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House of Cards….

Which religion is real and which is Memorex? ®It is my  contention that all are merely fabricated whole-cloth from human imagination. This discussion centers on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Clearly, the origins of Judaism cannot be fully delineated. Much seems … Continue reading

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Atheism Is Not A Religion… April 23, 2017

There is great difficulty in maintaining an ideologically free form of atheism. As I have often repeated all atheism consists of is non-belief in gods. Yes, I personally assert that there are no gods. Some have said that by so … Continue reading

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Human Species Doomed… April 16, 2017

Although humans will linger for some time to come, as a species it is doomed. The cause is radical feminism. With the help of a number of men who formed a loose alliance called MGTOW, radical feminism has managed to … Continue reading

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Phony… April 9, 2017

How can a human being keep from being labeled “phony”? In many ways this may be an impossible task. Anyone can label someone else “phony” arbitrarily, without cause. Everyone erects false façade to everyone else. Such action as erecting this … Continue reading

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Misunderstandings… April 2, 2017

Human language developed to describe the world and existence. A crude instrument, language fails to convey thought to its fullest accuracy. Conflicts and war have resulted from misunderstandings. Whether it is due to the inability to match thought to word … Continue reading

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The Id Cannot Be Repressed; The Id Must Be Controlled………… April 2, 2017

The Id is the primitive part of your psyche present from birth. It is the part that demands instant gratification. It is the part that made you cry when you were a baby until your needs were satisfied. Though indispensable … Continue reading

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