God Does Not Exist … February 18, 2018

I am an atheist and I say “God does not exist”.

“Oh, you can’t say that… there might be a god somewhere!”

Yes, I can.

The “gods, or Gods” humans now worship have origins that are known. Even so, since the Jewish god can be dismissed, being impotent (Holocaust) and obviously having arisen during barbaric times (the wars, murders of innocents, and absurdities) then neither Christianity or Islam can be true. We now know how the Christian faith arose, and how it was fabricated from whole cloth. Christianity was needed to control slaves and the general citizenry. Islam is derived from both false beliefs, and so itself is false and easily dismissed (by the wise and non-ignorant).

What is left? An unknown god? Other faiths whose human origins are known? God as is commonly defined needs worship. There are no unknown gods soliciting worship. Therefore, there are no gods. Yet, there may exist an entity, however improbable, that might have started existence. An entity, a force, but most likely unconscious, unaware of our little speck of dirt orbiting around a very average star.

Does that make me an agnostic? No, I can say with fair certainty that gods do not exist. Gods need worship. There are no gods requiring worship, though some thing, some force or entity, however unlikely, might have started some ball rolling eons ago. The miniscule likelihood of that can be dismissed, or will be eliminated when the facts are all in, I am sure.

Remember, no manner of explanation will deter a “true-believer” who accepted faith without reason… how can reason apply there?

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Being Good, and Being Honest–A Balance…

Being totally honest at times can lead to being immoral. For example, the doctor that tells the patient that he/she is doomed and there is no hope, even if there isn’t, can completely destroy a person in the last hours, days, weeks of their life… and even hasten death. Better to administer hope, and useless treatments, rather than put them in a state of despair. Being blunt and telling a youngster they have no talent and better prepare themselves for a life in menial jobs can be a recipe for suicide or even a life of crime.

It is better to tell a fib than the whole honest truth at times, just to be moral and kind. A world where everyone was brutally honest would be even worse than the world at hand.

On the other hand, lies told to relieve someone of their money or possessions is expressly evil. Lies about people that destroy careers and lives should be as punishable as any murder.

Humans are flawed creatures. The nature of the beast is one of greed and selfishness. Not to discount the great generosity of some few, but overall human nature is self-centered.

I would rather have a world where honesty reigned, with qualifications, and each person was more concerned about the outcome of their actions as related to others. Where being dishonest in business transactions, where money is concerned, and in other areas, would be something that simply never occurred to someone. The thought never entered the mind to be deceitful. Too much to hope for, I know, especially in an animal shaped by evolution, environment, and the struggle to endure.

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New Programming…

Regrettably, there are some program changes that must be made. This is for my protection. There is a wide swath of the internet using populace that can no longer be trusted. This is the result of feminism and the so-called metoo campaign. Women that I do not know can no longer be trusted… therefore women that I do not know will be given a short message as follows:

I am sorry, but due to feminism and the metoo campaign I will no longer respond to unknown women on the internet.

This is the way it has to be.

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Abnormal is Not Normal … February 11, 2018

There are many who work daily spreading propaganda attempting to depict abnormal as normal. Just today a “science” site attempted to persuade readers that being mentally abnormal is normal.

There will never come a time when the corrupt human society will convince me that it is normal for a man to insert his penis in an anal opening. There will never come a time when a perverted witless soul will convince me that two women “making out” is normal. There will never come a time when some twisted logic will persuade me that a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man… they will always be what they were born. All three cases are perverted reality, spun to please the real mentally ill folks who need psychiatric help but are prevented or at least not encouraged to find the same out of some aberration of logic of a-sick minded public.

Stuck in some old moral frame that should be abandoned am I? Acting against some hidden desire to be like these sick people am I? No… I am acting in the best of light, attempting to preserve what I feel is a dying species.

Any species that tries to reason that abnormal is normal and that normal is rare is sick and dying. Is that what religion was trying to preserve? Normal? Too bad the religion is also abnormal.

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Atheism Means Non-belief, and Nothing More…

Once again I find myself addressing an issue I have addressed before. That is because people still make assumptions. People and groups both make assumptions about the members of their groups. This causes division and destroys the effectiveness of the group.

Atheism means non-belief in deities. That’s all it means. There is no other baggage included with that definition.

Yet, there are groups like the American Atheists, the American Humanist Association and others, that decide, unilaterally, what it is you must accept and believe as an atheist.

The morals I had when I was afflicted with the Christian virus remained the same throughout the affliction and are the same now that I am cured of the affliction. I do not accept those things as normal that I did not before, and I never will.

I support human rights. I do not support special rights for other groups. Those groups are of the LGBT label. (And whatever other alphabetic letter you want to add to that) I assert these poor mentally ill people are being enabled to remain ill by an acceptance of normalcy. As a caring empathetic person I hold no hatred or grudges towards any. I also hold that it is immoral to withhold needed psychiatric services for the mentally ill.

