The Lowest Forms of Human Life… October 29, 2017

Sometimes it seems that humans are vying for the Dastardly of the Year Award. The way they work feverishly to be the most fiendish compares to many other competitive endeavors.

There are many levels of “how low can you get”. There are the politicians who once voted into office enact the desires of their highest donor, or outright take bribes, and work against the very voters that gave them office. They hide behind assertions of ethics but the densest of humans can see through that thin cloak.

There are the gangsters, who, even though they exhibit high intelligence, choose instead to lie, cheat, and steal. They make many things cost much more as they skim heavily from the bottom line of many.

There are those of the medical industry who feed directly off the miseries of the sick and debilitated. With costs way out of proportion to their services they add to the pressures of inflation.

There are the street thugs, or punks, that will blow your head off if the mug-money you must carry is insufficient. Depending on how they feel, they might blow your head off anyway, as they have little regard for life.

Many make up the ranks of the hordes that commit immoral behavior. Murder, theft, and general mayhem runs rampant because of them.

The lowest of the low, those that feed upon the children, the families. The scum about which this post came to be… the drug pusher. The fiend who gets you hooked on stuff you just have to have that brings you back even if you have to crawl. The stuff that will cause you to kill your own grandmother just to get your next fix. This human garbage that society seems to tolerate by giving short sentences which bring them back again and again to the streets. This is the lowest of life forms, they only look human. Even comparing them to rats simply does an injustice to rats. Believe it or not there is even a form of life nearly as low… those that say drugs should be legal.

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