Inferior Cookies… October 28, 2017

Grandma is not in the kitchen. She forsook that post to work in the office or other career oriented locale. In fact, women everywhere have abandoned the traditional role of motherhood and the subsequent role of grandmother in favor of careers.

Not only that, but women are ridiculed now for wanting to be mothers and housewives. All are told to become “empowered” and work toward careers high and mighty, so that they can boss men around here and there in difference avocations.

Men, meanwhile, are encouraged to forsake a college degree so that they can learn trades, to work for women who have the degrees.

Cookies are now made on factory lines, by men commanded by women. The cookies are born stale with scrimpy ingredients to maximize the bottom line. No child need waste his/her time dunking these in milk, they are so hard and dry they shed water like stone.

Cakes are made in great big stores by people who do not care… it’s just a job, you know. The frosting is so artificial it would withstand a thousand years of prolonged exposure to the desert sun… even a rat passes on this stuff.

Grandma? Grandma is no more.

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