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Why Seek Relevance?

Does a rock on Mars seek relevance? Does it care? Has it sentience? Of course not. Then is it sentience that prompts a desire for relevance? What is relevance? Is it a desire that others take notice? Is it some … Continue reading

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Schadenfreude… A Christian Trait… December 4, 2017

Schadenfreude is a German term that translates “malicious joy”. The malicious joy is taken by one over the miseries suffered by another. It is another example of the human capacity to be cruel. This past week there was a lot … Continue reading

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Loathing and Self-Loathing… December 3, 2017….

Yes, this post is once again about that detestable topic: Feminism. I have been on Facebook for many years. In all that time I have found only one feminist that I respect, one feminist who most definitely does not hate … Continue reading

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Humanity 101

The more I am exposed to the society of humanity, the less I like humanity and the less I enjoy life. People speak what they are really thinking on Facebook. It is not a pretty sight. They use expletives, judge … Continue reading

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It Will Fold Into Itself and Implode… November 26, 2013

Everyone is seeking someway to become a minority, which today receives magnified considerations in the public eye. Extra effort is given to such groups to insure that their rights are paramount… even over the rights of others. When that group … Continue reading

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Groupthink Eliminates Open-mindedness…

It has been said that organizing atheists is like herding cats. They are all so independent. There are no doubt many reasons for this. Many left the church and aren’t too keen on joining another group. No two atheists are … Continue reading

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Fifty Years? November 13, 2017

Fifty years?I am not entirely sure that humanity will endure another fifty years. There are too many factions pushing this way, or pulling that way… consensus that anything is wrong at all, is also not available. One group makes strides … Continue reading

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Why Do Atheists Argue Against Religion… November 12, 2017

The main reason as I see it is that religion is everywhere and the religious proselytize it constantly. I have been told by Christians that their moldy tome exhorts them to spread the word of their faith. Whenever you see … Continue reading

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Science and Religion Do Not Mix… November 5, 2017

Ignorance continues to be spread here in the U.S. Various religious factions are vying to spread their particular brand of ignorance daily. Science is constantly under attack as it rips back the veil of ignorance. The origin of humanity as … Continue reading

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Pulling in Different Directions… or, Diversity Isn’t What it’s Cracked Up to Be… November 4, 2017

As an atheist I do not believe in any deities. I accept the results of scientific investigation. I, therefore, accept the correctness of the Theory of Evolution. For me evolution is a fact. I assert that evolution is a fact … Continue reading

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