Why Religious Fundamentalists Should Never Hold Public Office…

Although they do not hold to a religion and many consider themselves atheists I include among the religious fundamentalists those on the radical far left that hold to ideologies of many kinds.

The main reason I object to these fundamentalists holding office is that they do not serve the people. They instead serve another master. For the religious fundamentalists they serve their god and their religions ideology. For the radical left fundamentalists they serve their ideologies, they work to enable the narratives they support.

Many of the religious fundamentalists do not accept the Constitution’s clearly outlined separation of church and state. This prompts them to enact laws or promote laws that inflict their beliefs upon the masses. They work to subvert the separation of church and state.

The religious fundamentalists do not accept the guidance of science. They do not accept findings of global environmental scientists that point to man-made global warming. They do not accept and work to subvert the teaching of evolution… a proven science. They work to enact religious teachings in regards to society’s behavior. Their religion teaches that they should reign above the masses. Believing generally in Biblical and Koran (Quran) teachings they mostly consist of barbarians that desire wars of conquest on other peoples.

The radical far left fundamentalists desire a utopia based upon what they think best. They work to enforce laws which are designed to change society, most often against their will, to conform with their ideas and desires. These people are no more tolerant than the far right and will viciously attack with words and violence anyone that surfaces to oppose them.

Religious fundamentalists believe in Armageddon. They also believe that by encouraging war and unrest they can bring Armageddon quicker. They work to make sure there is a steady supply of poor and impoverished from which their religions can feed. They know that if everyone made a decent living and had homes and plenty of food no one would need religion. They fight vigorously against public programs like Social Security and Medicare. When asked how the poor are to survive they speak of religious charities and finding work. They believe wholeheartedly that no one should ever retire but should instead work till they drop. (Slaves should not be able to retire and enjoy life, what need have they for religion then?) Religious fundamentalists as well as many moderately religious have an innate slave mentality prompting them to work slavishly for their wealthy masters.

No fundamentally religious individuals should hold, or deserve, public office. Period.

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