Derelicts in the Mist… March 16, 2023

Human society possesses surprising diversity. There are humans that I have been taught to believe normal, then there are many variations. Normal has always been, in my experiences, a heterosexual relationship, committed by the rite of marriage, to the formation of a family. This seems to provide great benefit, especially to those couples who would rather bind with those they desire than be coaxed by force to commit to another. The arrangement tempers the ability of the aggressive individual to dominate others.

    To keep a home means, among other things, establishing levels of sanitation and order. Everyday life proceeds more capably when things are where they are expected to be. A satisfactory level of sanitation contributes to the health of the family.

    Human society, however, is widely flawed. There are those amidst society that are slovenly. They do not value order. They are often ill due to poor hygiene. Their personal hygiene is neglected and their environment, both order and sanitation, are unsatisfactory. From day to day observations of their behavior, it is clear that the manner in which they live is either preferred or irrelevant.

    It is not just hoarders, but also those who let things drop where they may. Examples:
1. Newspapers and magazines stacked in various places in disarray.
2. Things, be they tools, or personal items, simply cast to the floor, not for disposal, but to keep.

    I cannot envision this level of apathy for order. Even if they are in a psychological depression, at least a modicum of order is necessary for continuity… but it is often lacking. From day to day, it is clear, that they are just fine with this condition. Nothing changes. If criticized, they become angry. If you ask for an explanation they seem not to understand what it is you are asking. Everything, the disorder, the unsanitary conditions, seems normal to them.

    These “derelicts” then, what are they? Are they devolving? They came from apes… are they returning? Civilization is always tenuous, without order and thought about the environment, civilization could very well evaporate. Perhaps this was the destination meant for humans all along, to become again, over and over, primitive creatures based on tooth and claw. Up and down, with no permanence. From ape to man and back again.

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  1. drenn1077 says:

    Another pearl… wasted.

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