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Only One Group Left Without Protection… January 28, 2018

There is  only one group left that the public can bully and ridicule. Laws protect all minorities and even one majority from being verbally attacked. The only group left that the public finds acceptable to bully and ridicule is: White … Continue reading

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Hopeless… January 28, 2018

An examination of the human condition reveals that the body human, the collective if you will, is terminally flawed. Aware of its plight though it is, the whole together is incapable of diverting from its path of sure destruction. Without … Continue reading

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The Majority Minority January 27, 2018

The only majority that has been given minority status by society is … women. They are given preferential treatment in the same way minorities are given preferential treatment. They are even given considerations equal to that of children. Society depicts … Continue reading

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What Does It Take to Be An Atheist? …. January 21, 2018

What does it take to be an atheist? Many Christians claim they are persecuted. That simply is a lie, but then, Christians have always been excellent liars. Atheists have been persecuted, are persecuted now. Atheists are outcasts of society, a … Continue reading

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Fools For God… January 14, 2018

The man or woman up front has been trained in how to fleece the flock. They are called pastors, preachers, reverends, or priests. They carefully ply their craft planting seeds (mental viruses) within the thoughts of those who have come … Continue reading

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Facebook Personas…

Conformity would proffer more likes, more friends. If one were prone to establish and maintain a façade in order to initiate the appearance of conformity for as many individuals as possible while limiting as much as possible presenting information of … Continue reading

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Not Entirely Conscious… January 5, 2018

I imagine this is a complaint that has been made about humans since there were humans. Yet, since it has only now occurred to me I shall write of it. There seems a growing number of humans without a conscience. … Continue reading

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Due to harassment by a former Facebook friend I will now approve comments before they appear. So sorry for the change but I can find no other way to block this fellow.

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Atheist Ideologies … 2018

If you wish to remain socially involved in a group your choice is clear. You must accept the ideologies, however irrational, of that group. As an atheist I am an non-believer. As a total atheist where the gods of human … Continue reading

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Cast in Impervious Cement… January 1, 2018

Sufficient time has past. Transgressions as yet unforgiven are now set in the cement of the past, never to change. No further consideration will be given to changing the status of these memories. Future behavior concerning these transgressions will be … Continue reading

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