Pulling in Different Directions… or, Diversity Isn’t What it’s Cracked Up to Be… November 4, 2017

As an atheist I do not believe in any deities. I accept the results of scientific investigation. I, therefore, accept the correctness of the Theory of Evolution. For me evolution is a fact. I assert that evolution is a fact for everyone, whether they accept it or not.

Not all that evolution has imparted to humans has been positive. Reciprocity and social groupings have promoted survival, but has also promoted fierce competition between groups. This competition between groups now threatens the survival of the entire human species. Unless humans are able to overcome the restraints of evolution it is inevitable that the species will extinguish itself.

The limitation of groups is that it makes the members beholding only to other members. Caring and empathy for strangers who are parts of other groups either does not exist or is weak. Evolution has rendered altruism a fictional word. Either humans must evolve into one group caring about the whole or face extinction. Is this possible?

There are thousands of competing groups. Even among those groups there are other groupings. Consensus seems impossible considering the multitudes of conflicting viewpoints. Even if the major groups were brought into alignment there would exist a constant struggle among the smaller groups which could lead to total failure.

Evolution has made it possible for humans to survive. Now it seems bound to destroy them. Evolution promoted the very diversity which will ultimately destroy humanity.

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