Shhhh… They Might Hear You… October 13, 2022.

Humans were created by evolution. If other races on other planets were also created by evolution, we might not want to meet those individuals. If they were designed along the same lines as humans, then tooth and claw would be the law. If that is the case, then they would not come here to greet or meet they would come here to defeat. Conquering other races perhaps even destroying them would be the rule they would follow if they were created by the same means as humans.

    Presently the universe is nearly inaccessible to humans because of the vast distances. When evolution is considered, the universe becomes even I imagine he just broke down didn’t he more formidable. Do humans really want to reveal themselves, do they want to reveal their actual their actual location.

The naivety of humans during the 50s and 60s when space exploration was beginning had many people desiring to meet other alien beings. Danger from those aliens was not a consideration. Obviously, they did not consider that one singular example of intelligent life that they know of: humanity. Considerations might have been different if humanity were a creation rather than an evolved creature. If they had considered themselves and the long journey to intelligence by humanity, the brutal and barbaric climb up the evolutionary ladder, instead of expectations of friendly visitations, people might have instead opted to stop transmitting any your waves of any kind that might expose their existence.

The chances that an alien civil would be able to visit to earth are very small. When you consider the enormous distances between the stars within this solar system it is clear that unless humanity is able to develop a spacecraft that can go faster than the speed of light that human colonization of space we’ll have to rely on a craft large enough to house generations. This spacecraft would probably have to be at least half the size of the moon if not larger. Noah’s ark would never do.

The people arriving on a generation sized ship would not even remember earth. If they were able to find a habitable planet and even that is a small possibility, they will have lived in their generation size ship for so long that it will be the only home they ever knew. They might be very reluctant to leave it. In that case the only hope humanity would have would be the very few people who had the courage to start new lives in an environment of which they have no knowledge. I guess that would be rather like those who set foot on the generation ship in the very beginning.

Where would they go? Even at the speed of light it has been said that it would take a lifetime to get to the closest planet. Who can say whether it would be A habitable planet? Great disappointment might be the result. What are the chances that the very first planet they go to see would be A suitable one? I believe the success possibility for such an endeavor would be very low.

Maybe humans might consider preserving their present planet for future generations. Perhaps they could limit population growth. Maybe they might instead put more effort into finding clean sources of energy. Instead of finding another planet which is a dream distant, very distant in time, they might realize instead that they are stuck here and should make the best of it.

One of the greatest threats to humanity that I can see, is the capitalistic mindset to pursue ever greater industrial production. It is my assertion that the horrible mess human beings are in now is the result of capitalism. Those in business are continually seeking more wealth. In seeking more and more wealth more and more resources are used. Fossil fuels must be discontinued. New ways of generating energy for human for human use must be found.

The ignorance that has allowed population growth, things like antiquated belief systems and poor education, are among the problems facing humanity. The very segment of population that cannot afford additional population growth, the poor, must be dealt with. How to do this is A puzzle. However, it is a puzzle that must be solved. Solutions must be empathy based. It is a problem that must be dealt with, but humans must not lose their humanity in the process. Education must be given priority.

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