Lay Your Bets… January 29, 2017

There are many different systems of belief for a deity. Withinpick one each system there are separate divisions consisting of variations of that system. Furthermore, there have been and continue to be many radically different imagined gods.

While there are some individuals claiming there are many roads to god, each person claims that the god of their religion is the only god. A reasonable conclusion is that they cannot all be correct. It also can be suggested that none of them is correct. Extrapolating, it can be suggested that there is a god as yet unidentified. Also, it can be surmised that there are no gods at all.

god 2Pascal’s Wager suggests that you should choose to believe in god. If you believe and god does not exist you lose nothing. On the other hand if god exists you gain everything. If you do not believe and god does not exist you also lose nothing. However, if you do not believe and god exists you risk eternal punishment.

Pascal’s Wager fails because it does not consider that there have been many gods, and are many gods today believed in by many peoples. Choosing the wrong god can be just as much of a mistake as choosing nothell to believe.

“Choosing to believe”… how can one choose to believe. Isn’t that concept in itself illogical? Either you believe or you don’t. One does not choose to believe.

The most logical course GodCam190then as seen by me is to consider that if there are any entities Clear sky between light and dark cloudsworthy of the title god out there in the universe that such an entity would make itself known so as to eliminate deceit and confusion. Since no such entity has presented itself in such an undeniable fashion over the eons, it can be safely assumed that none exists. That is my present stance.

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