A Manufactured Delusion … April 26, 2022

It is true that all religions, all belief systems, originated in the mind of some human. There are no exceptions to this. In actuality, there is no other way for any idea of any kind to be manufactured. Spontaneous generation does not, has not, ever occurred. If spontaneous generation of an idea occurred, then suspicions would emerge that some creator of that idea existed. To me there is no confusion. This is the way I see this issue.

Deception is employed by human beings. Occasionally, the human creating the deception becomes convinced that he/she is receiving instructions from beyond the natural world and that the concepts produced are truth. Although what is created is a fraud the deluded individual considers it truth. At this point the individual may attempt to spread this delusion. If the person is clever enough, and the time is right, the concept may spread through a population at great speed. A religion is born. A person who, in an attempt to explain the unexplained, has manufactured a belief system.

Over time, as many other humans embrace the delusion, various individuals add to the myth, causing it to evolve, strengthen. As it becomes more convincing, and is corrected to adapt to the times, the virus, the religion, hastens in its infection. Those concepts that fail to adapt fail to continue.

All of this is the story of all the religions that have ever existed. Looked at from a real world perspective, a materialistic perspective, all religions are false, having been created, fabricated, by the minds of human beings. No god exists. No supernatural forces exist. To suggest otherwise is nonsense.

This is my view. If you come to me with another perspective, one suggesting a god, or the supernatural, prepare to be ridiculed.

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