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If My Avatar Reflected the Truth… June 25, 2017

The avatar that I use is that of a machine. That does not mean I am a machine. I often desire that, but alas, continue in my present form. However, if I could be a machine, then I might make … Continue reading

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Centrist… June 18, 2017

A centrist is neither right nor left. A centrist holds positions ranging over the spectrum. No two centrists are the same. Centrists cannot be part of a group because a group requires homogeneity.

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Becoming an Extraterrestrial Without Going Anywhere …… June 11, 2017

In just a few short years human society has been altered by the politically correct pseudo-progressives and various other factions into something with which I am incompatible. Forcing society into accepting abnormal as normal and normal as abnormal, supporting rights … Continue reading

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Again and Again Until the End of Time… June 4, 2017

From time to time I feel the need to restate my stances on religion and atheism. This is probably a reaction to the continuous stream of proselytizing in the media, the internet, and Facebook in particular. The individual exposed to … Continue reading

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