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Pessimism is Easy… April 26, 2020

Over the years I have attempted to maintain a positive outlook where humanity is concerned. I have found it impossible. Many have predicted that humanity has only fifty to a hundred years left. There is no way to know how … Continue reading

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Pure Capitalism is Immoral… September 23, 2018

Unrestrained capitalism cannot be allowed to prevail. Pure capitalism is completely oriented toward profit. Pure capitalism cares about nothing else. Pure capitalism will: Exploit human resources with a stark result Exploit natural resources without regard for the future Use politicians … Continue reading

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Accepting the Inevitable … August 16, 2015

The naïve idealism of youth desires possibilities outside the realm of reality. There is more hope present in the youthful mind than is duly warranted. When you reach an age of maturity the true nature of things becomes more clear. … Continue reading

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How Feminism is Like a Religion … May 11, 2015

As an atheist I see religion as being a totally fictitious belief system or ideology. There is no deity, no god or gods, as its foundation. Its roots can be found in myriad prior religions, and among the many myths … Continue reading

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It’s the Bomb! … March 30, 2015

How does one stop the unstoppable? Worse than a leaky ceiling, how Do you stop something that has the mind to thwart you? I have contemplated this before: The unstoppable juggernaut that is the human population bomb. It carries so … Continue reading

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Screw the Environment, he said.

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Flood Control … July 11, 2013

The Army Corp of Engineers developed man-made lakes for the purposes of flood control. Due to recent rains the dams on these lakes had to be partially closed to limit the flow of water downstream. Both Mifflin Lake and Pleasant … Continue reading

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BULGING Rivers, Covered Road… July 9, 2013

The ground is saturated and can’t take any more. Even a modest rain generates flooding. This is a river that flows under a bridge just before you get to Perrysville going south. A field is partially flooded, there will be … Continue reading

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Instead of a Virus, a Lymphocyte

Many people compare humanity to a virus which is slowly sickening the Earth. It is true that human beings are over-breeding and exerting a powerful strain on the resources of this planet. The atmosphere is being choked by the industrial … Continue reading

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Like It or Not Global Warming is Real

Old ice melts slower than new ice. Perennial ice, the newer ice, melts more quickly than the older ice. “The Arctic’s oldest, thickest ice is melting and may undermine the entire Arctic ice cap, NASA satellite photos show. Some 965,300 … Continue reading

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