Cap’n, There Be Morons Among Us … May 14, 2017

I find it difficult to care about the human species any more. However, there is something that must be said about the morons residing amidst the general population.

These morons are those individuals that consider laws and rules as not applying to them. For them there is no pedestrian crossing to observe, no stop light, and certainly no need for turn signals. The speed limits are, they think, only for idiots… not realizing they are the idiots.

These are the “me first” and you never people. They care only about the moments they might gain… or the simple fact that they are ahead of you rather than following. They will risk death, yours as well as theirs, in an attempt to cut 2 seconds off their travel time, or to make that light even though it turned red 2 seconds ago.

They swerve in and out of traffic in some sort of macabre ballet without a care as to what will ensue upon the slightest error. If you honk your horn you get the middle finger. Even if their license was revoked, they would still be out there.

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