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Women in Power Only Serve Women… March 27, 2018

Here is proof positive that when women get into a position of power they only serve women….

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The Perfect Life Form… March 25, 2018

Assuming life occurs spontaneously via abiogenesis throughout the universe, can humanity possibly be indicative of what will be found on other worlds… as far as intelligent life forms? Are we to expect each life form to be as immoral, apathetic, … Continue reading

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It is Revealed… March 23, 2018

So, it is revealed. All these women that are trying to take down prominent men are part of an organized group that coordinate their efforts via conference calls. They have a list of certain celebrities and political targets. They utilize … Continue reading

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Analysis… March 18, 2018

One is not like the other, each is unique. Similarities exist, drawing some together, but there are always differences… it would be boring without them. When one group has differences that conflict with the differences of another group, there is … Continue reading

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Lying, As an Art… March 18, 2018

Men lie, it is true, however, because many men are steeped in discipline, if not by military sources, but by the demands of society, more men than women are likely to speak the truth. Women have always been given special … Continue reading

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The Politically Correct are Liars…

The politically correct crowd are the most prolific of prevaricators today. They are expert at double-speak. While speaking against racism and bigotry, they use racism and bigotry. They speak of justice while committing injustices. They are out to change society … Continue reading

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Being Human is too Hard…

►The requirements of being a human being are too difficult. ►Feelings are an impediment to serenity. ►Conflict from misunderstandings is too frequent. ►Socialization is becoming frantic as some demand more and more “diversity”, meaning conflicting cultures, in groups. ►The discipline … Continue reading

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Beware… March 4, 2018

Some say that humanity should stifle itself, not be so noisy and attract possible alien life. Maybe they are correct. Evolution produced humanity. As a result humans are violent and react badly to foreign and unusual circumstances. A planet where … Continue reading

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