Accepting the Inevitable … August 16, 2015

The naïve idealism of youth desires possibilities outside the realm of reality. There is more hope present in the youthful mind than is duly warranted. When you reach an age of maturity the true nature of things becomes more clear. With the wisdom gained from many experiences it is possible to see the direction in which things are headed. It is possible to discern whether the direction can be changed.

During my youth I really held that mankind was much more moral than it indeed really was. I saw the decline of animal species, the extinctions, the encroachment of humans into animal habitats, the environmental havoc wreaked by industry but since I also saw the existence of various groups that were pro-environmental, pro-animal, I, optimistically, felt that there was hope, that extinctions could be avoided, and environmental disaster averted. I gave money to these organizations over time, not great sums, but I gave. Periodic updates on progress were received and applauded. Perhaps these organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Defenders, National Wildlife Foundation, and others that promised to restrain the wanton destruction of the environment would prevail and all would be right with the world.

Over time, though, I perceived a trend. These organizations would year after year pronounce this or that animal close to extinction, the environment spoiled, and request ever more funds to fight it. It wasn’t that this or that animal was on the brink… it was always the same problem again and again as if all the efforts in the past were for naught. Wolves were being decimated, reintroduced, and decimated again. Cougars here and there were pronounced as no longer being here or there. In it all, the hand was out… we need more money to save the animals… the world… won’t you give?

My present state is one of resignation. The juggernaut of humanity continues to increase its numbers edging out all other species in its quest to coat the planet with its living masses. There is no stopping it, there is no stopping the slaughter, the poaching, the march of industry as it strives for more profits. I have given up the battle. I will give no more. The decline and extinction of every living thing is inevitable.

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