IT’S NOT ME… July 06,2020

     It’s everywhere… it really can’t be avoided. People have no respect for others. They laugh about it, think it’s the mature thing. I see morons. Empty heads, speaking without thinking. I wonder if they do it in front of their parents? Their supervisors? In front of gray haired grand ma-ma.

     Ease up man they encourage… it’s just fun. Makes you seem more intelligent, they claim. I am puzzled… how can a speech pattern more suited for an adolescent make you seem more intelligent?

     It’s all around, I ignore it, but I don’t forget those who are more kind and most certainly I do not forget the ones who are crass. To find an intellect with good manners is most rare. I am most always never disappointed. No, they do not always agree with my point of view, but are content with me having one. Some will label you every conceivable evil thing in order to … to what? Embarrass you into changing your opinion? Scare you? A decent conversation is unavailable for these louts of the internet.

     Perhaps this is indicative of a deeper flaw? One where bad is good, good is bad. Evil is acceptable, good is frowned upon. Today if you are called a dirty little devil, more than likely it is applied in an adoring tone. All the girls look for bad boys. Decent men are labeled nerds, freaks, or worse.

      Don’t ask….

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