WHY THE DOUBT? …November 13, 2022

    There is so much doubt. Even those things that are decided, seem clouded by doubt.

    Humans question every examination in their search for truth. Is this efficient or is it even necessary to carry so much doubt?

    Humans develop rules based on observation, and even when no exception to those rules are noted, room is left for those exceptions. Logically this seems fine. Yet, in anticipation of these exceptions, much time is lost.

    Atheists it is said do not believe in the existence of gods. Why are they so afraid to say, there are no gods, or that of all the gods man has created… none exist?

    One wonders if this hesitation, which is claimed to be based on scientific soundness, is instead based on residual doubt caused by the intrusion of religious infection. All the while claiming they are atheists, they are simply agnostic, still displaying residual doubt from previous religious infection.

    On this world the only reason the concept of god or God exists is because of the existence of a life form that possesses adequate imagination to create it. Although ritual behavior may exist, no doubt caused by experience of the creature with results that seem to emanate from performing certain acts or motions… those motions, in the end, those rituals, seem without basis. Outcomes occur, regardless, at the same rates, even if no ritual is performed.

    I believe in the very final analysis that the reason Gods exist in the minds of these little human creatures is a basic need to have a sense of control over things uncontrollable. They experience surprising and frightening events and desiring to hold onto some degree of security and defense, create beings to battle or assuage those things, which being naturally produced, they have no power over. They desire a sense of safety, even though no safety exists.

    A human child seeks the security and reassurance of its parents. The child grows and ages into adult form, but is the inner child quelled? Instead of seeking its parents, which have a habit of dying, the adult human seeks some nebulous replacement. A seed planted by religious indoctrination while they are children provides the idea of a replacement parent. An invisible parent is sought, which they call god, since what they seek is a being so powerful that it can overcome all things.

    Is the conclusion then, that humans never achieve adulthood, or that the comforts provided by religion prevent the attainment of adulthood? Is the banishment of religion totally dependent upon humanity growing into adulthood?

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1 Response to WHY THE DOUBT? …November 13, 2022

  1. drenn1077 says:

    My doubts are gone.

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