in my present form.

However, if I could be a machine, then I might make a better atheist in the eyes of many non-believers.

If I were a machine I could…

  1. Ignore my feelings of disgust and accept that gays are normal. I could easily dismiss the fact that before 1974 they were considered mentally ill… that changing only after many gay atheists marched, threatened violence to those scientists and doctors who maintained being gay was a mental illness. No science was done that changed the designation.
  2. I could ignore my feelings about transgender… how much like a mental illness it seems as well. Like a fetish these people delight in imagining they are not the sex they are.
  3. I could ignore facts about feminism that shows it is simply another grab for power. I could reprogram myself into a delusion that feminism is about something other than the oppression of men and revenge for imagined wrongs.

All in all, if I were a machine and my programming fluid then I could program myself to accept all of the ideological based, foundationless lies promulgated by many atheists.

The politically correct pseudo-progressives with their society changing narratives are destroying what should have been a simple case of non-belief and making it into something it’s not.

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Centrist… June 18, 2017

A centrist is neither right nor left.
A centrist holds positions ranging over the spectrum.
No two centrists are the same.
Centrists cannot be part of a group because a group requires homogeneity.

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Becoming an Extraterrestrial Without Going Anywhere …… June 11, 2017

In just a few short years human society has been altered by the politically correct pseudo-progressives and various other factions into something with which I am incompatible.

Forcing society into accepting abnormal as normal and normal as abnormal, supporting rights to same equivalent to what used to be for normal. Society has been corrupted beyond its ability to cope.

Many former normal people feel like extraterrestrials on their own planet.

This condition cannot stand.

Oh… and normal people best not complain or else.

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Again and Again Until the End of Time… June 4, 2017

From time to time I feel the need to restate my stances on religion and atheism. This is probably a reaction to the continuous stream of proselytizing in the media, the internet, and Facebook in particular. The individual exposed to the constant barrage of those urging one to adopt this or that belief system cannot help but feel imposed upon.

My view of both Creationism and Intelligent Design is that neither is science. My opinion is that both are religion, with Intelligent Design a derivative of Creationism manufactured for the purposes of presenting Creationism disguised in a superficial cloak of scientific terms but in the end failing to be science.

My view on the origin of life is that most likely it is the result of a form of abiogenesis. The precise path as yet has not been determined. Whether life on Earth began here or elsewhere, I fully accept that abiogenesis was the initial beginning.

Once life emerged in some form then the forces of nature, evolution, worked with indifference to produce the various forms of life in abundant variety. Natural selection determined whether the various life forms that emerged survived or were assigned to the dustbin of extinction.

It is my assertion that humans are the originators of gods. My charge is that none of the gods presently known among humans now and in the past existed. Whether some entity exists somewhere in the Cosmos that has qualities we might ascribe to a god is unknown. Conjecturing, I suggest that none exists as no evidence is apparent as of this date. None has chosen to make itself known. Either this “god” has nothing to do with humans or has avoided humans. Most likely, like humans, this quasi-god was created by the universe rather than having created it.

The universe, in my opinion, has always existed in some form… be it as it is, or as a infinitely small point. Whether it began once or has undergone repeated expansion and contraction cannot be fathomed and for the purposes of existence, is irrelevant.

Religion. It is my thinking that religion arose out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of losing relatives and never seeing them again. A need for parental guidance and a desire to have something greater than oneself in control of things. A need to feel safe. In short order after its arrival, religion was seen by the unscrupulous as a means to control others. Humans were manipulated by the unscrupulous over the millennia into participating in savage war and conflict. Many people over the millennia have died because they did not want to participate or had conflicting belief systems. Did the much vaunted quantity known as “humanity” ever exist? Humans seem very much like chimpanzees in appearance and behavior.

Presently, my atheism is a pure one. Some say it is a religious stance as I cannot prove the nonexistence of a god. I say that it is their responsibility to prove a god exists. I feel strongly that their attempt to label me religious is just another attempt to minimalize atheism and to proselytize. It may also be a knee-jerk reaction on their part to my claim that my stance is a reasoned one, and that theirs is not. How can one prove the existence of something that is untestable? How can one accept and live their life by something that presents not even a atom’s worth of evidence for its existence? How can people not see that they are being used?

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Gawd in the Schools…. May 28, 2017

Many Christians bemoan often, too often, that Gawd has been taken out of the schools. By this they seem to mean that religious instruction and rituals have been forbidden for the administrators of school systems.

The error here is clear.

The melting pot that is the United States is a mixture of people from around the world. There are differing cultures and beliefs.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of religion.

The majority religion in the United States is Christian. Perhaps as a result of this many mistakenly think that the United States is a Christian Nation. The Constitution’s instructions preempts that thought.

Public schools cannot teach or endorse any one religion because of the edict mandating freedom of religion. To demand that schools teach religion of a certain variety is to forcefully demand all accept your religion. Freedom of religion cannot and does not exist under those conditions.

The administration of Trump now contains a number of fanatical Christians. To circumvent the mandate that the public schools be free of religious endorsement these people wish to have voucher systems so that their children can attend Christian schools at taxpayer expense. The public schools would suffer a tremendous loss of financial support. It is clear that these Trump operatives would rather have public schools disappear.

Sending their children to church on Sundays or various days of the week is insufficient for these Christians. They want all instruction to be made with the Biblical in mind. They do not care that not everyone believes in their fantasy, they wish to force all to believe in their fantasy.

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“Dear Humans” …

Why is it permissible for small groups that have been designated disadvantaged (however that is determined) to spit racist epithets and take racist actions?

Liberal circles usually remark that race is a construct, that we are all just humans with minor cosmetic differences. This evidently only applies when it serves them. At other times they support loud and raucous denunciations of what is termed the “privileged class”.

These days that “privileged class” is assumed to be white… specifically white males.

I fit that designation in appearance.

I am still waiting for my “white male privileges” to show up. Are they similar to the “ship that comes in” for some people?

The laws apply equally to all (except the rich). Instead of using those laws many would rather protest and riot. Then people are expected to feel sorry when the rioters are stopped from destroying and looting. The police officers, who are simply doing their jobs, become the whipping boys. The looters and destroyers become either heroes or martyrs.

My misanthropy increases in intensity daily.

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