Being endowed with human rights does not include the right to engage in any deviant behavior or fetish that you have a desire for. 

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Only One Group Left Without Protection… January 28, 2018

There is  only one group left that the public can bully and ridicule.

Laws protect all minorities and even one majority from being verbally attacked.

The only group left that the public finds acceptable to bully and ridicule is: White males.

Say nothing about the new minority that is a majority: women. Say one thing derogatory and you will be chastised till you die.

Say nothing about blacks, Asians, or Mexicans… or you will be hounded… to death.

Speak as freely and as critical or ridiculing as you like to and about any white male and the public will look the other way.

Society has made its choice. I hope it suffers terribly for it.

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Hopeless… January 28, 2018

human extinction 5An examination of the human condition reveals that the body human, the collective if you will, is terminally flawed. Aware of its plight though it is, the whole together is incapable of diverting from its path of sure destruction. Without cooperation from the whole, no part on its own can deter the final result: extinction.

The problem is there are too many captains. Compared to a ship, the human race is dead in the water. It is paralyzed by positives and negatives which sum out to zero. human extinction 14

As resources and space are diminished conflict will increase. The prophecy of doom is quickened. Even the rats cannot escape the ship… there is no where to go. Depending on how the end is played out, the earth will either become a barren burnt out cinder or a paradise for the animals that survive. Will humanity have one great burst of violence creating the barren cinder, or will it just deflate and pass. For the sake of other creatures, I hope the latter.

human extinction1

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The Majority Minority January 27, 2018

The only majority that has been given minority status by society is … women.

They are given preferential treatment in the same way minorities are given preferential treatment. They are even given considerations equal to that of children.

Society depicts women as more moral and of a higher order than men. A woman’s word is worth more than a host of men. If she says it, it is accepted as true. Unlike men… women are considered innocent until proven guilty… and no man’s word will do.

As a result of this I will demand more of women from now on. In my Facebook discussions I will expect women to be perfectly civil and to exercise total caution in language. If they do not then I will block them. No warning will be given. They will simply be gone from my sight.


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What Does It Take to Be An Atheist? …. January 21, 2018

What does it take to be an atheist?

Many Christians claim they are persecuted. That simply is a lie, but then, Christians have always been excellent liars.

Atheists have been persecuted, are persecuted now. Atheists are outcasts of society, a society that has for the most part bought the fantasy of Christianity. To a smaller extent many in society have bought other various fictional ideologies as well.

What does it take to be an atheist? The singular qualification has been a non-belief in deities. To be clear, that would have to be all deities. Whereas, to the believer in the Abrahamic gods all other believers are atheists, and to those other believers, Christians are atheists, in reality none of them are atheists, in my humble opinion. It must be non-belief in any deity whatsoever.

It takes grit, strength beyond a Christian’s, to withstand the troubles resulting from making an atheist belief public. Atheists have been demonized to the point that many only see them as immoral monsters. Granted, upon becoming atheists, many atheists seem to endeavor to live up to the public’s derisive perspective. Then there is also the relatives that fear you are immediately bound for hell, hurtling toward your doom. You have to endure the most heartfelt pleading of relatives that have known you since birth. You’ve never been proselytized until the moment you declare publicly your atheist non-belief.

They pity you, plead with you, warn you, demonize you, and often shun you. Welcome at family events before, now you learn about such events after they have happened. When you do go, people of belief go out of their way to bait you, attempting to determine just how deep your convictions are. Friends you’ve known for years no longer react to your presence in the same fashion. They no longer come around as often.

There are still parts of the world where being an atheist carries the death sentence.

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Fools For God… January 14, 2018

The man or woman up front has been trained in how to fleece the flock. They are called pastors, preachers, reverends, or priests. They carefully ply their craft planting seeds (mental viruses) within the thoughts of those who have come to praise. Guilt is a plentiful commodity and each person present receives a hefty helping. All of these people, so gullible, so innocent, have real needs. The lecher up front will use those needs to take from those who have little to nothing left. Again, guilt, with a little hellfire on the side, is served up. Those with nothing give what little they have to fill the plate for the sly devil in disguise.

Fake healings, fake miracles, and claims of miracles that happened without any divine cause, but were convenient happenings. The man behind the curtain stands boldly in front, manipulating the crowd… there is no god evident, but everyone “feels” god’s presence anyway. Such empty heads, so gullible, begging to be told things, and there are always those willing to fill those empty spaces between the ears.

The evangelists are the worst of the lot… living in huge mansions while the flock lives in squalor. They drive big expensive cars, fly huge planes, and perform their charade in  huge palaces with ornate fittings. They want for nothing in the quest for more wealth.

Jesus never existed, but if he had, and did come back I daresay a lot of the bodies of evangelists and other greedy manipulators of the poor and miserable would burn for years in the stack Jesus would build.

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