I am 100% atheist. On a scale of 100, with 0 being a full blown conservative and 100 a full blown liberal I would average somewhere around 30, depending on the topic. On some issues I could be as low as 20, while others 65 to 70. (For example, I am against the legalization of any additional drugs that affect mental acuity adversely)
I like to interact with people on the internet about relevant issues. I view religion, all religion ,as  mental illness as well as the result of a mental virus. I admit some people are too weak to live without the artificial support religion may offer.
I do not believe anyone who tells me they used to be an atheist and that they now believe. If they knew what I know, it would be impossible to go back. At best they might pretend for the sake of relatives or friends. At worst, they are(were) simply liars for Jesus.

My mission is to be visible and work toward a world where reason, logic, common sense, and love for one’s fellow human reign supreme(Humans will have to change for that to happen). As for my mission statement concerning atheism… I work for further acceptance of atheists in the general public. Do not assume anything else. I certainly do not lend my support to events and activities which are not likely to endear atheists to the public at large. I absolutely avoid events and activities which I know the vast majority of the public possess great ire for. Saying nothing does not mean acceptance, do not make the mistake of assuming that it does.

I am a young man born on February 1, 1952. It is my goal never to get old, just older. (There is only one alternative presently to getting older)

Does it matter if anyone reads this blog? No, absolutely not, it never has mattered.

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  1. This explains why you perceive of what is written within the bible as you do. Religion/faith is a mental illness to you. This sounds like a dose of too much Richard Dawkins and the other three horsemen. 😉

  2. drenn1077 says:

    Yes, when examined, the effects of the religious indoctrination resemble a viral disease in many ways. People who have the infection can function using reason and logic in many areas, yet when their religion is challenged, reason and logic as well as common sense take a hike.

  3. drenn1077 says:

    It is not possible to overdose on truth and logic and reason.

  4. Oh, but it is…
    Especially if it creates a curmudgeonly-type of individual, who calls himself a “free-thinker,” but doesn’t allow all of us to freely think what we like without calling it a mental illness. 😉

  5. drenn1077 says:

    No, it is not possible to overdose on truth, logic, and reason. It is also not possible for people who accept beliefs on faith to examine them under the scrutiny of reason. Allow? I am not stopping you from thinking anyway you wish. How can anyone except a clergyman using religion interfere with anyone’s thinking patterns?
    Curmudgeonly? If you knew me you would know how much this word does not apply to me. At least you did understand the part about a virus to some extent.I compare religious belief with a virus. Just as a computer can incur a virus which manipulates the programming, so does the virus of the mind.
    When you are able to examine your unsubstantiated faith under the light of reason, in respect to the truth, then you will be on your way to mental health again.

  6. I’m quite happy with my mental health, thanks. I do suggest wholeheartedly that you examine your use of the word “freethinker.” It’s an oxymoron when you can’t apply the word to mean what it clearly says. We are all free to think as we please and our thoughts should be tolerated by others, even if one doesn’t agree with such thoughts. You, of all people, as an atheist should understand that. Atheists claim to be persecuted, but you are one of the very people persecuting the religious by inferring and insisting that they are mentally ill. There appears to be very little that is free thinking in that, no offense, but it’s the truth.

  7. drenn1077 says:

    A freethinker is one who is not hampered by preconceived notions and is willing to listen to and accept new information. Yes, you are entitled to think whatever you desire no matter how misguided it may be. Not being telepathic I have no idea what your thoughts are about or whether they are tolerable.
    I do not claim persecution, at least not with the same frequency that Christians claim persecution. Christians claim persecution over the smallest criticism, and seem to absolutely delight in doing so.
    Back to freethinking. I seem to gather from what you are saying that you think it means tolerating others thoughts, what they believe, regardless of content. It means nothing of the sort. A freethinking individual not only will be persuaded by new evidence, new information to change his/her viewpoint, that individual thinks outside the box. That person exhibits all of his/her whole life the desire to learn new things. You can tell most of the time whether a person is freethinking just by their behavior. Despite age these people, these freethinkers, exhibit an interest in life and learning that is absolutely ageless.

  8. drenn1077 says:

    Whether or not your thinking is of the freethinker variety or not I cannot say, but I can guarantee that if you are a Christian, or of Islam, or of (name your virus), where your religion is concerned there is no free thought. Do you ever examine its validity? If Christian, do you actually believe that a talking snake was the cause of the downfall of us all? If Muslim, do you really believe a horse took Mohammad into the sky? Or do you fake it for the social aspects of religion?

    Atheists claim they have been discriminated against, that there is a litmus test for public
    office, and everything I have seen supports this.

