The Puppet Masters and the Puppets… February 5, 2017

Is it possible for a human to live a life free from manipulation?

There are uncountable sources of manipulation. To prepare for resistance to all of them would be a monumental… possibly impossible… task.

From the ad for the Golden Toasties for your breakfast table to the carefully arranged meme on Facebook… the goal is to manipulate you, persuade you, even if by way of the hidden. The message may be delivered to that portion of your brain not surveyed by your conscious mind.

Some prejudices are hidden by desensitizing over time. You might look right at the biased issue and not recognize the bias or discriminatory nature of it. In example: “Women and children first” or “the innocent women and children” which gives preference to gender while discriminating against men. As if there is no possibility that there are innocent men.

To what degree can manipulation be resisted? Even a partially successful endeavor may produce animosity in your direction.

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