Analysis… March 18, 2018

One is not like the other, each is unique. Similarities exist, drawing some together, but there are always differences… it would be boring without them.

When one group has differences that conflict with the differences of another group, there is always a problem. To what scale that problem rises depends on one or the other group insisting that the other change and adopt their differences.

As long as they are separate, the differences are irrelevant. When circumstances arise causing one group to influx into the area of another, that is when violent conflict may arise. When the invading group will not change to accommodate the differences in their host group’s area, turmoil is guaranteed. Time may cure this unless the ideology of the invading group is resolute and renewing.  If the structure of the ideology of the invading group is rigid there are two ways it will resolve. Either the host will change, or the host will destroy the invader.

Differences between groups will always insure that conflict will be present whenever the groups meet.

This is how mankind stands today.

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Lying, As an Art… March 18, 2018

robot profile AMen lie, it is true, however, because many men are steeped in discipline, if not by military sources, but by the demands of society, more men than women are likely to speak the truth.

Women have always been given special treatment by society, treatment in the same way children are given. Assumptions are also made about women by our gynocentric society. It is erroneously assumed that women are of a higher moral order. As traditional care givers they are given credit for possessing empathy and compassion over and above what a male can ever possess.

Whereas it is not erroneous to think that most women are better at caring for children… that caring is only for children… for any others it is absent to a high degree and no higher than a man’s.

Women twist the truth, or lie outright for many reasons. Sometimes it is the fear of punishment, men will do that too. Other times it is solely for the purposes of manipulating men. In that purpose women have refined the technique of lying to a fine art. Lies are used to get what they want. Be it the punishment of other men by manipulating some white knight into action, a white knight who mistakenly thinks he will gain sexual favors from the woman, or simply for the purposes of destroying a man, his career and life.

The percentage of difference between men and women as to lying is small… yet I would assert without hesitation, that where men are concerned, women are more likely to lie than men.

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The Politically Correct are Liars…

The politically correct crowd are the most prolific of prevaricators today. They are expert at double-speak.

While speaking against racism and bigotry, they use racism and bigotry. They speak of justice while committing injustices.

They are out to change society into their concept of utopia and they do not care how many people have to be hurt or die or how many lies they have to tell to accomplish it.

They are also called SJWs, social justice warriors.

They speak of a desire for diversity, but that “diversity” is code for discrimination against white males. They commit injustices to correct what they “feel” is an injustice, not realizing that it involves eliminating free choice.

The Politically correct and SJWs are the worst thing to come along since feminism, which used many of the same tactics to destroy men’s careers and lives.


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Being Human is too Hard…

►The requirements of being a human being are too difficult.

►Feelings are an impediment to serenity.

►Conflict from misunderstandings is too frequent.

►Socialization is becoming frantic as some demand more and more “diversity”, meaning conflicting cultures, in groups.

►The discipline of human beings is highly questionable. They know what needs to be done but prefer to do only that which benefits them alone.

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Beware… March 4, 2018

alien 5Some say that humanity should stifle itself, not be so noisy and attract possible alien life. Maybe they are correct.

Evolution produced humanity. As a result humans are violent and react badly to foreign and unusual circumstances.

A planet where life arises and competition between such life forms does not occur would be unfathomable. All species compete for resources against all other species.

Humans have made many advancements. Yet they have carried the ancient suspicions, hatreds, and flaws forward with them. War is still a reality. Violence is an everyday occurrence. Competition is fierce. Hatred of what is different is glaringly present. Tolerance, much ballyhooed, is of scant supply even in those that promulgate it.

Humans must assume all life, should any be encountered of an intelligentalien 6 nature elsewhere in the universe, is of the same origin and therefore carry the same barbaric baggage.

Although it is more likely humans will encounter machines from other civilizations rather than living forms, even those machines may carry the baggage created by evolution, it having been bequeathed by their creators.

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Macabre Solution, or No Solution to Guns…February 26, 2018

The topic of guns in schools is of high interest of late. Many suggest that teachers be armed so that they might react to intruders.

What is forgotten is that teachers are human beings. AI has not been used in public schools as yet, though one can predict that reality happening as soon as it is feasible. Human beings, every last one of them, have a point at which they could snap and become as big a problem as any mad person that might enter a school. I have known such teachers during my school experience in the deep past. If they had had a gun, woe be unto all of us.

