Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? … December 23, 2017

Most seniors and others on Social Security live from month to month… they Depressionspend all their income and merchants are grateful for the business.

Trump and the callous GOP have made enormous cuts in this vital income. In ten years there may be no Social Security. They will have taken billions of dollars out of the economy. You cannot do that and not expect at least a recession, perhaps a depression.

Depression 2They have given millionaires and billionaires a fantastic Christmas gift. For the middle class, they gave the dog a bone… and they’re taking that bone back in ten years.

Our government, you see, has been bought by the likes of the Koch brothers and others. They are the puppet masters and Congressional Republicans are the puppets. Whether or not many of the Democrats have been bought is not the issue, as they all opposed this tax scam foisted upon the American people.


Our elected representatives represent us no longer. We have a government totally at odds with the interests of its people. Even those that still support this administration do not realize that. Somehow the GOP has flimflammed its own supporters into thinking the GOP represents their interests.

Will there be bread lines in ten years? Could be. Will people be living in the streets in greater abundance than they do now? Possibly. It all depends on whether enough people see the evil that has been done and act to remove the cancer called the GOP. If that can be done, maybe the damage done to the economy and the people can be reversed. If not, can you spare a dime?depression 3

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