Macabre Solution, or No Solution to Guns…February 26, 2018

The topic of guns in schools is of high interest of late. Many suggest that teachers be armed so that they might react to intruders.

What is forgotten is that teachers are human beings. AI has not been used in public schools as yet, though one can predict that reality happening as soon as it is feasible. Human beings, every last one of them, have a point at which they could snap and become as big a problem as any mad person that might enter a school. I have known such teachers during my school experience in the deep past. If they had had a gun, woe be unto all of us.

Some say to post armed guards. They are also human and can only react with human efficiency and judgment.

All of this is irrelevant though, as many of the anti-gun crowd believe the gun does the actual shooting and it doesn’t matter who has it.

It has been suggested to have armed volunteers. Humans? That problem has already been discussed.

So what is the solution? A police state? Of humans? Give up more freedoms for the sake of security? Why not build large prison like buildings and use those for schools? Bring the students in at the beginning of the year, lock them down, and do not open the doors till the school year is finished.

People are crazy, they always have been, there’s just more of them now so these crazy shootings happen more often.

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