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What Will Happen if Hillary Wins–Worst Case Scenario … September 25, 2016

What if Hillary Rotten Clinton wins the November 2016 election? This is a look at everything that could go wrong. We will be at war with Iran. Men who not want to be at the beck and call of Hillary … Continue reading

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Whosis, Part Three to Finish. August 7, 2013

Chapter Three – Truce First a faint blur, then the image begins to lighten, a nurse, bending over Allen, materializes to his returning consciousness. “What am I doing here?” he asks. A neck brace keeps him from turning to fully … Continue reading

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Chapter One – The Festering “No, no, no, I scream. Not aloud of course lest they hear me. That inner voice – that blasted inner voice. Be silent, stop your banter, I am sick of you.” Outwardly the turmoil in … Continue reading

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Coming of Age … February 20, 2013

Chapter One Humanity Rises Centuries have passed since the last wars of Humankind. In this year, 2949 C.E., the trials of this species have been surmounted. A stable and sustainable population has been established and, including other colonized worlds, has … Continue reading

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