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New Programming…

Regrettably, there are some program changes that must be made. This is for my protection. There is a wide swath of the internet using populace that can no longer be trusted. This is the result of feminism and the so-called … Continue reading

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Cast in Impervious Cement… January 1, 2018

Sufficient time has past. Transgressions as yet unforgiven are now set in the cement of the past, never to change. No further consideration will be given to changing the status of these memories. Future behavior concerning these transgressions will be … Continue reading

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Why Seek Relevance?

Does a rock on Mars seek relevance? Does it care? Has it sentience? Of course not. Then is it sentience that prompts a desire for relevance? What is relevance? Is it a desire that others take notice? Is it some … Continue reading

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Phony… April 9, 2017

How can a human being keep from being labeled “phony”? In many ways this may be an impossible task. Anyone can label someone else “phony” arbitrarily, without cause. Everyone erects false façade to everyone else. Such action as erecting this … Continue reading

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New Year’s Post… January 1, 2017

Every year has been the same. Improvements were desired but not accomplished, or if accomplished, then lost. Stability is desirable. Humanity is polarized into various groups. Each group opposes all other groups in some way. If you do not adhere … Continue reading

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Frustration … A Hard Row to Hoe… August 8, 2016

My expectations rarely sync with outcomes. I expect outcome A, and most often the outcome is some other unexpected letter. I become disappointed. It is not as if I expect all things to proceed in an orderly way according to … Continue reading

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A Vampire or Worse… January 2, 2016

What reaction is in order for someone who has negatively affected your life? What if that person is a relative? What about what could be a mentally disturbed relative? What if you’re not sure whether they are mentally disturbed or … Continue reading

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A Misanthrope Online? … December 27, 2015

Why do I involve myself with social media like Facebook? Each day of my involvement in public media brings new disappointment as the people reveal themselves to me. Online it is easier for people to reveal their true natures. Most … Continue reading

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Censorship To Protect The Sensitive …

For this new year approaching I have decided that censorship is necessary in my posts on Facebook. There are many people who cannot take the full caustic nature of reality and must be shielded from it. Therefore, upon determination of … Continue reading

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