Instead of a Virus, a Lymphocyte

Many people compare humanity to a virus which is slowly sickening the Earth. It is true that human beings are over-breeding and exerting a powerful strain on the resources of this planet. The atmosphere is being choked by the industrial activities of this mammal, the rivers, lakes, and even the oceans are being poisoned by the waste products generated by over-population. More like bacteria in a petri dish we are poisoning our own environment with our wastes. This, I think, can be expected if humanity is compared to a toddler who simply doesn’t know any better. This, I think, is on the brink of change. We are at least aware of the problem, and that is the first step in the solution.

Numerous people have compared the Earth to a living organism. Much like the human body the Earth has suffered from “illnesses”. Events that occurred which were adverse to life. In the eons which have passed many extinctions have occurred. Five major extinction events have occurred. Could it be that perhaps, through evolutionary forces, the Earth has produced a being which could be compared to the human body’s lymphocyte?

For the first time the Earth has within it’s array of many species a being which not only is aware of it’s own existence, it’s environment, but one that can think beyond the needs of the moment. A creature that can observe events and draw conclusions as to where those events may eventually lead. Not only that, but this creature, the human being, has the intelligence, the wherewithal, to change the course of events. At least the potential to do so. I am not suggesting that the Earth is a thinking creature, no more so than the human body, which developed only those attributes which natural selection pressures drove it to develop. I am suggesting that only as a happenstance humanity might exhibit those qualities which might compare to the immune system of the human body.  Many could argue that if humanity is as such, that presently the immune system of the planet is compromised. This is what I think can change.

The intelligence of the human being can be used to alleviate many of the natural disasters which threaten life here on this orb. Threatened species can be preserved through many means. Indeed, the ultimate threats that meant certain extinction on massive scales in past eons can be alleviated if enough time still exists to do so. The science and technological achievements will eventually allow the asteroid or meteor which might be bearing down on the Earth to be redirected, allowing species to survive what otherwise would have been certain doom.

All we need do is to develop this vision. To reference this vision when going about our daily activities. All we need do is be aware of the consequences of our activities, and arrange them so as to be beneficial instead of destructive of our environment. All we need to do is … think.

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