Abnormal is Not Normal … February 11, 2018

There are many who work daily spreading propaganda attempting to depict abnormal as normal. Just today a “science” site attempted to persuade readers that being mentally abnormal is normal.

There will never come a time when the corrupt human society will convince me that it is normal for a man to insert his penis in an anal opening. There will never come a time when a perverted witless soul will convince me that two women “making out” is normal. There will never come a time when some twisted logic will persuade me that a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man… they will always be what they were born. All three cases are perverted reality, spun to please the real mentally ill folks who need psychiatric help but are prevented or at least not encouraged to find the same out of some aberration of logic of a-sick minded public.

Stuck in some old moral frame that should be abandoned am I? Acting against some hidden desire to be like these sick people am I? No… I am acting in the best of light, attempting to preserve what I feel is a dying species.

Any species that tries to reason that abnormal is normal and that normal is rare is sick and dying. Is that what religion was trying to preserve? Normal? Too bad the religion is also abnormal.

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