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The Daily Struggle to Understand… September 26, 2017

I do not fail to understand why Trump does what he does. He is, after all, beholding to a great number of very rich supporters. He has a major incentive to provide massive tax cuts for not only himself but … Continue reading

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Evolution or Cooperation… September 24, 2017

Is winning all there is? Has evolution betrayed humans by making all humans competitors? Does competition produce individuals that exhibit excessive selfishness? Is this competition the source of the “me first” syndrome? Not only did the first humanlike anthropoid have … Continue reading

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As Good As Your God… September 17, 2017

A role model should be good, moral, and just. Followers of a god should expect their god to be the same. Fair, just, and good. What did your god do during the Holocaust? The Jewish god watched. Nothing was done … Continue reading

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The God Hypothesis…

Many scientists consider god an unnecessary hypothesis for explaining our existence. It is my claim that, far from being only an unnecessary hypothesis, god and religion are dangerous hypotheses. Religion has held back the advancement of humanity for many thousands … Continue reading

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Cerebral Nightmare…

A calm veneer cloaks the rage within. Why the rage exists is a mystery. Like uncontrolled shorts within an electrical machine, the rage is such that it renders thinking impossible. An agitation without cause, an irritation without remedy. You need … Continue reading

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That’s Right, I’m Not Politically Correct… September 2, 2017

I am not politically correct. The advantage of being a solitary figure rather than a member of a group is that you can be less affected by “groupthink”. This term seems to refer to members of a group conforming to … Continue reading

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