A Message To All Who Might Be Interested… December 26, 2017


lion 5Many of my views are not politically correct. I suspect many people hold the same views, or many of them, but they are afraid to defend those views as it may cost them some shallow Facebook friends, or, reality forbid, might offend someone.

The cost is high, has always been high, for standing up and defending your views. Society at large operates on the “get along” mode, don’t rock the boat, agree publicly even if you do not agree privately system.

For a while in the past, that was me. I accepted blatant affronts to my views and said nothing in order to be a part of atheist groups. I have a gay lesbian woman to thank for waking me up. At a local restaurant she walked up to the table to join the pub night of an atheist group, of which I was a founding member. Abruptly upon being seated her first sentence, a question, was voiced. She, or it, she was very much trying hard to be man-like, said “What kind of acid do you use?” That provided the shock necessary to reassess what I had been doing, that is, keeping quiet about affronts to my principles.

Well, by finally standing up for myself, defending my principles, I have lost hundreds of Facebook “friends”, shallow friends, as all Facebook friends are. I also lost a hefty number of friends in the real world. They now label me bigot, and other unpleasant names. I don’t care. Labels are meaningless. If labels mattered these former friends might be upset that I label them deviants… or worse.

I feel comfortable without these former friends. We had some shared goals for atheism, but they expected to add on ideological baggage, baggage which I have discarded in the gutter, where that stuff belongs. I must accept myself as an “army of one”, I fight for decency, I fight for the acceptance of atheists as a normal part of society. I do not fight for anyone’s right to be a deviant, pervert, etc. If you do not like it please go eat dirt.




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