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Are Emotions a Flaw? March 14, 2021

Fret, worry, anger, anxiety, your emotions are on automatic. Your memory, mostly images, or thoughts without form, seem to initiate emotional reactions in the same degree as actual reality. Naturally, memories are desirable in order to learn, and to not … Continue reading

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Why Religion Must Go… January 24, 2021

    A fervent believer considers his/her god the one and only. As a result, all other gods of other belief systems are looked upon as abominations. A religion expects a believer to support and spread its particular dogma. It usually condemns … Continue reading

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Disaster Averted… November 8, 2020

The world is celebrating. A crazy man has been thwarted from creating another Reich. Trump will not get a second term. Now, just what could cause a man to behave so childishly, so foolishly? What do his creditors hold over … Continue reading

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You are Being Used… October 4, 2020

Is the United States going down? Despite the efforts of the GOP that has not been decided yet. Trump has used the GOP and religion in what has been a very successful effort to divide the nation. In the United … Continue reading

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The Stage is Set… September 27, 2020

    The stage is set, the players are poised, the script has been forced upon us all.The audience is the world.     All that is left is for the puppet masters to begin the show.

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A Struggle for Power … September 26, 2020

    Religion has wanted to gain power in the United States since the country was founded. Now after over two centuries they have come to a point where they believe they can seize power. They have a President who is willing … Continue reading

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The Arrogance of Believers is Astounding… September 9, 2020

So, Christians have a god they consider perfect… omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. All powerful, present everywhere, seeing and knowing everything. Also, this God personally cares about you. By perfect I suppose it is meant perfectly good, moral, and caring. Totally … Continue reading

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Why Planet Earth is Doomed… August 23, 2020

In short: diversity. The very thing many would thought would be beneficial may cause human demise. There are myriad cultures with many different belief systems and levels of sophistication. Many peoples are extremely poor and struggle with even the everyday … Continue reading

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Stable Genius?… August 16, 2020

What if this is all a charade? Years ago Donald Trump declared himself an atheist. Suppose he was not lying that one single time. Look at the damage that has been done to  specific groups: > The GOP is in … Continue reading

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emotionless emo·​tion·​less | \ i-ˈmō-shən-ləs \ Definition of emotionless : showing, having, or expressing no emotion :an emotionless stare Other Words from emotion Is an emotionless reaction really a reaction? If the intent is to agitate or unnerve, then the … Continue reading

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