Do Not Fret Your Life Away… July 23, 2020

What a great racket. Invent a threat and offer another invention, a cure.

The original threat is death. They offer everlasting life in paradise. If you don’t accept their offer you spend an eternity having your skin burned off… again and again and again.

The original threat was death, no one invented that threat, and so far there appears no cure.

People fear death because they don’t understand it. In a way they have already experienced it. No one who is honest can state they have a memory from before they were born. There are some con artists, liars for attention, and mentally ill people that claim they have lived before. Yet, there has been a reward of a million dollars around for a long time to whosoever proves the supernatural, and no one has claimed it or earned it. Sane people know there is nothing before this life. Sane people know there is nothing after it.

What seems to scare people more than anything is not making it to heaven. They fear that they might not make it in. What a scam. Nobody has the wherewithal to prove it is or it ain’t. Fear makes people believe.

Plainly… everyone can see who has a lick of sense that there is no god, God, or gods. Not a stitch of evidence is available to purview. No one can prove Santa does not exist, but does that make Santa exist? What about unicorns, leprechauns, fairies, and monsters under your bed. Can you prove they don’t exist? Does that make them exist?

If an all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, entity existed there is no way it could hide itself. There would be undeniable evidence. If that entity were the God of the Bible… Everyone would know he exists because… he would have not been afraid to tell them so. God, if he were perfect, would never rely on a book that men wrote for publicity. What a mess that book is. Would a perfect god allow such a flawed document as the Bible, or Koran, to represent him? No. You would know, and if you didn’t accept it you might just get slapped back to the stone age. He’s got powers, you know.

The best you can hope for is a peaceful and painless death. A gentle slipping away. No fear of hell, no fear you may not make it to heaven, just nothing. In fact, not even an awareness of nothing

Organic creatures die. Nothing survives to be transported to another time and place. It’s simply over. Your turn at bat has ended.

So you die. Either someone pays for an expensive funeral and you continue to take up space the living could better use, or you have yourself cremated. Then the decision is up to those who remain. Will they scatter you here or scatter you there? Maybe if you tell them what you want you won’t be spending the rest of your quasi-existence on their fireplace mantle. Cats or dogs will not have a chance to knock your new home over and scatter you wherever.

If you are rich and can afford to buy up the grave site forever and put up a monolithic gravestone you can have humorous words etched on it so people will know you lived well.

Live your life the best you can. Do all the things you have been hoping to do. When you finally cave let it be because you lived to the last minute and used it all up. There is nothing to gain in worry.

Myself… I hope for an opportunity to punch out a lying sack o’ Christian priest for his years of service… even if it’s my last bit of breath and strength. What a bunch of miserable lying con-artists. I’m certain that if there were justice… there would be no heaven for them.

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