S.T.E.M. … January 23, 2019

Often these days the cry is heard that “women are not in the stem fields”. They lament that women do not dominate there, as they dominate elsewhere.

There has never been an impediment, no fence, no block, no glass ceiling for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. Women have simply chosen not to go there.

There are those few, well-meaning, but wrong-headed bunch who would take the ability to choose away from women… and make them do what they think they should do instead.

You know the type, those politically correct, “progressive”, SJW types who want to control what you do, hear, say, and even think. They are so set in thinking they know what is best for you they will punish you into doing it. They will shove, push, nag, you into conforming to their thoughts, their rationale. After all, if you don’t obey their directives you are standing in the way of their imagined utopia.

No, I am not a right wing conservative nut case. I am not a left wing nut case either. I feel free to choose from all the issues what I am convinced is right and good. I like to call myself a centrist, but they are probably dead set in their ways, with solid ideology that does not bend or waiver either. I guess I am a free man able to decide for myself. I examine the claims of people, and if their claims seem just under scrutiny then I adopt those claims. Groupthink is not for me. Groupthink compromises everyone.

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