IN THE MIDDLE … April 11, 2022

Towards many groups and on many issues I am neutral. Towards those groups that I am neutral I do not oppose or support them. On those issues that I am neutral I do not oppose or support them.

        Most groups that you inform of your neutral stance do not accept that stance. Instead, they assert that you are only permitted to be for, or you are against. This does not apply to just one group. All groups are of this nature… even the most liberal.

    In the same way, you are considered opposing an issue if you do not outright support it.

People do not allow a neutral position. It’s like a mental block. They cannot accept that it is possible to hold a noncommittal position on their issue or towards their group.

Is this flaw? Does this flaw derive from evolutionary sources? Is this flaw a product of groupthink?

    Choose a side, they cry. No, I reply. I am separate, I assert. You can’t be, they reply. I am I claim. Then you oppose, they shout.

A neutral position of non-aggression is one that is frowned upon by human nature. You cannot just exist. You cannot receive the fruits of the group without pursuing their goal. No matter that you spent your life working, earning, you are not left to your own. You must be part of some group, one that is pro or con.

No wonder so many humans are sad and pathetic creatures. They just want to survive, live, but are required to support or oppose. They will be shunned, ridiculed, if they claim neutrality. Some may object to this appraisal. I assure you, whether admitted or not… it is true of every group and almost all issues. Some groups claim the opposite of this assessment but in action are revealed to be just the same.

I will tell you what I am for, what I am against, and whether you accept it or not… I will tell you what I do not have a position on: That which I am neutral upon. (With some qualifications. I will not give an answer if I sense hostility.)

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