Thoughts On Humanity February 25, 2018

Here today, gone tomorrow. The transient nature of the life of human beings.

Nothing is permanent. A building goes up, a building goes down.

One moment an Oasis, next moment a desert. Ever changing.

So short is life that one wonders why so many try to make it miserable.

There is no need for starvation at this time, yet it exists.

Poverty could be eradicated with the sweep of a pen… but it remains.

So many exclaim how humanity is a marvel to behold, I can’t bare to look at it.

Inhumanities to humans are all happening at the hands of humans.

Why do these people revel in making others’ lives so miserable. Do they feed on the misery of others? Would they not fare better by helping rather than hurting?

From one generation to the next there is little to no change. One thing remains the same. Inhumanity to humans, perpetrated by humans, is always the same.

Justice is desired but never attained. The cycle will continue.

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