You can affect the subconscious. It can be molded ever so slowly into a form, for good or evil, by simple repetition. Whether for good or for evil can only be determined after the fact. Your ideas, your concepts, however nice in your thoughts may not translate as you might suppose in molding the subconscious. Also… will your imagined concept manifest as the whole, or only a part… with many other entities within that murky realm, sharing existence. Will the creation stand, remain, or melt away eventually, if not maintained.

    So, you decide to change your perspectives. You decide upon a path and begin the process of change by envisioning the way you’d like to be. The person you’d like to be. You make the first clumsy efforts to create the vision or method by which to achieve it. You decide the best way to change is by emulating that which you desire to become. Your hope is that by emulating that vision, that concept, that it will become a second nature… like that achieved when you learned to ride a bike: automatic. Just like riding a bike, you will never have to learn it again unless some delicate structure within your brain becomes damaged.

    Meaning the best, you begin. A concept is developed. The details are unimportant to this record. The plan is formed and implemented.

    As the days pass rapidly by, as they have a habit to do, you note subtle changes in your behavior. Many times, in exchanges, you notice yourself following, referencing, your new plan. Just as the religious may learn to “live in the spirit” so you do as well, only you do not follow an antiquated and barbaric tome, but rather some other concept that you prefer. Staying in that spirit strengthens that spirit. Centuries have proven this true… the religious must go through great efforts to cast off the spell weaved by their learned dogma.

    Let’s hope your concepts are feasible, possible. Crashing and burning is very painful. (This blog is purposely vague)

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