For Heavens Sake, God, Get Out of the Way…. August 1,2020

Prayer is not only useless, it is dangerous.

Believers pray to god to have some wrong made right, or some favor, maybe even a miracle to be done. Someone who believes there is an all mighty entity watching over them and protecting them feels better after prayer and goes about their business, making no effort of their own to make their desires come true. It paralyzes them from taking action… after all, god has promised he would take care of you.

It is said that around 70% of the people inhabiting the United States believe in the Christian god. That produces a lot of inertia. Steps to improve the lot of humanity are not taken. Instead they sit blissfully awaiting god’s divine act. Action to reduce the population is stymied. God has told them to go forth and multiply. Efforts to improve the environment come to nothing as the religious claim that it is egotistical to think that humans can affect the climate of the planet.

The efforts made so far are surprising in the face of this obstruction. Reduced emissions from automobiles, planes, and power plants would never have taken place at the bequest of the religious.

On top of all this, the conservative right are absolute capitalists. They advocate the acquisition of profit… the environment be damned. The ever increasing needs of capitalism to accomplish more faster uses up resources that are finite and irreplaceable. As a result, the scramble for more and more of the limited resources creates a need for countries to  go to war to get them.

Capitalists using religion as a method of control have caused more war than any other factor. The puppets never seem to wake up. People see the surface of the reasons for war without looking for the foundations. The truth of the matter is that Christians are being used by the rich in order for the rich to get richer.  Meanwhile, collateral damage occurs among those who do not believe, those who have seen through the lies.

This is why I and other atheists, humanists, and non-believers absolutely detest religion. (Yes, some milksops think we can get along with this cancer) This is why I speak out against the indoctrination of children who don’t know enough to resist it. This is why I demand that the separation between church and state be preserved.

If we could throw off the yoke of religion from this planet I am confident we can solve all the problems. End war… end poverty and starvation… and make this life, our only life that can be proven, a better one.

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