How Feminism is Like a Religion … May 11, 2015

As an atheist I see religion as being a totally fictitious belief system or ideology. There is no deity, no god or gods, as its foundation. Its roots can be found in myriad prior religions, and among the many myths of the day. There being no evidence everything must be accepted upon faith… total complete blind faith. Through support of fellow believers the ideology survives and is passed generation to generation.

In much the same way that religion is false, so is feminism. They, the feminist leaders, concocted in the early sixties a beastie which they labeled the patriarchy. The patriarchy was described as being composed of all men. All men, at that point, became the enemy of feminists. The patriarchy worked, they asserted, to oppress women. Most men, and rightly so, looked about and said “Who, me?” The truth was no man was oppressing women, no organized bunch of men were ever oppressing women. True, there were some elements of oppression within the ranks of the religious, but no where else. Nevertheless, through repetitious lies the feminist sisterhood was able to convince a willing bunch of gullible women that there was indeed some hideous oppressive beast called the patriarchy… of which, all men were members. Members had to accept this on blind faith as there was only fictitious evidence available to substantiate the claims. Taking up the gauntlet these twisted sisters began teaching the lies to their children… even their innocent boy children. In this way the lies are spread and maintained from generation to generation.

Much of what passes for feminist ideology is based on emotions, yes, feelings. If it feels right it must be right or if it feels wrong it must be wrong… reality, what is really right and wrong is subjugated to these feelings.

You protest… religions have churches. Well, feminists have their meetings to plan their attacks upon men… they also have, thanks to our gynocentric government, more women’s studies in universities than you can imagine.

Actual proselytizing in media by  feminist writers is common these days.
•It can be often seen in programs like “The View” – feminists attempting to force everyone into feminist worship.
•They sometimes literally worship their own vaginas and engage heartily in men bashing.
•As there is much religious art and music, so there is feminist art and music.

Feminism is in every sense a religion. They are told to believe with blind faith in an entity called patriarchy, an entity against they must battle and destroy.

Many people leave religions only to adopt another one or make their own. Some disparage of all religion and become atheists. This does not make them any less susceptible to being hoodwinked. Atheists remain gullible if the ideology they are presented is cloaked well enough. This is why many atheists adopt feminism within their ideologies. Yes, atheists have their ideologies also. It is nearly impossible to avoid developing certain beliefs when people come together, be they religious or atheist. This is why I no longer belong to any group. This is why I do not financially support any atheist or humanist efforts. Feminism has infiltrated and subverted almost every atheist group. Once a reasoned, logical atheist is infected with the nonsense of feminism, nothing which they think can be trusted. Everything becomes tainted. Just as religious belief can destroy science, so can feminist thinking. It is all in the perspectives.

Women achieved total equality long ago. That was not enough. It was too hard to assume responsibility for their own lives. They continued to press eager-to-please politicians to produce laws and restrictions against men. That is why we have de facto laws like Title IX, the Gender Equity Act, and now the very biased and sexist VAWA. They continue to press in their pursuit to destroy anything male, anything masculine. It can only end very badly.

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