Human Survival… December 24, 2017

Humanity is presently on a course to extinguish itself in the same way bacteria in a petri dish proliferate and die in their own poisons. This inevitable scenario was constructed by evolution.

Humans like to deny that evolution created all living things. The evidence that it is so is all around and plain to see. They use up resources as if there will be no end to them. They produce toxins in manufacturing that build up in the environment. The air almost all creatures use is being polluted with green house creating gases as well as poisons they cannot breath.

Many see what is happening. Others deny it. Unless all come to accept it all will be lost.

Evolution cannot be denied. Human survival depends on rising above the limits of evolution. That aggressive violent nature, that greed instilled by evolution, must be fought, resisted. Humans must stop seeing other humans as competitors. Humans must go beyond simple reciprocity to near altruistic behavior. Pure altruism is impossible. Yet, if survival becomes the paramount concern, not just for the individual, but as a group, that is, that it is necessary for all to survive in good health and well being, perhaps incentive to cooperate will go beyond individualistic needs. If every member is onboard there will be success and it would cost nothing.

Does that sound like “One big happy family”? It’s that or die. You choose.

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