Pessimism is Easy… April 26, 2020


Over the years I have attempted to maintain a positive outlook where humanity is concerned. I have found it impossible. Many have predicted that humanity has only fifty to a hundred years left. There is no way to know how the end will come, perhaps global warming, turmoil because of dwindling resources, or global war. Again, there are many who can reason this out. However, to me the overbearing obstacles that must be overcome are greed and selfishness.


In my opinion, capitalism is at fault, though the overpopulation of the planet is a factor.

The United States was making great strides in the reduction of pollution, conservation measures, and education. When the far rightIDIOTS took over the government all of this was destroyed. In effect, the United States has been destroyed.

The government is all but penniless now that the greedy and corrupt people in office have stolen and given the treasury away to the already filthy rich. They are depleting everything. They want to destroy Medicare, destroy Social Security, and anything that has been helping the poor survive.

Yes, certain groups are more to blame, yet… it is the refusal to act, perhaps even the hesitance, or dread of acting, that focuses the blame not on one faction, but everyone. Whether it be the sacrifices that will be necessary, or the investments, no one unites on the cause of saving the planet.

Endangered animals in poor areas become smaller each year in population, because people need to have this or that from the creature endangered in order to meet basic needs. While one group of people become convinced that certain measures have to be taken to save some creature, another group is desperately trying to find a way to get around any blockades and take the creature for their own enrichment. Be it Rhinos, or Elephants, or Lions… slowly but sure the ignorant among us are decimating the world. The world is watching and does not want to commit to doing the strong enforcement measures necessary to stop the slaughter.

Humanity and the animals are doomed because of lethargy. Everyonelazy talks a good plan, but no one takes the aggressive measures necessary to implement it.

As a result, in conclusion, I feel that anyone that wants to extend their life beyond the norm is doing so only because they want to see the end of the human species. I would guess humans have less than one hundred yeas.

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