  9. Last post, I promise. 😉 I don’t want to heckle you ..just get you thinking, is all.

    You’re sounding like a bad parody of Richard Dawkins and his other horsemen. Please, please don’t become like they are; no one appreciates the narrowmindedness of evangelical atheism — trust me. It’s akin to the fundamentalism of any philosophy or religion. I know you’re more intelligent and wiser than that (I hope). It’s not cool, if it ever even was…

    Think outside of the box and just let people be who they want to be without persucutory judgment about it. This doesn’t mean you have to agree because I certainly don’t agree with your perception of God, etc., but I do acknowledge your rights to your own pov and opinions, regardless of what I think of them, and respect you for bothering to have them. Aside from that, it’s a lot more mature, behavior-wise. Very few people respect those who insult others just because they think differently than we do.

    Blessings and take care..

  10. drenn1077 says:

    Evangelical atheism? Narrowmindedness? Another shot across my bow?
    I really do not understand why you would use those terms to describe Richard Dawkins or any of the other so-called horsemen. I have never seen people who are so open-minded. Evangelical is not a word I would associate with any of them.
    I do have my right to my opinion. In light of everything that I have read my analysis indicates that religion is dangerous. It very much resembles a reprogramming of the brain. When criticized in the least this programming lashes out in the same fight or flee as an instinct. Otherwise it resides within the individual shaping all of their thoughts. To even consider that they might be wrong sends chills through their body.
    Have you ever considered that these horsemen, like me, have researched religion to the nth degree and concluded that it is what it is, a scam? At that point having made these conclusions and then seeing the helplessness of the religious to respond with new information, why not act with confidence and try to dismantle the religion and thereby negating any further harm it might cause?
    I have stated that I agree that you have every right to believe whatever you like as long as it does not interfere with my rights in any way. When I see proselytizing in print or on the airwaves, or by means of some obviously religious display on government property, I will respond.
    There is the religious right, a group of fundamentalists, who have every intent to take this country and make it a Christian Nation, by force, if necessary. Presently their showman is Dave Barton. If they continue with their plans, which are in motion, I predict there will be a civil war in the United States within maybe a decade or two. They are presently infiltrating government. They deny the reality of the Separation between Church and State. I will be in the front lines, if I am still alive and able, to face them if need be.

  11. Ekaterina says:

    In the name of religion and God how many kilinlgs and atrocities has been done to man women and children, I am a three generation atheist and proud of it I believe in science and so far i have not seen any proof of anything I see that under the cover of religion most religious people do bad things rape women children and control the mind of other people and their money basically religioin is an instrument through which people’s minds are poluted. I want to keep open mind and try to understand how things were created and learn to improved quality of our life.

  12. Layali says:

    If the Vatican wants to do good let it foot the whole bill and pump money into an economy rehtar than draining it!And let them repay each of the countries they’ve visited the costs.It might be the most useful thing any Pope has ever done!

  13. drenn1077 says:

    What was this comment referencing?
    The problem with Catholicism is that when they send people to countries they never take enough supplies to do any real good. They expect and receive protection services from the countries they visit. They go to proselytize. As their premier member, Mother Teresa said, paraphrasing, “Suffering is good for the poor.”
    All that the Pope, and indeed, all the prominent religious heads have ever done is stand in the way of the easing of suffering and the improvement of quality of life.

  14. Argus says:

    I bought a copy of Dawkins and was bored silly very quickly. I’ve still not finished it.

    The Holy Bible however, inspires me. Right from the very first sonorous phrases of the Creation in Genesis. But after the Creation though it went right off the rails; and the Old Testament makes me feel sick—all that endless slaughtering, fire, swords, even terminating pregnancies (amazing what you can do with two feet of razor-edged bronze).

    The New Testament is even more awesome … what on earth was John on, with his Revelations? As for what his merry horsemen are going to do to us … I’d say the outcomes of very sick minds.
    Even though he’s boring, I’d worship Dawkins before I’d worship any of the Abrahamic Gods or their officials. And while we’re at it … ol’ God knew about that Boston Marathon thing the day before yesterday (actually, the day before The Creation, in fact) and yet He did nothing to warn anyone. Nice guy …

  15. drenn1077 says:

    I have read information that the author of Revelations was criticizing the Roman Empire in cryptic fashion and had no “End of the World” scenarios in mind when writing it.
    The rapture itself was invented in 1830. The whole of the Revelations has its present meaning totally through “interpretation”.

  16. Argus says:

    That makes better sense. For a moment there I thought we had to believe it.

  17. inkyspider says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog, so I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  18. drenn1077 says:


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  19. john zande says:

    Drenn, just reading your last post and I think you’re missing something: you don’t have a comments section in your posts anymore. It’s been ages since I saw the option, and figured you’d just disabled it.

  20. drenn1077 says:

    Fixed, I hope. Future posts will have “leave a comment” on them.

  21. john zande says:

    You made me giggle 🙂 I was scratching my head reading your post, wondering, “What the hell is he going on about?”

  22. john zande says:

    Errrrummmmm…. Nope, not fixed. Just went to your most recent post and still nothing there.

  23. drenn1077 says:

    Yes. I did a test post and it was there. Only the future posts will have it, not those already published.

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