Some say to post armed guards. They are also human and can only react with human efficiency and judgment.

All of this is irrelevant though, as many of the anti-gun crowd believe the gun does the actual shooting and it doesn’t matter who has it.

It has been suggested to have armed volunteers. Humans? That problem has already been discussed.

So what is the solution? A police state? Of humans? Give up more freedoms for the sake of security? Why not build large prison like buildings and use those for schools? Bring the students in at the beginning of the year, lock them down, and do not open the doors till the school year is finished.

People are crazy, they always have been, there’s just more of them now so these crazy shootings happen more often.

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Thoughts On Humanity February 25, 2018

Here today, gone tomorrow. The transient nature of the life of human beings.

Nothing is permanent. A building goes up, a building goes down.

One moment an Oasis, next moment a desert. Ever changing.

So short is life that one wonders why so many try to make it miserable.

There is no need for starvation at this time, yet it exists.

Poverty could be eradicated with the sweep of a pen… but it remains.

So many exclaim how humanity is a marvel to behold, I can’t bare to look at it.

Inhumanities to humans are all happening at the hands of humans.

Why do these people revel in making others’ lives so miserable. Do they feed on the misery of others? Would they not fare better by helping rather than hurting?

From one generation to the next there is little to no change. One thing remains the same. Inhumanity to humans, perpetrated by humans, is always the same.

Justice is desired but never attained. The cycle will continue.

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God Does Not Exist … February 18, 2018

I am an atheist and I say “God does not exist”.

“Oh, you can’t say that… there might be a god somewhere!”

Yes, I can.

The “gods, or Gods” humans now worship have origins that are known. Even so, since the Jewish god can be dismissed, being impotent (Holocaust) and obviously having arisen during barbaric times (the wars, murders of innocents, and absurdities) then neither Christianity or Islam can be true. We now know how the Christian faith arose, and how it was fabricated from whole cloth. Christianity was needed to control slaves and the general citizenry. Islam is derived from both false beliefs, and so itself is false and easily dismissed (by the wise and non-ignorant).

What is left? An unknown god? Other faiths whose human origins are known? God as is commonly defined needs worship. There are no unknown gods soliciting worship. Therefore, there are no gods. Yet, there may exist an entity, however improbable, that might have started existence. An entity, a force, but most likely unconscious, unaware of our little speck of dirt orbiting around a very average star.

Does that make me an agnostic? No, I can say with fair certainty that gods do not exist. Gods need worship. There are no gods requiring worship, though some thing, some force or entity, however unlikely, might have started some ball rolling eons ago. The miniscule likelihood of that can be dismissed, or will be eliminated when the facts are all in, I am sure.

Remember, no manner of explanation will deter a “true-believer” who accepted faith without reason… how can reason apply there?

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Being Good, and Being Honest–A Balance…

Being totally honest at times can lead to being immoral. For example, the doctor that tells the patient that he/she is doomed and there is no hope, even if there isn’t, can completely destroy a person in the last hours, days, weeks of their life… and even hasten death. Better to administer hope, and useless treatments, rather than put them in a state of despair. Being blunt and telling a youngster they have no talent and better prepare themselves for a life in menial jobs can be a recipe for suicide or even a life of crime.

It is better to tell a fib than the whole honest truth at times, just to be moral and kind. A world where everyone was brutally honest would be even worse than the world at hand.

On the other hand, lies told to relieve someone of their money or possessions is expressly evil. Lies about people that destroy careers and lives should be as punishable as any murder.

Humans are flawed creatures. The nature of the beast is one of greed and selfishness. Not to discount the great generosity of some few, but overall human nature is self-centered.

I would rather have a world where honesty reigned, with qualifications, and each person was more concerned about the outcome of their actions as related to others. Where being dishonest in business transactions, where money is concerned, and in other areas, would be something that simply never occurred to someone. The thought never entered the mind to be deceitful. Too much to hope for, I know, especially in an animal shaped by evolution, environment, and the struggle to endure.

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New Programming…

Regrettably, there are some program changes that must be made. This is for my protection. There is a wide swath of the internet using populace that can no longer be trusted. This is the result of feminism and the so-called metoo campaign. Women that I do not know can no longer be trusted… therefore women that I do not know will be given a short message as follows:

I am sorry, but due to feminism and the metoo campaign I will no longer respond to unknown women on the internet.

This is the way it has to be.

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