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Darwin… One of My Favorite People… February 12, 2017

Darwin is one of my favorite people from history. Despite not knowing anything about genetics, very little about DNA, nor about antibiotics and how they drive  bacterial evolution and nothing about the many mass extinctions that have occurred… he was … Continue reading

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Gynocentricity, Built-in Anti-male Bias… January 22, 2017

It is a fact that society in the United States is biased in favor of females. For example there are over 700 women’s hospitals in the United States. I was unable to locate a reference to any men’s hospitals. Even … Continue reading

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An Inherent Automatic Function … January 15, 2017

Admonishments are frequently voiced endorsing the avoidance of judgments. “Who are you to judge?” is a frequent question associated with this admonishment. (There are many permutations of the arrangement of this question) Assertion: Everybody judges. When experiencing a new situation … Continue reading

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New Year’s Post… January 1, 2017

Every year has been the same. Improvements were desired but not accomplished, or if accomplished, then lost. Stability is desirable. Humanity is polarized into various groups. Each group opposes all other groups in some way. If you do not adhere … Continue reading

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Depression by Disappointment…

Each person is an independent unit. Each individual directs or influences their own fate through conscious decision. Independent humans can be influenced by other independent humans. Independence of independent humans is diminished by this influence. The optimum state is independence. … Continue reading

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The In-Group… December 11, 2016

There is a human phenomena known as “in-group”, sometimes also known as “in-group thinking”. Humans form groups. Each group considers itself the in-group. Other groups are looked upon unfavorably. Sometimes a group forms and develops actual animosity for other groups … Continue reading

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Open-minded to the Point of Absurdity… November 27, 2016

The cry is often made for “open-mindedness”. Usually made by those with a perspective which they wish to spread. By making the plea they hope to decrease the resistance to whatever issue or world vision they wish to promote. This … Continue reading

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My Struggle With Feminism … September 18, 2016

Oh criminy, another feminist post….. Yes, I guess so. It is a struggle I have waged for so long and I so wish I could put it to rest forever. However, I suppose it will continue at least for as … Continue reading

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Poor Dear, Suicidal Thoughts… September 11, 2016

Men commit suicide five times more often than women. One would think that such a statistic would garner more attention for the needs of men. This is not so. Instead the statistic that women have suicidal thoughts more often than … Continue reading

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“Protected” Equality? … August 28, 2016

“Women” in this post refers to bitter women’s rights activists. Just as men cannot be placed in any one category, neither can women. Gender equality? There are presently no rights men have that women do not have. As stated previously … Continue reading

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