BULGING Rivers, Covered Road… July 9, 2013

The ground is saturated and can’t take any more. Even a modest rain generates flooding.

Route 39 Bridge (1)

Pointing upThis is a river that flows under a bridge just before you get to Perrysville going south. A field is partially flooded, there will be some ruined corn.

River near Pleasant Hill Dam (2)

Pointing upThis bulging river is near the Pleasant Hill Dam, also near Perrysville.

MT Zion Rd (2)

Pointing upMount Zion Road between Mansfield, Ohio and Lucas, Ohio. Several cars decided to turn around rather than chance a crossing. A wise move.

Ball field Mifflin (1)

Pointing upMifflin, Ohio has a baseball field which they have tried very hard to keep in decent shape, but it never fails to incur deep water at least once a year.

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