Collateral Damage and the Butterfly Effect… May 7, 2017

Idealists want to change the world into some imagined utopia. Like many imagined things, these changes often do not translate well in the real world.

Many times the idealist will think that if they change one aspect of society than everything will be alright. They fail to consider how connected things may be. If you change one thing a host of others may need changing to support that first change. Sometimes the foundation is absent for certain changes.

A little change now may not seem like much but years hence may accumulate and bring the whole to ruin. Something little, not noticed, may diminish slowly, not be replenished, and the system will crash.

Like a society fueled by oil… the commodity diminishes slowly until one day the well runs dry.

If luck persists the system may recover with some new commodity sustaining it yet… that may be wishful thinking.

Sometimes change is desired as what exists is thought defective. Oft times the system is fine and functioning well while those desiring change declare it faulty because they have some other agenda to enact. Power and greed are always behind it, despite the cloak of pureness many try to generate for their desires. Tugging this way and then that, it is a wonder any system survives for long, what with all the “do-gooders” seeking to right an imagined wrong.

Using the label “progressive” many self-described humanitarians attempt to push change that is beneficial to some small number and detrimental to the rest. Their progressive issue, turns out, was regressive for most.

If you loosen a small bolt on a mighty motor that small change might culminate as the loudest of bangs. If you change the brand of oil, grease, or other fluid to a flavor more to your liking everyone else may be poisoned at your convenience. Everyone would like to have their nose stay out of the water, it seems, even if everyone else must stay below the flood to hold them up.

I have had images in my mind of the ideal world. I realize that it is just a fanciful dream. We have seen only this world… we only know vaguely what sustains it. How could I or anyone else imagine what it would take as a foundation for any ideal world you might imagine. The world I imagine could not originate from evolution. Evolution is all we have.

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