Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence in the Case of Gods… July 29, 2019

From the perspective of fact, that is logic and reason, there is no evidence of the existence of any entity that can be called god.

Some like to think of nature as their god, yet, nature is simply there, a “natural” occurrence and is indifferent to life. Nature cannot be thought of as an entity.

A medical doctor observes a patient, and though susceptible to the patients input, if the patient is not conscious all he has are symptoms to consider. If a patient comes in and has no symptoms is there disease? If anything at all, there is only hypochondria. No physical symptoms, no physical disease. Other than some malady unknown, or a mental aberration the doctor must conclude that most likely the patient just thinks himself sick.

In all of the thousands of years humans have been …. human, there has never been any evidence whatsoever of the existence of a god. None, at least once you discount testimonies (useless), or personally biased perspectives. There have been many “liars for Jesus” who claim to experience something, perhaps simply to go with the crowd, perhaps to further a personal goal. There have been many assert evidence for god, but that evidence also could be deception, delusion, or misinterpreted. There continues to be a complete absence of confirmation of a god.

It is said absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Yet, the god, as described by Biblical accounts could not hide, being everywhere, in everything.

Just as we need no evidence to dismiss a myriad of fictional beings, since there is no evidence of god, why should god be considered special? Why is there a special consideration? Why dismiss anything lacking evidence if one cannot dismiss suggested god-like entities? It’s all made up. We can see the history of humanity and the thousands of gods that have been brought to existence in thought… and we can also see that there has never been any evidence of the existence of any god outside of thought. We can think anything. We dismiss most things. Why not a god? Specifically, why not the god prevalent in our culture? Is it fear? Is it ingrained from youth? Is it misplaced hope? Logically god can be dismissed. Emotional dismissal is more difficult for many.

Even the great Richard Dawkins is afraid to totally dismiss god. Yet, in all of his books he more or less eliminates the possibility of one. Why not go the full seven Richard? Why allow that margin of a doubt, when logically, there is no doubt. Gods are fictional creations. I can invent one for myself. You can invent a slew of gods. They will be just as effective, I assure you, as the Abrahamic god.

For crying out loud…. the supposed favored of god could not have been subjected to a holocaust if their god had been real. Forget that stupid free will excuse. There is no way a caring loving god could allow millions of the favored people to be slain, gassed, or baked in ovens and stand by helpless or indifferent.

Rapes, murders, wars… none of that could happen if god was real, caring, loving, and fatherly. NONE.

I am a seven…. I state fully without fear that there are no gods. I leave no speck of doubt for conmen to manipulate. Don’t even suggest your god exists, I will explode in your face. Unless you can trot that turkey out, shut the hell up. Your “god” has created enough hell on earth for many lifetimes.

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