I am 100% atheist. On a scale of 100, with 0 being a full blown conservative and 100 a full blown liberal I would average somewhere around 30, depending on the topic. On some issues I could be as low as 20, while others 65 to 70. (For example, I am against the legalization of any additional drugs that affect mental acuity adversely)
I like to interact with people on the internet about relevant issues. I view religion, all religion ,as  mental illness as well as the result of a mental virus. I admit some people are too weak to live without the artificial support religion may offer.
I do not believe anyone who tells me they used to be an atheist and that they now believe. If they knew what I know, it would be impossible to go back. At best they might pretend for the sake of relatives or friends. At worst, they are(were) simply liars for Jesus.

My mission is to be visible and work toward a world where reason, logic, common sense, and love for one’s fellow human reign supreme(Humans will have to change for that to happen). As for my mission statement concerning atheism… I work for further acceptance of atheists in the general public. Do not assume anything else. I certainly do not lend my support to events and activities which are not likely to endear atheists to the public at large. I absolutely avoid events and activities which I know the vast majority of the public possess great ire for. Saying nothing does not mean acceptance, do not make the mistake of assuming that it does.

I am a young man born on February 1, 1952. It is my goal never to get old, just older. (There is only one alternative presently to getting older)

Does it matter if anyone reads this blog? No, absolutely not, it never has mattered.

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