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Pure Capitalism is Immoral… September 23, 2018

Unrestrained capitalism cannot be allowed to prevail. Pure capitalism is completely oriented toward profit. Pure capitalism cares about nothing else. Pure capitalism will: Exploit human resources with a stark result Exploit natural resources without regard for the future Use politicians … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Greed … November 29, 2015

My assertion is that capitalism is successful because it feeds the inherent greed of people. Capitalism, by itself is not the culprit. If the individual engaging in capitalism was not greedy and accumulating vast wealth while others around were living … Continue reading

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Perfection is Idealistic … February 17, 2014

Socialism will not work because Humanity is imperfect. People are greedy. Even the empathetic brains we are all born with are ineffective in alleviating this failing of humanity. Some people for some reason turn the feelings of empathy into sadistic … Continue reading

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