My Indictment of the Feminist Movement… May 5, 2017

Feminism is still around. Equal rights have been attained, but feminism persists.

They point at the wage gap, a gap obtained solely by taking all men’s wages and comparing them to all women’s wages. There is no real gap, but they insist there is. There is no real gap because these feminists, purposely, do not take into account the types of jobs men do compared to women. They do not take into consideration at all the personal choices women make, like taking off time from the work force for child care.

Even now feminists choose the same jobs as women always have. They are secretaries or other office workers. They are factory workers. They choose to work in retail. All the soft cushy jobs they have always chosen and then they wonder why they are not making as much as a male oil rig worker, sewer worker, lineman, or other industries dominated by men.

They claim, erroneously, that they do not make the same rate as men on the same jobs. They are in fact making the same wages a man makes doing the same job, for the same employer, with the same seniority and experience.

Since this is true, that for the same job they receive the same pay, what is it they are seeking? They are seeking one of two possible things. 1. They want to be paid the same for doing soft cushy jobs as a man doing dirty dangerous jobs. 2. Since they refuse to do physically hard jobs they seek to be the people in charge of those doing those hard dangerous jobs: men. In other words, they want a free ride to the top without having to ever turn a hand at the hard dangerous jobs.

The conclusion here is clear. Feminists do not seek equality. They seek to do the same soft cushy jobs or seek to take the jobs of men doing the managing of those who do the hard dangerous jobs. If they were seeking equality, feminists would be applying for the jobs working in the sewers, picking up garbage, construction, oil workers, etc, the hard jobs men do.

Also, have you ever seen a protest being waged by the feminist groups in an effort to make sure selective service, should it ever be activated again, (Under Warmonger Trump you will see it) that women also be forced into compulsory service, not just for the support in military, but as foot soldiers? I haven’t either.

There you have it. Feminists are not seeking equality, they never were. They want the best of the best reserved for women while men toil, for less wages, in the dirty dangerous jobs they have always done.

This is why I will concede nothing to a feminist. They are liars, they are hate-mongers. I do not respect them and never will, no matter what they do.

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