Atheism Means Non-belief, and Nothing More…

Once again I find myself addressing an issue I have addressed before. That is because people still make assumptions. People and groups both make assumptions about the members of their groups. This causes division and destroys the effectiveness of the group.

Atheism means non-belief in deities. That’s all it means. There is no other baggage included with that definition.

Yet, there are groups like the American Atheists, the American Humanist Association and others, that decide, unilaterally, what it is you must accept and believe as an atheist.

The morals I had when I was afflicted with the Christian virus remained the same throughout the affliction and are the same now that I am cured of the affliction. I do not accept those things as normal that I did not before, and I never will.

I support human rights. I do not support special rights for other groups. Those groups are of the LGBT label. (And whatever other alphabetic letter you want to add to that) I assert these poor mentally ill people are being enabled to remain ill by an acceptance of normalcy. As a caring empathetic person I hold no hatred or grudges towards any. I also hold that it is immoral to withhold needed psychiatric services for the mentally ill.

Being endowed with human rights does not include the right to engage in any deviant behavior or fetish that you have a desire for. 

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