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Mind Boggling Time… November 3, 2019

Numbers, big numbers… are difficult to imagine. In your mind you can imagine ten people standing in a row… maybe a few more, twenty, thirty… but then when you get up to say one hundred, envisioning a hundred people standing … Continue reading

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Global Warming is a Killer… December 16, 2018

In the January/February issue of Skeptical Inquirer Amardeo Sarma founder and chairman of the German skeptics organization GWUP has a short piece that is critical of the new IPCC report on Global Warming. The report is available at The … Continue reading

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Time Travel, You Say? … March 19, 2017

Why I Cannot Accept Time Travel Does time flow like a river or expand like a growing sphere? In either case there is mass moving down the river, or expanding infinitely.     Is there differentiation between layers of mass? … Continue reading

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Insufficient Information … February 26, 2017

Arguments about the nature of the Universe… is it caused, uncaused? Does the Universe have a beginning or has it always existed? There are arguments for any of these positions. Biased arguments are presented by theists. Those arguments always include … Continue reading

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Whose Goo Got You?

We should have suspected something, there were plenty of clues. Trees, vegetation, animals, all were clues we should have seen. Trees would disappear overnight. A forest would disintegrate as Rangers watched. Howling from the forests was heard world wide as … Continue reading

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The Aliens Are Here Already, Get Over It… January 17, 2016

Many people have seen UFOs. I have. The question of the existence of UFOs then seems a given, they exist, what is known is what they are, if some agency is guiding them, if being guided… who is doing the … Continue reading

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Circumcision… The Mutilation of Male Offspring……….. October 6, 2014

Circumcision… Why the controversy? Circumcision was common but not all encompassing among ancient Semitic peoples. The reasons for it are not known with solidity. Many think it began as a religious rite or rite of passage for boys into adulthood. … Continue reading

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Stinkin’ Birds… They Were the Ancestors of Stinkin’ Birds

How did evolution produce birds? From an article in Reuters it seems dinosaurs were the result of “shrinking” a dinosaur for 50 million years. A recent story, source not known, reported that feathers have been a more common feature of … Continue reading

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MJ–Touted as Cure-all … March 03, 2014

Various postings I have seen on Facebook have asserted, actually asserted, health benefits in smoking Marijuana. It is, I admit, a proven fact that marijuana can inhibit pain in some suffering individuals, but, they need not smoke it. Some of … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles or Where No One Has Thought Before … November 18, 2013

At first the ancient peoples were content with the world. It seemed very roomy, immensely large. Though some remained convinced that it was flat and that the sun circled the world and went under it at night, many thought it … Continue reading

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